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Minister Says Northern Christians Face Constant Threat of Extinction

Agabus Pwanagba, Jos

The Minister of Water Resources, Mrs. Sarah Ochekpe said politics in the Northern part of the country is done on the basis of religion.

Ochekpe disclosed this in Jos on Saturday at the opening ceremony of the first Conference of the King David Generation Movement, which had in attendance, Christian grassroot politicians, clerics, social groups and others, from all the senatorial zones of the 19 Northern States.

She said, “Minorities in Northern Nigeria suffer discrimination and violent attacks mostly because of their Christian faith; because they have not surrendered.

“Christians in Northern Nigeria, like modern day Israelis, are surrounded by hostile forces intent on annihilating them and removing them from the face of the earth.

Adding that, Christians in the north should be able to analyse situations, like shifting political alliances and how it impacts on their lives.

The Minister who was represented by her Special Assistant, Prof. Dimis Mailafiya, maintained that, “The King David Generation Movement, therefore, should provide a platform for serious analyses of spiritual, cultural, political, social and economic environment in which we live, in order to develop synergies and activities that will facilitate our quest for liberation and freedom in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“This Movement should draw lessons over the violent conflicts and assaults on communities in Northern Nigeria, and share them with our people.

“Attitudes of Christians to politics is personalized, for the pursuit of individual ambitions, to the point where values and principles of the Christian faith do not inform and determine the actions of Christian politicians. She lamented.

“There is need for conscious re-orientation, through which Christians will address national affairs as required of soldiers of Christ, in defence of truth; protection of their people against discrimination and inhumanity.

Ochekpe urged the movement to provide the materials and organisation for the re-orientation of Christian politicians for them to adopt the values of soldiers of Christ as their political philosophy and guiding principles.


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6 Comments for “Minister Says Northern Christians Face Constant Threat of Extinction”

  1. The Minister has indeed awaken the political consciousness of Christians in the far north and middle belt of Nigeria. I recognized Buhari’s potentials and have supported his bid to become Nigerian president. Given the prevailing situation where the likes of Buhari have not done enough to curb the current attempt to annihilate Northern Christians, I have reached a rational conclusion to changed my impression of people like that who think it only when they become Nigeria president Boko Haram sect will stop their onslaught. I am sure I am not the only one shifting position.

  2. Mohammed Sulley

    Marc,l am baffled by certain expectations such as this one expressed by you that Buhari and (for that mater) ‘Northern Elders’ should solve Boko Haram riddle even though these persons do not control State Power. The police, the armed forces and other security agencies are controlled by the Governement. With what ‘arsenals’ do you expect Buhari or Northern Elders to tackle the insurgents? By the way where are the recommendations submitted to the FGN and the expected white papers? The FGN should come out of the closet and get more serious!

    • Is it not the case that each time the military score a major victory against bh the northern elders, jni and the sultan scream “genocide!”? When innocent military are wasted because the bh/fulani were treated with kid gloves nothing was heard from them. It is only recently that the sultan began to condemn, though feebly, the bh – I wager he secretly hopes Islam can prosper from the bh phenomenon! The game should be to watch as bh takes over and thereafter decimate the bh for the caliphate to shine through. Speculative thrash, one might say, but it seems to fit!

  3. Northern Christians must join forces with non Hausa/Fulani minority tribes to fight for their lives and rights will they be allowed to live in peace

  4. Kudos to the Hon. Minister for daring to speak the obvious truth often swept under the carpet by most Christians in power. A great percentage of Nigerian Muslims in Nigeria are assiduously working to see to the extermination of Christianity in Nigeria – they are using the North to showcase a controlled experiment! Truth be told, Islam takes no prisoners!

  5. It is however becoming clearer by the day that bh is an ill wind that blows no one any good given the fact that innocent Muslim lives are now beginning to get lost in the terrorist attacks. I can’t forget how the late nscia sec gen Baba lateef adegbite trumpeted to the high heavens that bh is not a terrorist organization and should not be so labeled by USA – wish he were alive to tell us what bh is! Truth is we must all – Muslims and Christians alike – join forces to defeat bh! If the sultan thinks he can secretly profit from bh activities he’s got another thing coming – once bh gets power they’ll overthrow him in no time!

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