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Lagos PDP Confused, Ill-Informed On Ambode’s Asset Declaration, Says APC

By Ayo Balogun, Lagos – The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has described as uninformed, hollow and laughable the statement by the Lagos State chapter of the PDP that Governor Akinwumi Ambode should declare his assets or be regarded as a pretender governor.

The party said that Lagos PDP is lost and needs help to survive the demeaning fate they face in Lagos and the country today.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party dismissed Lagos PDP as a group of ill-informed jokers who are being dealt a big blow by their present shambolic state.

It advises Lagos PDP to take a period to school itself about constitutional provisions regarding asset declaration before it comes out just to make some unserious noise to source relevance it does not have.

“PDP Lagos continues to make us believe it exists in Lagos where it has been dealt serious electoral blows year in year out. Lagos PDP is an unserious group that periodically amuses itself with such hollow vituperations as asking Governor Ambode to declare his assets or be regarded as “pretender governor”-whatever that means. This can only be the fruits of uncoordinated thoughts of serial losers that have no inkling on how to handle its latest round of electoral defeat,

“When what calls itself Lagos PDP are not engaged in unending fight with themselves as a way of expressing their electoral frustration, they are busy making disoriented demands that are both hollow in articulation and empty in reasons. It is not surprising that Lagos PDP is coming out the way they did after the thorough APC victory in both Lagos and the center as well as majority of states in Nigeria.

“Lagos PDP in making the demand of Governor Ambode to declare his assets must have woken up from a long slumber that robs them both of the constitutional provision on assets declaration and the fact that as incoming Governor, the governor declared his assets with the Code of Conduct Bureau, in keeping with the constitutional requirements for his office.

The party said it is certain that Lagos PDP in keeping with its well known penchant for mediocrity and as a purveyor of kindergarten gossip, is unaware of what the Law says on asset declaration which states that on assumption of office and exit from office, the Governor or any other political office holder is bound by law to declare his assets to the Code of Conduct Bureau at both points.

“It is the duty of CCB to verify your claims at the point of exit of office against what you declared at the point of entry. This, the Governor did and has plunged deep into the demanding task of governing Lagos while the PDP roves aimlessly in want of what to say to keep afloat.  We would wish that Lagos PDP quit threading in an unproductive circle of self foolery by their resort to outlandish and wild demands that further diminish it among Lagosians.

“We want to educate the speculators in PDP that governance is not a tea party and that running a political party is not the same as periodically making inchoate and tendentious demands that lack reasons and conviction. Governor Ambode is full of energy, full of ideas, robust , capable, as strong as the rock of Gibraltar and totally committed in dealing with the complex problems of a mega city like Lagos for which he is elected.

“Distracting him through such baseless and laughable display of crass ignorance and naivety, as Lagos PDP, is an exercise in futility for majority of Lagosians knows that Lagos PDP is gone for good in Lagos,” it stated.



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