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Jonathan, PDP Bent On Rigging Ekiti Governorship Election-APC Chairman

The National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Chief John Oyegun has alerted the public of plot by President Goodluck Jonthan and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to rig Saturday’s governorship poll in Ekiki State, Nigeria.

Speaking at the inauguration of the new Executives of the party on Wednesday, Oyegun said his first message was to President Goodluck Jonathan regarding a series of occurrences that pointed to the fact that the PDP was bent on rigging the elections and writing the results of the Saturday elections in Ekiti even before the polls open.

He warned that if this dangerous trend was not arrested, the consequences would be dire for democracy and the country, saying that the APC would not accept the outcome of the election in Ekiti unless the authorities provided convincing explanations to the series of questionable developments in recent times.

“Less than 72 hours to the governorship elections in Ekiti, there are ominous signs that the PDP led government is bent on influencing the outcome of the elections come Saturday June 21st.  This series of developments and events are undeniable pointers to a desperate plot to rig the elections at all cost.

“In the last several days, many developments have occurred that have exposed the covert and criminal effort to subvert the rights of the citizens of Ekiti and the country’s electoral law. Barely two Sundays ago, our supporters during a peaceful procession in Ekiti were tear gassed and in fact one was killed.

“The elected governor of the State Dr. Fayemi was also tear gassed and barely escaped being shot. Yet, instead of quickly prosecuting the police officers involved in this crisis, the Police authorities simply went ahead in the most bizarre turn of events and charged a Commissioner and eleven others from Ekiti State with acts of terrorism a few days to the election. Meanwhile, the police that shot the APC member walk the street free,” he explained.

“Again, only last week, a truck was intercepted with over 200 boxes of electoral materials by the security agents. INEC quickly claimed it was wasted materials, whereas the story of the driver contradicted that of INEC. To date, Nigerians are yet to be provided with full information about the culprits behind these suspicious materials.

“On Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 two loaded aircraft landed at the Akure airport with undisclosed content. The presence of the Minister of State, Defence, Musliu Obanikoro who was on ground to ensure the safe delivery of the cargoes suggests official collusion and knowledge.  The contents were immediately loaded into a bullion van under the watchful eyes of the Minister of State, Defence, Obanikoro,” it added.

Oyegun said yesterday, a  Pro-Fayose and PDP gang was busted in a resort owned by Fayose’s campaign manager thumb printing ballot papers ahead of the Saturday elections, saying the 22 young men who were arrested were also caught preparing INEC form EC8.

“Mr. President, there is clear intent and deliberate ploy to subvert the elections. The APC at this point has little or no faith in the often touted promises and commitment of this administration to a free and fair election in Ekiti. Having earlier declared the Ekiti election as “war”, the PDP is now living true to that promise with the Ministers of State, Defence and Police Affairs leading the troops. Pray, what business does the Minister of State Defence, Obanikoro have supervising the offloading of mysterious cargo in Akure while the North East is still being ravaged by Boko Haram and over 200 girls remain missing and unaccounted for.

“We warn Mr. President, that election rigging in this particular State of the country in the past has always had serious consequences for the government in power and the country as a whole. As it happened in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Republics, the APC will not fold its arms and watch the electoral process being brazenly subverted.  Our party, will not accept any result from Ekiti that does not flow from a transparent election. We are not asking for any favors. We only demand a free and fair election,” he stated.

Oyegun urged the international community to speak up against these tendencies and ominous signs, saying they needed no further pointers to know that some people were desperate as the greatest danger “are that we do not know how many other places the thumb printing of ballot papers are taking place in and around Ekiti. The APC commends our security agencies for their alertness in this instance and urge them to be always professional and thorough.”











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