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Obama May Lose the Votes over Syria but Russia…

Prof. R. A. Ipinyomi

By Prof. R.A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

US President Barrack Obama

US President Barrack Obama

In the war in Syria, is such that President Assad has on his side groups loyal to the Ayatollas of Iran, the Hezbollah, the Al-Qaeda and the other violent sectarian groups in the region.  On the opposite side are the rest and their own violence is just a matter of degree. It is not a simple equation of the sites versus the other Islamic groups. It is a complex mixed sectarian group of people on each side. The West truly should not have had a preferred side except in war where you choose to win the area a group at a time.

The use of chemical weapon to gas so many unarmed people, including defenceless children is condemnable. What is worse is that for nearly 100 years the United Nations have come together to ban the use of such weapons even in international or civil wars. From reports coming to support the use of chemical weapon in Syria individual may choose to believe whatever they wish. The victims in the wars within Syria remain mainly the minorities, children and Christians living in that area that may dare the regime. The International community should not remain indifference to what is happening in Syria. Apart from using military force to punish the Assad regime it is very necessary to engage that regime otherwise.

The United Nations has been turned to a house of barrier by Russia and China through their use of Vetoes. Russia has vetoed at least 3 resolutions in Washington over the ongoing wars in Syria. The International Community will not be able to have a common voice on Syria if Russia or China only chooses a path of creating a barrier rather than getting positively engaged. Even the Americans, the British, and many countries are internally divided over what to do to press President Assad on his alleged use of Chemical weapon.

What makes our World is not the development of new economic, military, political, or moral models that someone has found over the years. Economic models may have helped to advance individuals and even nations to put good food on our tables as required. It may also have allowed individuals to sail in the oceans of infinite distances, swim in the sea of affluence and wash themselves in the rivers of pleasures but they have never brought happiness or even peace to any people. Similarly our well being has not been due to either the secularity of the western free world, or the Marxist regimes of communism or the authoritarian regimes anywhere. Instead such political systems have actually been helped by internal spirit being of individual philosophers rather than the system themselves.  We are all aware of the vanity that may visit the pile of a military might where a dictator becomes proud and totally ungodly about the use or possession of his might.

The Russia equation comes in for ignoring the international red line in Syria and using his veto flagrantly and too many times for a very simple equation he has to solve in Syria. Russia actually ought to by now be the vanguard of information provider and support for peace seeking like Secretary John Kerry of America and the government in America are doing right now. If Russia believes so much in Syria beyond printing Syrian currency, selling arms to Assad, equipping them further and giving the wrong signals to the rest of the world then let President Putin lay everything on the table. We suspect that Russia is simply using the Syria situation to delay the eventual further fall of Russia and that President Putin is well aware of that analysis. If Syria falls surely Russia that is already on a deceleration in the global and domestic arena will be falling much faster.


For the first time we have a Russian that can recycle himself and will continue to do so. We have one willing to roll history into a finite stage of his one life time. Whether or not America led by Obama is allowed to inflict any military harm on President Assad regime maters little now because the deeds have been done. We have been able to respond globally more to the prevailing situations in Syria with wider coverage and attention. Many other regions, like here in Nigeria or in other places in Africa, going through harsher treatments from their governments have less coverage than Syria has had.

The further possible fall of Russia will not be because it is Putin recycling himself but that we cannot take him at his world and he has no understanding about the veto he exercises in the United Nations which Russia may soon lose. If America alone can strike on Syria and get away with it, and I believe they can on this occasion, then what is the value of the veto power Putin is holding onto at the UN? The truth is, why is the world progressing on the expansion of the Security Council by admitting more permanent members when the only five members always misuse the power? There is no democracy at the United Nations and nations contributing to such failures would be paying in some form. There should be a simple majority vote at the UN floor and or before a veto is allowed.

For once President Obama of United State of America, a Nobel Peace holder, has shown that he understand why he is a leader in the world.  The USA Congress may deny him the moral right to strike on Syria but Obama and his team have won the debate. The war in Syria has involved the use of Chemical weapon but Russia has prevented the debate of the same at the floor of UN simply because he has a veto awarded her in 1945. The new set of realities may not support Russia as one of the five leading world leaders to hold a veto henceforth.

Therefore the factor holding our world together is the force engineered by the early evangelical spirit over the years. The light from the evangelicals brought out great empires in the past including the British Empire; and the best so far by our rating parameters. This spirit of truth and reality has shaped the development of the free world we are unfortunately fast losing. The free world without the evangelical spirit cannot stand any test of time because the truth is not a matter for the lawyers or the laws and their opinions but of the spirit that is setting people free. It is a divine spirit being and invincible spirit being. Communism and secularities, though may disagree over their differences but them both have their deep agenda buried in deception, giving people the freedom it doesn’t have, and leading people where they ought not to be. Surely Russia, supported by China, Iran and a few others are going to mislead Syria eventually but it would also go down with Syria sooner rather than later.


Prof. R.A. Ipinyomi,

ipinyomira@yahoo.co.uk or/and raipinyomi@unilorin.edu.ng


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