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A Pack of Legislative Wolves (To the memory of Dr. George Adesanya Onasanya)

Doc., how are you today?

I dey kampe!

How can you dey kampe with all the looting the legislooters are carrying out in Abuja?

I dey kampe!

Doc., you have to say something.

What can I say?  What should I say?

Say something about the looting now!  N284 billion inserted into the budget!  Are you not worried, doc.?

It is the way the cookies crumble.  They are now at war with one another.

That is why we now know what they did – why they won’t cooperate with Buhari.

You have not heard the last of these looters yet.

What do you mean?

Your senate …

Oh yes, our senate!  What about our senate?

Do you know how much they inserted into the budget?

Ah, doc., these people will kill Naija o!

The senate too?

They are all thieves and led by thieves.

They’ve killed Naija already; they now want to bury her for good.

For good and for greed.

Not just greed; greed and madness.

10 standing committees of thieves out to kill the nation, along with the others.

But even the speaker has been labelled a thief – N20 billion inserted for him alone?

N20 billion loot even as the government is working hard to prosecute several people including some among them?

They are not afraid at all.

They will steal anything at any time.

That is the way the cookies crumble.

Doc., I am sick of this.

But are your people sick of it?

I believe they are sick of the madness.

I don’t think they are sick of it yet.

But they are!

Did you see how the Turks responded to the coup recently?

I heard about it.

You have to do more than hear about it.  Did you not hear about how the Turkish people went out on the street in the dead of night and they faced armoured tanks with open chests?

They took on armoured tanks with bare chests?

Yes, they did.  Many of them were killed but at the end of the day the coup plotters were forced to surrender.

Amazing, but can our people do that?

Our people tolerate corruption, open their doors to thieves, wait for election time to pick up crumbs from the likes of Fayose, other stomach infrastructure rogues, and the legislooters, and hope they will also get their turn one day.

It is terrible, doc.

We are in trouble as a nation.

And the people are hungry, very hungry and desperate.

But why haven’t these desperate people stormed the house of legislooters and the counterparts in the senate?

I don’t know.

Those people must be driven out of the house and arrested asap.

But who will arrest them?

The police should go and lay siege for them and pick them up one by one.  That house stinks to high heavens and most of the people there are criminals.

But one of them Jibrin said he is not the kind of man they could use.

He said so?

Yes, he did.  He said it was Dogara, Lasun, Doguwa and Ogor that are the culprits – the real men behind the scheme.

That was why I said the police should arrest all of them; give them lots of note pads to write statements.  Every one of them must write statement.

I think Jibrin should be taken in by the police or the EFCC as quickly as possible before he is snuffed out like a chicken by the hawks.

The man talked about a cabal and their mafia including agents inside the police force, and they will skin him alive.

Naija is a dangerous nation – where dirty money is concerned.

By the way who is Jagaba and who is Jika?  Who is Zakari and who is Bago?

Their names sound very clandestine indeed – fearful names like men in the mafia.

But the crux of the matter is that we are dealing with dangerous criminals here.

Our national assembly is full of criminals and desperate men, men who will kill to have their way.

Our nation is in trouble indeed.

The whole thing sound like story from the Godfather series.

Men plotting to steal, kill, maim and grab at all cost.

When you’ve seen Dogara and Saraki then you’ve seen why nothing will ever get done though billions will get used.

Doc., we cannot continue like this.

You will continue like this until that time when your people will move in to demand change.

I am not sure our people are up to it.

They have to fight for what is theirs or be ready to spectate as hawks and thieves help themselves to state funds by legislation and otherwise.

It won’t be easy.  Gani and Tai are dead, and Soyinka is too old.

Please leave Kongi out of it; he’s done enough, more than enough for a life time.  Let the man rest o!

So who will lead our people into the trenches against these rogues in the house and senate?

Where are the young men who graduated since time tete and still have no jobs?  Where are those innocent workers retrenched by various companies and banks?  Where are those civil servants who have not been paid for months?

What do you want them to do?

You are asking what I want them to do.  They should match on the house of thieves and overrun all of them there; drive them out and hand them over to the police of EFCC.

I think I agree with you.  It is the people who have to stand up and do something.

Oh yes, remember it was the failure of not doing something and failure to smoke Babangida out of Dodan Barracks when he did that coup against Buhari is the reason we are where we are today.

The people failed to do to Babangida what the soup normally do to the eyes.

If the people fail to act now there may never be any hope for Naija.


I dedicate this piece to the memory of Dr. George Adesanya Onasanya (January 15, 1943 – January 14, 2016), Ph.D. Civil Engineering & MBBS.  Dr. Onasanya was a very proud alumnus of the University of Alabama and an old boy of Ijebu-Ode Grammar School.  He lived Nigeria so much.  He would always speak out about his concerns regarding looting in Nigeria and its impact in hampering development and impoverishing our people.  He made concerted effort to return to Nigeria about 3 years ago but the corrupt structure at Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) frustrated him because he would not bribe them.  He told him the sad story several times – he recounted it again and again and repeated it to his close friend and associate in Atlanta, GA, Mr. Johnson.  He will often diagnose and prescribe drugs to strangers on the streets and in restaurants and bukataria in Lagos and Festac Town any time he travelled to Nigeria.

Babs Ajayi



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