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Jonathan’s National Confab Waste of Time -Civil Rights Group

The African Examiner,

The Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria (CRCN) has faulted the President Goodluck Jonathan’s National Conference, saying it is another diversionary circus aimed at setting the north against the south in a war of words that will only overheat the polity.

Chairman Advisory Committee, Dr Femi Okunrounmu

President of CRCN, Shehu Sani said he was convinced that nothing good would come out of the conference and that those who were preparing to submit memoranda were wasting their time and energy.

Sani, in a statement said “those who will take the pain to write and submit their volumes of memoranda to the conference will find their memoranda in the belly of termites and bugs or with Akara sellers in Lugbe.

“The President Goodluck’s National Conference is another diversionary circus aimed at setting the north against the south in a war of words that will only overheat the polity without addressing the problems of the country. Its blackmail and a mischievous political chess game meant to hang the fate of the nation on the continuity of the Jonathan Goodluck regime.”

According to him, the conference would deliver nothing but reports that would neither see the light of the day nor that of the night as it is self deception for anyone to believe that this government would embrace and implement critical views of Nigerians from its conference when the same government had found it difficult to tolerate dissenting opinion from within its party and consistently behaved belligerent to the university teachers and resident doctors.

“It is technically impossible to organize a meaningful and orderly conference at a time when the president and members of the National Assembly and at the same time states governors are out on re-election campaigns next year.

“President Goodluck Jonathan’s government is a bourgeoisie government with a philosophical base rooted in the preservation of the iniquitous socio-economic system and the sustenance of the existing capitalist master servant relationship. This Government, like its predecessors has not implemented any committee report and undoubtedly this conference and its report will meet its fate of dust,” he stated.

He added that the conference would be embraced and attended by people who had enough time to waste and people with patented hope in Pharaoh, saying that Nigerians should work towards uniting themselves and electing credible leaders who would stamp out corruption, end pervasive insecurity, industrialize the country and lift the teeming masses out of poverty.

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