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Buhari Tasks New Ministers on Superb Performance

By Niyi Adeyi

BALTIMORE, MD (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – President Muhammadu Buhari has tasked the newly sworn-in Ministers to proceed to work speedily and do their utmost, to justify the confidence reposed in them.

This feat Mr. President Wednesday, in his inaugural address directed must be attained, not only by their conduct but as well as by performance in their various positions.

The Nigerian economy, President Buhari stressed was poised for sustained job creation; poverty reduction and inclusive growth, regardless of the present challenges confronting the country, adding “I believe all Nigerians will keep hope alive and sustain their optimism about the future of our economic well being”.

The President said he and his Vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, have been mindful of the need to constitute a cabinet that would best deliver the country’s expectations of a better country than we inherited.

He told the Ministers that the determination was to work towards a prosperous nation respected for the right reasons, and whose citizens could hold up their heads anywhere in the world, adding that the government was optimistic that bringing the new set of Ministers into the service “of our country today is a step in the right direction, a timely move towards realizing our positive goals for our country”.

“Since we assumed office in May, I have been mindful of the need to ensure that the appointment of new ministers translates into putting round pegs in round holes while showing sensitivity to our diversity as a people and our various positions as groups of stakeholders in our country.

“I have also been conscious of the need not to repeat such mistakes of the past

where the right people were allocated the wrong portfolios, which translated into their performing poorly to our collective detriment despite their obvious capabilities. Also, I have responded to the counsel to consult as widely as possible, given the need to build a stable and all-inclusive government by reaching across our various ethnic and political divides” President Buhari informed.

With the inauguration of Ministers, President Buhari reiterated that government shall continue more decisively, to implement its policies in respect of the economy and in other areas, while simultaneously, working hard to maximize revenue from oil in the face of a sharp decline in the price for the commodity.

He affirmed that his administration was determined to diversify the economy in agriculture to enhance employment and explore solid minerals as a major revenue earner.

The primary aim is to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of such staples as rice and wheat and to become a major consumer and exporter of both items as well as solid minerals. We intend to pursue policies that will generate massive employment for millions of our youth.

“We shall also continue with greater determination and focus to pursue our goal of ensuring improved security for our country and its citizens, and without letting up on our fight against corruption. Our commitment to defeat Boko Haram and all the threats it constitutes remains as strong as ever. So is our resolve to root out vices such as kidnapping and neutralize the various forms of criminalities that threaten the social peace of Nigerians” Mr. President declared.

Buhari indicated that while recognizing the challenges the country was facing and the need to surmount them, he charged his Ministers not to fail and note the progress being recorded in the short life of the current government, affirming that it was an indication of how “much better we can do as a people driven by patriotism and a common resolve to do things right”.

Speaking further, Mr. President disclosed “On the moral sphere, trust is slowly but steadily being re-established between the government and the people. Now, when the government speaks, the people listen; and when the people’s expectations are not met, they appreciate that it is not for lack of commitment or trying on the part of government.”

In effect, the government business he stated was now being conducted with transparency while cynicism was waning.

President further justified the Treasury Single Account (TSA) confirming that the measure has resulted in the blocking of financial leakages in the public sector, thereby making more funds available for the business of governance and ensuring the welfare of our citizens.

He recalled that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has assisted over 30 States of the Federation with concessionary loans to offset salary arrears for their workers, while on the monetary side, it has implemented country-specific and innovative policies that have helped to stabilize the exchange rate and conserve our reserves.

President Buhari informed that the Federal Ministries have been rationalized and reduced to 24.


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