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Diaspora Group Begins Phone Calls To Family Members In Nigeria To Vote For Jonathan

The largest Nigeria Diaspora support group for President Goodluck Jonathan in America has embarked on a 10-day massive telephone call to reach millions of Nigerians back home to cast their votes for the re-election of Goodluck Jonathan.

This was made known in New York by the Chairman of the Diaspora Nigerians in America, Dr. Chika Onyeani, whose group has been working tirelessly with Nigerians in America and Canada to educate them about the great accomplishments of the President and why he needs to be reelected.

It will be recalled that the group held the “Goodluck Jonathan Appreciation Day” in August, last year.

“There are millions of Nigerians abroad who support Goodluck Jonathan, but whose family members may have been misinformed about Jonathan’s accomplishments.

“The task is for each Nigerian abroad to get on to their phones and talk to their family members to ensure they have picked up their PVCs, and if they are not already supporters of the President, to convince them to vote for him.

“Also, there has been a lot of propaganda on behalf of Gen. Buhari by former associates of President Barack Obama, who most of us have supported financially in his campaign and voted for, and we have been countering that in every way we could, especially through our own media outlets.

“It is obvious that Nigerians in the Diaspora cannot vote in this election, but we can get millions of Nigerians in the Diaspora to call back home to their relatives – fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and others – to ensure that they have collected their PVCs and convince them to vote for Goodluck Jonathan,” said Dr. Onyeani.

“Nigerians in the Diaspora know that, though they are unable to vote this year, that they would have the opportunity to vote in 2019, because of the initiative that President Jonathan put through the proceedings of the National Conference, which recommended the process.”

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