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We’ll Have to Ban Hijab If Suicide Bombings Continue, Says Buhari; It’s a Bad Idea –Muslim Group Kicks

By Ayo Balogun, Abuja

BALTIMORE, MD (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – President Muhammadu Buhari has hinted that his government would ban the use of Hijab if the deadly Boko Haram sect continues to use young hijab wearing girls as suicide bombers in the northeast region.

The president stated this on Wednesday during his first presidential media chat.

According to him, the government will not allow the sect to continue to use the hijab-wearing girls to unleash terror on other innocent citizens adding that “the people will have to consider between Hijab and their security.”

“Hijab will have to be banned if this continues.” the President hinted.

Reacting to the President’s comment, a Muslim group, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has described the idea as “scapegoatism,” in a statement issued by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola.

Prof. Akintola argued that the ban will merely open the floodgates of anarchy, instead of solving Nigeria’s security problems.

His statement reads in part: “If army and police uniforms are not banned although they are often used by bandits, why should we ban hijab? Security agents know how they often fish out hoodlums who use police and soldiers’ uniforms to commit atrocities. The same method should be used to prevent the use of hijab for bombing.

“What crime have Nigerian Muslim women committed that they should be derobed in public? Without their hijab, Muslim women feel as if they are naked. Users of hijab are in all walks of life. They are civil servants, business women, teachers, etc. Most importantly, they are tax payers and voters. They voted Buhari into power. Is Buhari’s government warming up to encroach on Allah-given fundamental rights of Muslim women?  Is this an appropriate pay-back?

“Hijab is more than a covering for female Muslims. It is a unique identity for Muslim women. It is a mark of dignity and a symbol of piety. Hijab is an integral part of Islam, a microcosm in a macro. Whoever bans hijab has fired a shot at the religion of Islam. We therefore advise Mr. President to tread softly.

“Buhari and his security chiefs must therefore find other means of stopping the bombings. They should leave Muslim women alone. Nigeria’s security agencies must sit up and device other means. There must be new initiatives and fresh ideas. Armchair crime-fighting is an anachronism. They must not use Muslim women as scapegoats. They must step up their intelligence gathering gimmicks.

Our correspondent reports that recently the deadly Boko Haram terrorists have been using hijab wearing teenage girls to carry out deadly suicide attacks in parts of the troubled northeastern zone.


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