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Again, Suicide Bomber Hits Jos Terminus Killing About 30 People

From Agabus Pwanagba, Jos

Barely 7 months after a twin bomb blast at Jos Central Business Area, popularly known as terminus, two bombs have exploded on Thursday killing about 31 people and left several people injured.

AFRICAN EXAMINER gathered that the two bombs exploded at the time traders were rounding up the day’s business.

Police and other security agencies have since taken over the site of the explosion.


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1 Comment for “Again, Suicide Bomber Hits Jos Terminus Killing About 30 People”

  1. Ado Victor Akinbode

    Boko-Haram! The very word that evokes feelings of insecurity, fear and helplessness into the mind of all peace loving Nigerians. It cannot be jettison as not a threat to the survival of peace, harmony, security, humanity and democracy. It is with great sadness that we witness the recent increasing waves of Boko-Haram insurgency in the country. The killing of people indiscriminately, destruction of properties worth millions of dollars; and also the kidnapping of over 200 young girls who are yet to be released show that much remain to be done on the issue.
    Although the direct impact of the problem is local but its consequences are ultimately felt globally too.
    Boko Haram is not targeted to get political power to the north but it is a religious terrorist group whose aim and objective is establishment of Islamic state in the northern part of Nigeria
    The solution to the problem goes beyond purely military intervention but social political, economic and military measures. We need global and local partnership for a common fate to confront and combat the evil at hand. A global cooperative approach especially with all nations, people, governments, unions etc. is required to combat the problem. Our leaders and people at the helms of the state affairs should stop playing politics with our national security; and they also need to avoid repeating past errors by blaming our system failure on sabotage from our allies and neighboring countries which might create unnecessary fiction and further degenerate or threaten the current situation.
    Some nations are skeptical in selling arms to the Federal government based on known facts that there has been high level of corruption and mismanagement of public funds by our leaders, and also the fears that the arms may eventually get to the hands of terrorist.

    I will use this medium to call for the removal of the minister National Planning; Dr Abubakar Sulaimon for making unguided and unnecessary accusations that France and our Franco-phone neighboring countries are aiding Boko Haram group. This unguided statement exposed the minister as incompetent. He is expected to be aware that European Union in which France is one of the dominant powers supported Nigeria in 2013 with over 100 million Euro for sustainable development. On June 20, 2014; The Federal Government represented by the then supervising minister of National Planning; Alhaji Bashir Yuguda signed Financial agreement with E/U to give 512 million Euros to support programmes in agriculture and rural development in the North as well as electricity and good governance in Nigeria.

    Dr Abubakar Sulaimon Shied away from the truth in alleging our allies of sabotage instead of taking the bull by the horn when our security forces are ill-equipped,lack professionalism and good training .
    Boko Haram insurgency and other hostile acts in the country are the outcome of grave actions of our selfish politicians and people at the helm of affairs, the problem occurrence can be traced to religion fanaticism, high level of corruption at all level, desperate politics being practiced by our leaders and illiteracy.
    The government at all level needs to forge a cooperative approach and commitment to take effective action.
    We should try to emulate U.S.A; immediately as we learnt after Sept 9/11 heinous attack; the Americans all forgot their political and ethnic differences; and acknowledged the threat of terrorism to the survival of democracy, peace, harmony and humanity; they then mobilize the population and resources to forge sincere approaches to the menace of terrorism todate.
    Our Nigerian leaders in tackling issues of National security and other issues should always forget their political differences and ethical stands but unified and proactive innovative partnership to take decisions and actions that protect our environment and National Security to the evil at hand.
    America remains a great nation today despite having her own many problems like inter-ethnic conflict, crimes, rights tension etc. but has the visionary sense of nation hood and resilience to proffer long term preventive and corrective solutions to their problems. There is a great awareness creation among Americans about what individuals, groups, governments etc. can do in contributing their own quota to the survival of National Security, development, humanity and democracy in their communities.
    The language of proffering solution to the act of terrorism and other hostile acts are too far removed from ordinary people in the country. In countless ways all stakeholders including the ordinary people can play a big role in finding solutions but the possibilities are greatly multiplied when governments actively initiate policies that make development more participatory and equitable, and also involve all stakeholders in decision making at all levels.
    The empowerment of people at the local level as individual members of communities, as members of NGOs will offer new opportunities for people to be accountable partners in sustainable development matters in their communities and societal at large. The governments must embark on political reform and make available new and effective telecommunications infrastructure to share information and build network that can promote global change.
    The goals to put in place long term corrective and preventive measures in combating terrorism require the encouragement of the use of integrative negotiation, mediation and other amicable mechanism in resolution of dispute and conflict in place of confrontation. Our young ones need to be inculcated with the culture of respect for nature and life, for them to develop a sense of commitment from an early start, springing automatically into responsibilities.
    International communities, institutions, NGOs etc need to pressurize and monitor developing Nations to invest in human and Natural Capital including education, health, social infrastructure and environmental protection. Our government need to enhance cooperation among our neighboring countries, international communities, and ordinary people in Nigeria Communities to be able to combat and confront Boko Haram because the least we can do is to ensure that lost souls in the insurgency did not die in vain.
    Governments-, local ,State and Federal must cooperate, work swiftly and decisively in rescuing the over 200 young girls that were yet to be released by the Boko Haram insurgents.
    Terrorism is an intolerable aggression against humanity, civilization, peace and humanity which need global condemnation.

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