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Opinion: “I Belong To Everybody And I Belong To Nobody”

Concerning the recent sad news and confirmed murder of kidnap victim, Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Udemba in Anambra state, indications abound that some “bad eggs” in the Nigerian Police Force, who previously functioned in the same state, might have, at some point, cooperated with the masterminds of the kidnap and unfortunate death of Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Udemba. Transparent and dedicated investigations will definitely expose the facts. Painfully enough, the wife and children of this man have been going through some horrible trauma for a little less than four years now due to some deliberately prolonged inactions from such compromised law enforcement agents. Now, this family seems to be reliving that unpleasant experience and even worse; all over again, especially with the current breaking but sad news of their husband and father’s present condition — murdered and with his corpse found. It is yet to be established whether or not this particular kidnap and murder case is facing another longer-time and delay-tactic threat; with hope that it has not been beleaguered again.

Those who totally comprehend and appreciate President Buhari’s constant body language since he came into office, still believe that he is prepared at all times to sacrifice anybody in order for Nigeria to move forward in a positive direction. Hence, his inaugural slogan: “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody”. The question now is whether the new Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr. Solomon Arase, is also solidly ready to do the same with regard to the kidnap and murder of Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Udemba and other related cases in Nigeria? Many people believe that he is a seasoned, refined and professional police officer with an impeccable reputation; let’s now wait and see what happens at the end of the day. Nevertheless, with continued delay after the Anambra state commissioner of police, Mr. Hassan Karma delivered the long-dreaded news of Mr. Udemba’s corpse being found to the his widow and children, we are concerned that some “big wigs” may have been covertly and locally tampering again with anticipated investigations. We are, hereby, calling upon the new IGP and DG, DSS; if possible, to get directly involved in whatever may be going on with regard to a thorough probe into this man’s kidnap and subsequent murder. We believe that both Mr. Arase and Mr. Daura are poised to play bigger security roles in the realization of a new Nigeria. Of course, a synergy of the police and the DSS will always be productive for the entire federation. A well-structured interrogation of the police officers previously mentioned in our last column, regarding what they know (knew) about Mr. Udemba’s kidnap and murder in Anambra state might have solved this problem earlier than would have been expected. Meeting and interrogating those “important” police officers and the Anambra state director of the DSS might help appropriate authorities identify and subsequently flush out corrupt officers from the Nigerian law enforcement agencies.

Recently, people have come to a firm belief and conviction that the alleged perpetrators and masterminds of Udemba’s kidnap and murder are a powerful gang, previously unpenetrated and well-protected financially, who have been perhaps sponsoring the kidnap of selected prominent people across Idemili South Local Area in Anambra state and its environs. They are believed to have held various communities in Anambra state to ransom until a change in both the state and now federal government that saw President Buhari’s successful emergence. Who could doubt that the activities of such syndicates in Anambra state have done nothing but brought a lot of trauma as much as terrorized the citizens? We are firmly persuaded that with the expected change in the Nigerian federal government, their days are probably numbered. Impressed by the performance and success of IGP Solomon Arase and his special investigation squad in Kogi State, headed by CP Chris Ezike, and at other places in Nigeria, we have been inspired to renew our appeal, confident that Mr. Arase will achieve a similar success, and even better, in probing the kidnap and murder of Mr. Udemba in Anambra state. In the meantime, Mr. Arase seems to have taken an aggressive stance against kidnappings and other major crimes across the country. Noticeably, even without the Nigerian police running traffic check points, the nation now appears much safer than it used to be. Something has, certainly, drastically changed in our hitherto generally unsafe climate. Undoubtedly, it is most gratifying to have seasoned, honest and professional police officers in the saddle again.

Nevertheless, with the current high-tension situation regarding the discovery of Mr. Udemba’s corpse, seeking to probe and finally demystify a horrifying issue that threatens to tear apart families and even a town or possibly expose it to some crippling and discomforting human relationships would be a major step that could head off looming future intra-family, violent disputes or any unexpected skirmishes. At this juncture, to help the Nigerian police do their investigative job timely and expeditiously, we are hereby calling on the masterminds and sponsors of Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Udemba’s kidnap and murder, irrespective of where they may be resorting, to voluntarily report themselves to the nearest Nigerian police station or the DSS at their earliest convenience. We have figured that it is extremely imperative that they do so now. We believe that the earlier that is done the better both for them and for everybody. Regardless of their response, a quick but professional attention by highly-trained, efficient and trusted Nigerian police officers would certainly yield a successful outcome very soon. Nigerian citizens are, hereby, encouraged to help us uncover all those behind Mr. Udemba’s kidnap and murder.

The previous claim and suggestion by some law enforcement agents in Anambra state that direct evidence, which could have led investigators to the kidnappers and masterminds of Mr. Udemba’s kidnap had all been destroyed are too improbable to be believed. Direct evidence despoliation does not and should not in any way end any serious criminal investigation. Nevertheless, in this very kidnap and murder case, abundant circumstantial evidence could easily help determined and honest investigators zero in on the masterminds of this horrible act. Suffice it to mention that as at today, there has not been any sign or confirmation that the Nigerian police are investigating the kidnap and murder of Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Udemba. Understandably, the police or the DSS are not obliged to comment on any active investigations but, professionally, they could make an exception due to the nature and an already-extended publicity of this particular kidnap and murder case. This type of gesture could boost the morale and confidence of the family left behind by Mr. Udemba. It will also engender some sense of security and reassurance in the entire citizenry.

Our expectation is that this investigation be treated with utmost seriousness, urgency and high-power especially now that it has been fully confirmed that Mr. Udemba is in fact dead and his family currently going through and all over, again, an intensified traumatic experience. May we use this medium to renew our appeals to the Presidency, the Inspector General of Police and the Director General DSS to listen to the cries of the family, friends and well-wishers of late Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Udemba. Long live PMB! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Justin Chijioke Odinaka Okongwu (Editor)

 Submitted by Supporters and Sympathizers of the E.C. Udemba Family

 Onitsha, Anambra state, Nigeria

Email: emmanuel.chukwuemeka.udemba@gmail.com




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