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OPINION: America Empire’s Doomed Day With Donald Trump in the White House

By Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

The 2016 United States of America Presidential election can simply be described as Donald Trump’s Reality Show. In his attempt to get to the White House he has tongue lashed just anyone he came across in the process. Senator Ted Cruz of the Tea Party and of a splinter group of the Republican Party of USA was in the presidential race with Donald Trump. Ted Cruz had not been spared from Trump’s abuse and attack; it hasn’t been a fair competition. We don’t expect Trump to respect anyone any more, not even Hillary Clinton his main opponent from the Democrat, nor her husband the former President Bill Clinton.

So far Donald Trump has successfully anialatd every section of the community that came across him with impunity, saying whatever came through his mouth without thinking.  This is an extreme edge of the racist Republican Party of white Americans. The world can no longer afford to keep looking whilst some individuals like Trump speak against just anyone else, as if his brain has been disconnected from his heart. They claim to be the World  Evangelicals, claiming to be preaching the True Christ, but deeply supporting slavery, segregation, and all the evils going along discrimination and abuse of others. The entire universe is only all about them in their self allusions.

For example  when Obama won the White House 8 years ago this same set of racists woke up to Obama in the White House as if only dreaming; it couldn’t have happened in their estimation.  Some of them now thinking that Trump’s  emergency as Republican presidential candidate is still a dream, wondering if someone has put a spell on them. Brexit was also an unexpected result for them. They fail to realise meanwhile that the society is prepared to allow these extremists run their intolerance game behaviour to the very end by supporting Brexit or a Trump for President in America.

What we are saying is that the  political game in this ongoing presidential race in America is slightly very predictable.  During the primary the support  for Donald Trump among Republicans had declined from the very start and making Sen. Ted Cruz in the GOP presidential race a candidate to beat at that initial stage. However after an abusive and combative debate performance that followed by Trump,  he started  to enjoy a comfortable  lead over his rivals until he sent them away from the race. He may repeat same scenario in November 8 against other candidates.

What are we saying? We are saying that the USA is passing through the seasons when the weather hangs in one mode and nothing new can come knocking on their door for the rest of the time henceforth. The USA may have reached their peak and only decline is a possibility. The decline can take any shape, eg the L or J shape, decline forward or backward. This is because the World is passing through times when nothing will rest in its place for a moment. The societies, perceived cultural coexistence, the economy, the politics,  and our beliefs and common value system  all seem locked in battle and torrent of motions and demands.  Of course there is a mechanism behind all these seasons of life that can produce a Trump victory for Russia to be glad, Iran to have move breathing space and ISIS to last longer. For the oppressed in America,  even when the rivers of life overflow Nature will give them powers to traverse them. But a Trump in the White House must be envisaged in order to commence the America Empire Decline. Then beging to ask, “Which Empire is next?”

Although the United States of America is built on its robust institutions,  that are stronger than individual presidents, these institutions are themselves the individual Trumps in the society. Records show that Donald Trump has been what Nigeria can call political godfather to many past and present Republican Party candidates. He is an institution that can insult them and get away with it. He is in Wall Street,  Federal Reserve Bank owned by private individuals and other powerful institutions controlling the destiny of World economy.

There is no crash programme or tutorial lessons we can recommend and that can assist this Trump from always saying, doing or acting the wrong scripts. Only Donald Trump can help himself. What the Americans simply shoould be looking for in the interim is to stop him from getting anywhere near the White House in order to prevent him from accelerating the eventual America Empire Decline. It will come, but perhaps not now.

Prof . R. A. Ipinyomi


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