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OPINION: Delta Election as 2019 Guinea Pig, By Jerome-Mario Utomi

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – For the first time, I witnessed all the participants in a recently held Delta state Local Council polls ( winners and losers)  alike, went  home cold in smiles after the results were announced on Sunday 7th January 2018 by the Delta State Independent Electoral Commission(DESIEC).  The reason for this odd reaction is […]

Pakistan: Victim And Ally of Terrorism, By Owei Lakemfa

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Given its painful birth, wars with India, support for terror groups in the Kashmir, role in the anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan, and reluctance to  declare  war on its brand of the Taliban, it is easy to hang  a tag of terrorism around the neck of Pakistan.  So  when  the United States, one […]

Opinion: PMB’s Remark on ‘Restructuring’ And Matters Arising

By Jerome-Mario Utomi (AFRICAN EXAMINER) –  From observations, there is no doubt that our leaders are experts in listening without being attentive to the masses; an attribute that has, in turn, made their relationship with the people civil but cold. A situation occasioned by our handler’s inability to learn that ‘success is a lousy teacher […]

OPINION: The Day the US Departs the UN, By Owei Lakemfa

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – When I was in the Governing Body of the United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO) representing African workers, I made a checklist of countries and their ratification of International Labour Conventions.  I discovered that Zimbabwe, Nigeria  and South Africa have  some of the best Labour Laws in the world. In contrast, that […]

Nigeria’s Democratic Euphoria is Over!

By Akintokunbo A Adejumo (akinadejum@aol.com) (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The elation over Nigeria’s experiment in democracy is over. Reality is once again at our doorstep with the worrying questions about our future – the calibre of those running (or ruining) the country, security, impunity of those in power, marginalisation, restructuring, economic slump, poor governance structure, etc. […]

Liberia: The Rise of George Weah, By Reuben Abati

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – George Weah’s emergence as Liberia’s President-elect after the December 26 run-off election generated considerable interest among Nigerians for a number of reasons. Number one is George Weah’s popularity.  The first African footballer to win the Ballon D’or, FIFA Player of the Year, three-time African Footballer of the Year, ex-Monaco, ex-Paris Saint-Germain, ex-AC […]

OPINION: As Deltans Go to the Polls, A Reminder

By Jerome-Mario Utomi With the Saturday 6th, January 2018 Delta state Local Council polls now around the corner, all eyes are on the state. This feeling is understandable as the ‘’ground of battle’ and the battlers have swiftly become unpredictable, full of intrigues and uncertainty. But what is adding fuel to this political battle in […]

OPINION: Outlook and Projection of Possible 2018 African Politics

Prof. R. A. Ipinyomi

By Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin Nigeria (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The world history consists of a sequence of eras. The  boundaries between these eras may be difficult to recognize before they end. For example, in Africa we may be able to recognize the pre-colonial era, the colonial era, the struggle for Africa independence […]

OPINION: Reworking Our Grand Norm For a Better Nigeria

Photo: Nigeria’s Parliament  By Jerome-Mario  Utomi. Looking at the way the chimpanzee walks, you will discover without labour that it’s not a happy creature. Comparatively, a peep at  the way Nigerians currently spend hours at different  petrol  stations in  search of fuel, one may not wait to be told that Nigerians are mourning the dearth […]

Olusegun Obasanjo, Ph.D, By Reuben Abati

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Perhaps in the long run, the most remarkable legacy of the Nigerian leader known as Olusegun Obasanjo would be his personal example, in terms of the manner in which he continues to creatively reinvent himself and the Renaissance quality and force of his achievements. In addition to all that we already know […]

Race For 2019 And Youths Indifference, By Jerome-Mario Utomi

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – As envisaged, the national political terrain has again become tensed up with a lot of intrigues that only the strong hearted will be able to wade through the minefield and come out successfully in the 2019 general election. Those who want to emerge as candidates in all the positions due for future […]

PDP Convention: The Aftermath, By Reuben Abati

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The elective Convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that took place at the Eagle Square in Abuja on Saturday, December 9, was a charade and an anti-climax.  Everyone who had been a witness to the travails of the once-upon-a-time ruling party which lost power to the All Progressives Congress in 2015 […]

OPINION: Baggage of 2030 Sustainable Agenda

Photo: Kemi Adeosun, Nigeria’s Finance minister By Jerome- Mario Utomi (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – There was a veiled agreement among stakeholders at a recent gathering in Lagos that the governments in Nigeria at all levels are shirking the traditional but universal responsibility of provision of economic and infrastructural succor to the citizenry which the instrumentality of participatory […]

OPINION: A moral force in the PDP leadership

By Sufuyan Ojeifo (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – And so, Uche Secondus, despite the hue and cry about heavy monetisation of the process and alleged plan by governors under the influence of Nyesom Wike of Rivers state to hijack the party leadership, still ended up being the national chair of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).  For a […]

Libya: “No Brother in the Jungle” By Reuben Abati

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Arab countries have a tradition of slavery dating back to centuries. This has persisted despite the existence of international conventions and legal frameworks classifying slavery as a crime against humanity. The current situation in Libya, involving slavery and human trafficking, has been brought to global attention because we now live in the […]

OPINION: Now that Atiku Has gone Beyond the Last Bus Stop

By Jerome-Mario Utomi (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – That  Atiku  Abubakar has resigned his membership of the All Progressive Congress(APC) is no longer a news. The interesting aspect of this episode is that as speculated, he has finally reunited with his former party, the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP). To Atiku and his teaming supporters scattered across the states […]

OPINION: Neither for Atiku nor Buhari

Photo: Atiku Abubakar and President Buhari By Emmanuel Onwubiko (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Few weeks back, the media savvy governor of Ekiti State Mr. Peter Ayo Fayose inaugurated his campaign for the highest political office in the land in the election that has already been scheduled by the electoral panel for the year 2019. Hardly had […]

OPINION: Resignation as an African Abomination

By Akintokunbo A Adejumo, Akinadejum@aol.com (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – “African leaders do not resign, that’s cowardice and the fact that UK Prime Minister-David Cameron has just resigned confirms everything I have said about him—he is weak and a coward.” President (now Ex) Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in 2016. The recent confusion about what is happening in Zimbabwe, […]

Atiku: My whatsapp Reply to 2019 Posers

By Sufuyan Ojeifo (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – On September 19, 2017, a prominent Nigerian and one-time member of the Nigerian senate asked me two questions via a whatsapp post. The questions were: “How do you see 2019?  What are your permutations in APC and PDP?”  I received the post at 9.31 am.  Initially, I wanted to […]

Atiku, Atikulation And Other Stories, By Reuben Abati

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – “I hear say Atiku don port oh, from APC to God knows where…” “He used to be a Customs officer.  Going from one port to another should not be an issue or a problem for him. It is in the nature of Customs officials to go from one port to another. When […]

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