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ANALYSIS: Messi, Ronaldo, The Masters Of Round Leather Game

By Ridwan Adeola Yusuf

His critics would say Messi’s talent is natural; CR7’s is as a result of hard-work. Yes, they’re correct! But should we not appreciate hard work as well? They would say even if Ronaldo scores 100 goals (in one season), he can never be as good as Messi. But the fact is CR7 has proven to be better than Messi on three occasions – 2008, 2013 and 2014! And they say ‘never’? They say he chases personal glory as against Messi’s perceived team-oriented success. But ask them, during this Messi – Ronaldo rivalry (even if it is the press that creates one), that has spanned over 8 years now, how who has garnered more personal glory between the two? They would say Cristiano is arrogant, but “no” he is not! They misconstrue CR7 because actually, he is simply the ambitious type; very competitive. He always wants to win, even if it is a training-session. That is why he always aspires to beat records, even his own record. That is why he is sad when on the losing side even in training. That is why he scores a penalty and…sprints off to do his customary celebrations all smile as if he has won the World Cup.

That is why he scores an trifling spot-kick in a champion’s league and you see him take off his shirt in ecstasy. That is Cristiano for you! Just in his sixth season with Los Blancos, no one has his records, not even the great namesake of his, Delima! Most goals per ratio in the highly-rated Spanish La Liga, Cristiano owns it. Most goals scored in the illustrious UEFA Champions League, Cristiano is the owner. Most hat-tricks in La-Liga, it is Cristiano’s. And now, in just 310 games, Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aviero is Real Madrid’s all-time highest ever scorer with an astonishing 324 goals. Yes, you can say that the penalties helped him to speedily reach the mark. Ronaldo has scored over 60 penalties for Real. Notwithstanding, delete the penalties, Cristiano’s goal scoring record would still be incredible! Penalties are part of the game, just like red-cards and injuries. He does not do the solos.

He does not do the step-overs now like he did before the year 2010, but he scores goals and is a nightmare for goalkeepers. And it is not easy for any professional forward to score goals at such rates. So, let us give it to him! Cristiano is 30, but he does not look tired; he does not look worn-out. He looks like he is going to play football till he reaches 38. He has a monument of him in his country-home; he has been named Portugal’s player of the century. At 30, Cristiano is already a legend! It is right to say that. He is perched there with greats-Alfredo Di Stefano, Zinedine Zidane, Hugo Sanchez, Eusebio, Gianlugi Buffon, Franz Beckenbeur, Zico. Romario, et.al

If Ronaldo should spend 8 more years at Real Madrid and make up to the 741 appearances of his friend, Raul Gonzalez, be assured he would set ‘Galatico’ records that will become near untouchable! 


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