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US Based Group Wants Buhari To Commission Its New Africa House In Alabama

African House Expected to be commissioned in US by President Buhari later in September

By Oludare Sunday Fase, Baltimore – Buoyed by the new dawn in Nigeria politics, the African Heritage Foundation says it has penciled down Nigeria’s president-elect, General Mohammadu Buhari to commission its new African House located in Montgomery, Alabama.


The Africa House, Alabama

Speaking in an Interview with African Examiner, the founder of the foundation and African cultural ambassador, Chief Tunde Adetunji said the new Africa House will serve all the 55 nations of Africa.

He added that the foundation is fine tuning all necessary arrangements to ensure that General Buhari is invited to visit and commission the new building whenever he visits the US after his inauguration as the new president of Nigeria.

Ambassador Tunde Adetunji, who delivered a talk at a workshop in Abuja, Nigeria, during the electioneering campaigns, hailed the election of General election Buhari even as he noted that the conduct and outcome of the election would boost Nigeria image among the comity of nations.


Alabama House of Representatives members and Chief Tunde Adetunji, Founder of Africa Heritage Foundation (AHF)

On the new Africa House, Ambassador Adetunji explained that the building would showcase the rich African cultural heritage.

“The dream has finally come through, the Africa house of treasure, the pride of Africa and all talented and creative soul, the epicenter and destination of Africa in the Diaspora is now ready and set for commissioning by Mr. president any moment from now.

“It is our intention to establish  forums  through  the  Africa  house with the  Montgomery  government and several reputable and  progressive  companies, colleges and   churches  in Alabama.

“This is the place where Africans in the Diaspora will converge to discuss the solution to Africa issues;  Many researchers in quest of   Africa issue , development , civilization and   culture will find answers to  all their needs in this center.

“We hope to exhibit the best of   Africa historical legacy here at all times. The “AFRICA HOUSE” is dedicated to Africa creative ingenuity, good Leadership, Transparency, Accountability, Innovation,Technology, Dignity and Pride, Commerce and Industry.

“The founding fathers of Africa unity, Great Leaders, Africa Legends in all ramification, Intellectual Guru, Inventors, History makers, Icons, Celebrity, World class Artists, Athletes, Musicians, Emerging Leaders,Talents and Captain of Industries as well as those who have Sacrificed and contributed their best to make Africa great will find their names and achievements inscribed and displayed at the Hall of Fame here for the entire global community to acknowledge and appreciate.

“Africa House will live up to expectation as the   world tourists destination in USA, primarily the third place to visit after the white house and the United nations by any President and Leaders to USA” He explained.

About Africa Heritage Foundation

Founded by Ambassador Tunde Adetunji in 1996, the African Heritage Foundation’s (AHF) mission include creating an environment where Africa nations, the USA and the entire global  community can develop understanding, and opportunities with new ventures in business, Information Technology, Education, Culture and Tourism, Human resources and capacity building, Brain gain, Health and preventive initiative, Peace and Security, Banking, Environmental Sanitation, Communication, Sports and   Training to the benefit of each other.

Parade of 55 Nations-BROACH-DESIGN-03BROAH-HERITAGEFOUNDATIONAfrica heritage foundation seeks to provide enable environment and a platform for discussion amongst business, industry and decision makers, civic leaders to learn about and identify mutual understanding and opportunities that can be developed into successful ventures and relationships for the benefit of USA, the Diaspora and the entire African Nations. Africa Heritage Foundation has a long range of goals as model for the United States relationship with Africa.

With the theme “Africa Matters, Africa is the Future,” other goals at AHF include Atlanta Georgia and Montgomery Alabama being the Gateway to Africa business networking and the key place for further discussions of the worldwide Diaspora as the sixth region of the African continent. AHF long term goal is for the proposed $55 billion African Village capital project to be located in USA which would include physical space for knowledge acquisition, a high-powered think tank and a virtual tour for the unique cultures of the regions of Africa. The slogan of AHF is “Bridging the Gap, Building the Bridge. “Vision is greater than Ambition”, and “Team work which makes the dream Work.”

About Ambassador Adetunji

Hon.Ambassador Tunde Adetunji is the man who dreams Africa, breaths Africa, sings Africa, eats Africa and lives Africa. He is known worldwide as Mr. Africa Matters, he is a visionary, an idealist, a realist and a prince born to a royal family in Nigeria

Ambassador Adetunji is the Africa union Cultural Ambassador, CEO and Founder of the Africa Heritage Foundation, the Africa World Museum and Center, Africa Day in Atlanta, Africa Heritage research Institute for Leadership policy and strategic studies and the Africa radio and television Dateline Africa in Atlanta.


Signing Of MOU Between The Africa Heritage Foundation And The World Conference Of Mayors And The National Policy Alliance.

Amb .Tunde Adetunji is an Author, a curator, a journalist, a business consultant, a renowned television presenter, a master communicator, an Airline travel instructor, a Motivational speaker and a researcher and Expert on Africa issues.

Amb. Tunde is Adetunji is a pan African who is very articulate, talented, dedicated and creative. He has a proven ability to make things happen as attested to how he has bridged the gap and built the bridge between the 55 nations of Africa, the USA and the Diaspora.

He is the founder and pioneer of AFRICA-ATLANTA project, a leading member of the Atlanta committee for international relations, Atlanta sister city commission and a pioneer of Africa-Atlanta direct cargo and passenger flight service.

He took the flag of the state of Georgia to the Africa union secretariat in Addis Ababa in the year 2001 proposing the creation of Diaspora as six region of Africa, making Atlanta and the state of Georgia the epicenter and the destination of the 55 nations of Africa business to USA .

He successfully crowned this initiative through the creation of annual Africa Day celebration at the state Capitol in Atlanta Georgia and hosting the chairperson of Africa union commission H.E Jean in Atlanta 2011 and the United Nations under secretary general Ambassador Cheik Diara in 2012. He pioneered the passing of the resolution SR 9 endorsing the potential, trade and business of Africa to USA through Georgia.

He travels to universities all over United States and abroad promoting the theme “Africa Matters and Africa is the Future” and “bridging the Gap and Building the Bridge between Africa and the Diaspora.” Ambassador Tunde’s versatility and expertise, as art historian, curator, anthropology, journalist and lecturer has made him a foremost dignitary on Africa and the African Diaspora issue.

With his outstanding and long standing entrepreneurship, passionate engagement in African Affairs, promoting culture , education and economic opportunities between the State of Georgia and Alabama, the United States in general and the 55 Nations of Africa, Amb. Tunde has been constantly nominated and featured on Who is who in Atlanta, won numerous awards and acknowledgement including the City of Atlanta Phoenix Award in 2004; the State of Georgia Outstanding Citizen and Ambassador Award; Africa foremost image maker Award in the Diaspora, the Outstanding Community Champion Award at the Indian Festival of Lights in 2010; Atlanta’s Most Influential Multicultural Business leader in 2010,the United States sports academy Award for education research and service, and who is in Black Atlanta.

He was the chief curator for the Atlanta centennials Olympic, celebrate Africa Journey through ages, exhibition for the national commission for museum and monuments, as well as the historic exhibition, Life achievement of former President Olusegun Obasanjo at the World of Astoria Network in 2006.

Ambassador Adetunji is a fellow of the Nigeria Institute for Leadership, Policy and Strategic Studies, kuru Nigeria, and a graduate of Nigeria cultural orientation and training, and Journalism, information technology/ ticketing, instruction and training.

Currently he is researching business management and administration at the University of Phoenix, Atlanta campus. He moderates and present globally Africa solutions to Africa problems and present program at the United Nations for Africa heritage foundation on Africa issues..

In honor of the life, time and legacy of Nelson Mandela, Ambassador Tunde Adetunji inaugurated and commissioned the Africa heritage research institute for leadership policy and   strategic studies and sponsored a resolution in recognition of Nelson Mandela day and celebration annually at the state Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia.


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