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Governor Yari Under Attack on Social Media over Alleged Ownership of N3bn Lagos Hotel

Photo caption: Zamfara state governor Abdulaziz Yari

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Social media have delivered its verdict on Zamfara governor Abdulaziz Yari’s ownership of alleged N3 billion hotel in Lagos. Per Second News last month reported that more than 2 percent of the fresh $6.9 billion Paris Club refund was soaked up by some fat cat consultants recruited by the chairman of the Nigeria governors’ forum.

Many activists, influencers and commentators used social media to express their outrage over pilfering actions of the governor, some even plan to join a protest to force the acting president Yemi Osinbajo to kick start a probe of the governor. Dozens also said the governor should be tried under Sharia law with his hands chopped-off for stealing if found guilty.

According to a former commissioner in Edo state, Mr Kassim Afegbua, “ It is really disgusting reading about Governor Yari and his hotel business. I am like thinking what people do with stupendous riches instead of helping to grow their community.”

“I saw Governor Yari on Friday and i looked at him from head to toe, I couldn’t see any prosperity in him. If we must grow our economy, we must resolve to take drastic action against economic saboteurs and bucaneers who are poised to ridicule our collective sensibilities be they in APC or PDP. “

“For me, Yari has no business being in government any longer once it is established he actually stole the money. He should be impeached and made to face the music. Prof. Osinbajo should.muster courage to deal with characters like this in the interest of anti-corruption campaign. EFCC should probe the Paris Club Refund further, because it is obvious there are still more revelations that would unravel the true story. What a country!”

Lameed Tajudeen Anda in a Facebook comment said: To add to this discourse, this man runs a unilateral government in Zamfara, he gives out contracts to himself and cronies without any due process, he hardly calls for state executive meetings…sometimes up to 4 months at a stretch (subject to verification from informed Zamfara citizens) and is hardly seen in the state..Almost always anywhere but Zamfara state. yet this state have a state Assembly…I call it an almost non-existent assembly. this is really disgusting!

Abdul Mu’min Akhadelor said– Yari a preacher in the morning a thief at night.

Lanre Adeoye: I’m not only miffed but disappointed because according to their Islamic law sharia, hotels shouldn’t be a thing that should be build by them because  of fornications, adultery and all manners of sins are committed in hotels. He should be arrested and tried under sharia law and punished according to sharia laws added with whatever punishment he gets from federal agents that arrested him.

Mmek-Abasi Akpabio: After stealing all his people’s monies and nothing is left for vaccines, he will turn around and insult his people and Nigerians that they are suffering diseases because of their sins, particularly fornication. And if a courageous traditional ruler like Emir Sanusi attempts to counter him, his ilk on the Northern governors’ forum will gang up and mobilise the entire northern political establishment against the patriotic Emir. We are watching.

Tony Akowe: Could this be true? The same governor that said the state cannot pay a meagre N18000? This is totally unacceptable. No wonder he has never spoken against corruption. Shame on him. I am sure this is the sin he wanted to talk about when his people were dying of menegitis. I second the motion for his immediate impeachment.

Femi Lawal: shared a link to the group: SPACES FOR CHANGE.—-APC and hypocrisy.. Most times, I really wonder at those who normally come out to claim that this government is fighting corruption. I mean, it takes a special kind of suspension of brains to believe such. Just look at this case. This was a governor that the state house of assembly accused of corruption for embezzling the bailout funds advanced to the states by the FG. They set-up a panel to investigate him but what did the Federal Government do? Rather than allow the process play itself out or for the governor to avail himself of the courts, they sent the DSS to arrest (kidnap) the Speaker and some house members and held them till they were forced to drop the probe. This and so many other cases make one wonder why the hailing hailers are so just willfully blind. Who did this to us?

Again, the thieving governor has been caught with his hands in the cookie jar. The same governor that opened the mouth that he uses to eat tuwo to say that the meningitis outbreak we suffered recently was a punishment from God for the sins of promiscuity we commit? This time around, it appears that the EFCC is set to do the right thing. Let us hope that the DSS again does not come to the man’s rescue..

Whatever has happened to sharia law? With Zamfara being the first to introduce it, I think this governor should be tried under it and have his hands cut-off for stealing when found guilty…

Online news medium Saharareporters had reported that the governor is building a N3 billion hotel somewhere in Lagos.



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