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Is homosexuality an immoral conduct or Psychological illness? Myths and Facts!

By Akin Awofolaju, PhD, New York

gay_coupleGiven the new homosexual law in Nigeria. Personally , I see homosexualism as a sexual infatuation and a rare  behavioral pattern or traits in modern human males, It may be considered as an obsession of  sexual psychological fantasy in their  respective carefree mind. And once they are in this realm, they become infatuated with it and it disorientates their  unfocused  brain synapses  both pre synaptic and post synaptic sites that contain extensive arrays of molecular machinery in their brain  link the two membranes together and carry out the signaling infatuation process( Just my little theory… not proven yet). This process is not only proven with homos but also pedophiles, father have sexual relationship with their own daughters, human males or females sleeping with dogs and ants. The chemical synapses in their brain ( raised) have some electrical activity such as neuron converted (via the activation of voltage-gated calcium channels) into the release of a chemical called a neurotransmitter that binds to receptors located in the post synaptic cell, usually embedded in the plasma membrane. The gay man in Australia is not different from the one in Lusaka or in Bauchi.   The neurotransmitter may initiate an electrical response or a secondary messenger pathway that may either excite or inhibit their  post synaptic neurons.  Just some scientific jargons. Now let’s get to it.

Here are some common myths on homosexual which are not limited to Nigerian new gay men or their counterpart in Lisbon or Lusaka…….

Myth #1: 10 percent of the population is homosexual

Pls don’t believe this lie. This myth took off when advocates began misquoting a book written by Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s called Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Kinsey’s goal was to provide a scientific look at human sexuality on the whole homosexuality was just one aspect of sexuality that he addressed. It’s very clear from more sophisticated research methods that Alfred Kinsey’s 10 percent figure is bogus.

Fact: Only 1 to 3 percent of the population could be considered exclusively homosexual

Kinsey, who engaged in homosexual activity himself, never said ten percent of the population was gay. He actually said, “10 percent of the males are more or less exclusively homosexual for at least three years between the ages of 16 and 55, but that only four percent were exclusively homosexual throughout their lives, after the onset of adolescence. Kinsey’s research methods were also skewed by his choice to include a high percentage of prison inmates and known sex offenders, both of whom engage in homosexual behavior much more frequently than individuals in the general population. More recently, a highly sophisticated study on sexuality in America, known as the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS), found that only 2.8 percent of the men and 1.4 percent of the women said they thought of themselves as homosexual or bisexual.

Homosexual activist groups now admit that the 10 percent myth is false and that some have exploited the inflated Kinsey figures to try to “create an impression of our numerousness.”  In reality, the 10 percent figure is simply not true.

Why does the truth matter?

Maybe you’re asking, “What’s the big deal?” Well, by saying that one out of ten people in the U.S. is homosexual, some gay activists are knowingly promoting a lie. They are declaring to the world that homosexuality is “normal” and should be accepted as such. Yet, if you think about it, this reasoning is unintelligent. For instance, 10 to 15 percent of Americans suffer from alcoholism, but we don’t accept this behavior as normal or healthy. Even if 95 percent of the population was addicted to alcohol, we still would not think of it as normal or acceptable.

As Christians we must ask ourselves, what standard will we live by? Will we accept the so-called norms created by our society or seek God and His Word to guide us in our lives? Sure, it’s tough to walk the narrow way. But when we trust that God knows what’s best for our lives—and follow His commands—we can receive His blessings and live an abundant life . . . the life He intended us to live.

Myth #2: Homosexuals are born gay

Can someone be born a homosexual? In 1993, a respected research journal, Science, published a study by Dean Hamer that ignited an explosive “born gay” myth. Hamer basically claimed that science was “on the verge of proving that homosexuality is innate, genetic and therefore unchangeable—a normal variant of human nature.

The media went ballistic. National Public Radio, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and several other news publications and programs heralded stories that suggested scientists have discovered a “gay gene.” Of course, in the fine print, reporters qualified statements about this possible discovery because, in reality, there was no actual discovery but they did so in such a confusing manner! The public was beginning to be persuaded.

Why is it so important for some homosexual activists to prove this issue? Maybe the biggest possible reason is this: If the world was convinced that some people are indeed born gay, then some would feel there is a need to protect homosexuals by the government as a designated minority class status, such as Nigerians or other  Africans. Slowly but surely, it seems the government is embracing this view and granting special rights to the homosexual community for what is a behaviorally based identity rather than a true genetic one.

Fact: There is no evidence to support the claim that a person can be born homosexual

The scientific attempts to demonstrate that homosexual attraction is biologically determined have failed. For example, a study conducted in 1991 by psychologist Michael Bailey and psychiatrist Richard Pillard, attempted to show that homosexuality occurs more frequently among identical twins than fraternal twins. However, this study actually provides support for environmental factors versus genetics! If homosexuality were in the genetic code, then both of the twins would have been homosexual 100 percent of the time, yet this was not the case.

The well-known Simon LeVay brain study of 1991, which tried to find differences in the hypothalamuses (a very small part of the brain) of homosexual and heterosexual men, found no evidence that there is any genetic cause for homosexuality. Nothing in the study showed that gay men are born that way.  Other prominent researchers have concluded that there is no evidence to support a biological theory, but rather that homosexuality could be best explained by an alternative model where “temperamental and personality traits interact with the familial and social milieu as the individual’s sexuality emerges.

Why does the truth matter?

As the myth of being born gay is more accepted by our society and government, our country is seeing the effects. For instance, increasingly more states are trying to legalize same-sex marriages. Educational curricula now include courses on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies.  Clearly, our perception of science can affect political policies. LeVay, the researcher and gay activist mentioned previously, made an interesting observation about the emphasis on the biology of homosexuality. He noted, “…people who think that gays and lesbians are born that way are also more likely to support gay rights.”

Let’s face it: science is meant to be fact . . . not theory. So, when the media takes hold of false theories of genetic links to homosexuality and promotes it as science, people are led astray. This is not right. Even if somewhere in the future a genetic link could be proven, it wouldn’t suddenly make the behavior right—or acceptable to God. Look at alcoholism or tendencies toward anger. While these have been promoted as having a genetic linkage, there are few, if any, in our society who would accept such behaviors just because they are linked genetically. God’s Word still makes no provision for any type of sexual activity except that found within heterosexual marriage between one man and one woman. So to answer the question, “Are homosexual attractions biological?” the conclusive answer is there is no support in the scientific research for the conclusion that homosexuality is biologically determined.

To me, this new dimension Nigerian law is uncalled for, in as much as I detest homosexualism as a concept presumed to be  of  a new societal class indoctrination. It is like playing golf, and you dont know how to play it but you show up, simply because you want to be counted and you  know that its  mostly a rich man’s club and you are trying as much harder than average citizen to get in and its hard because you do not fit, and it comes with a price tag, not necessarily based on your affluence but what else you have to offer that no else feel comfortable given? None the less, It is a mere distraction in an unsettled, fragile democratic society.To me it will open doors for violence,hatred,  stigma and discrimination, just last week I heard in Bauchi state, the state govt. are hunting for gay men from house to house, door to door torturing some innocent people, and govt. are asking for community for help to” a fish out”  of suspected gay men. It is a jungle justice and guerilla tactics per see. How for heaven sake, an African man can figure someone look like a gay or not? So if you owe me money and you refused to pay, I can simply declare you  a gay man, and you may be convicted for just given my words against yours. Its barbaric.  We are not there yet? Let’s govt. improve for modern infrastructure first before we start fighting all goodies that comes westerner with it. When we get to that bridge , we will cross it. Do not put your cat ahead of your horses. This is another way to make homosexual popular in Africa,it is the least of our problem.Job creation,good road networks, high valued education,constant power supply laws and implementation will just do Africa fine not gay law.

I hope you enjoy this little research… Just another way to take a look at the issue.

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