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Energy Transition: Towards An Integrated Climate-Resilient Africa

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Of all continents, Africa is least responsible for climate change. It has contributed only a minute part of the Greenhouse gas emissions that are responsible for the climate emergency the world faces today. Yet, Africa faces the same arduous battle as the rest of the world to tackle the impacts of climate […]

OPINION: Buhari Must Discard His Plan to Impose Another Northern President in 2023

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – I wish to draw the attention of the nation to ongoing underhand schemings by Buhari and the people around him to retain power in the North come the 2023 presidential elections.  When we say the North, we mean the imposition of another Fulani Oligarch candidate on the nation.   Apart from the country […]

Nigeria Records World’s Largest Number Of Christian Deaths In 2021, Says Rights Group, InterSociety

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Famous human rights organization, International Society for Civil Liberties and rule law, (InterSociety) has declared that Nigeria is the Most Christian Lives Hackers nation in the globe, saying a total of 5,191 persons were Hacked to death in 2021. It added that 6006 people were killed in fifteen months (Jan 2021-March 2022) […]

On The USA’s World’s Largest Yet Consulate To Be Built In Lagos, Nigeria

Consider this: (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – For the US to be building its largest yet Consulate in Nigeria, and in Lagos, what does that tell Nigerians and the World? Forget about them making money from visa applications and other consular and non-consular matters. This is the same USA’s Central Intelligence Agency which a few years ago […]

Mozambican Female Scientist Seeks Functional Strategy To Tackle Climate Change In African

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – A 28-year-old Mozambican climate scientist and researcher, Iracema Mamadu Hussein has reiterated the need to improve and seek functional strategies and policies aimed at tackling climate change in Africa. Hussein, who is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in the field of climate change at the University of Aveiro in Portugal, through a […]

OPINION ARTICLE (Climate Change Act: When Will The Implementation Begin?)

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – In November last year, President Mohammadu Buhari made history when he gave assent to the Climate Change Bill, making Nigeria the second country in Africa after Kenya to have a climate change Act.  Within the global context, President Buhari’s historic assent to the bill, sponsored by a member of the House of […]

Subsidy Removal: Opportunity For Nigeria To Adopt Carbon Fee And Dividend Policy

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Barely a month ago, the Federal Government through the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, revealed a policy plan by the government to remove fuel subsidy on Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS) in February 2022 and a target date of mid-2022 for the complete elimination of fuel subsidies in Nigeria, […]

Researchers Declare Bishop Ajayi Crowther A `National Hero’ After 130 Years

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) –  Nigeria’s foremost clergyman, the first African Anglican Bishop, Samuel Ajayi Crowther, deserves to be sung as a national hero, some researchers say. Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther was the multi-linguist who translated the Holy Bible into Yoruba language. He was born at Osogun in present-day Ibarapa East Local Government Area of Oyo State […]

Why Stockfish Should Remain Important In Nigerian Cuisine

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Over the years,  Norwegian stockfish has become important component/ingredient in  Nigerian meals. This seafood has high nutritional benefits in addition to the widely appreciated taste. Intriguingly,  stockfish has a history beyond the product itself. Poducing the perfect stockfish is an art. It involves first-class craftsmanship and expertise, as well as the very […]

New Book Harps On How Western Media Demonized Africa

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – How did Africans, and people of African descent become so detested in the Western world? How is it that black skin color became so resented by some Europeans when in fact Africans were the first human beings in the world and all other “races” evolved from Africans? How did the concept of […]

The Rise Of Subscription Business Models

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – From Hello Fresh to the Spotify, subscription services are now so commonplace they’ve almost become the norm. Subscriptions started life in the media world, with newspaper and magazine subscriptions dating back centuries. But in the last ten years, the subscription business model has exploded in popularity across consumer industries including fashion, food […]

NPA Reforms And Koko’s New Culture

By Jackson Olali President Muhammadu Buhari makes no pretence about his desire to deepen and diversify the nation’s economy. The Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, the nation’s ports manager, is a key parastatal in this regard. It’s therefore of little wonder that the president’s attention is regularly on the activities of the NPA. The president desires […]

(OPINION) – The Taliban, the Boko Haram and the Bandits

Prof. R. A. Ipinyomi

By Prof. R A. Ipinyomi, Ilorin, Nigeria (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The Taliban, currently capturing global headline news, originated from a group of conservative seminary students in Afghanistan in the mid-1990s following the collapse of Afghanistan’s communist regime propped by the Soviet Union at the time. Taliban took its name from its membership consisting of students […]

OPINION: Nigeria And Employment Racketeering

By Wole Arisekola (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – In Africa, most especially the South-Western part of Nigeria, it is believed that when a mother hen is crying out to the world that an eagle stole its chic, it is not because it can do anything to retrieve it but to let the world hear its voice. It […]

[OPINION] See How They’re Being Sent To God To Answer For Their Crimes, By Femi Adesina

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – It amazes, even confounds, to hear some people say President Muhammadu Buhari should go after Boko Haram terrorists and bandits with the same gusto he has displayed against separatists in the country. Amazing and confounding because what the Buhari government does daily in the North-east, North-west, and North-central parts of the country, […]

Boon For Garri Producers, Consumers In Akwa Ibom

By Emmanuel Aziken (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – It was in 2018 that the people of Akwa Ibom saw what many at that time called the Udom wonder when the price of garri crashed from more than N200 a cup to N100. For a former top banker it was another move that further crushed the idea that […]

(FEATURES) Will Nigeria Ever Have A Better Tomorrow In Olympic Games?

By Cornelius Ehimiaghe  (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Nigerian sports administrators have a knack for doing things that would make “last minute.com” to envy them. Sometimes, they may not even respond to a basic thing, as an email letter. While the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) are currently promoting the safeguarding […]

[FEATURES] The Electoral Act And Its Controversies

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – After the commencement of the Fourth Republic in 1999, there have been many  amendments to the Electoral Act, meant to enhance and improve the performance of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The latest amendment, Electoral Act 2021, has, however, generated a lot of controversies. The goals of the amendments have always […]

OPINION: Azikiwe, Ojukwu, Aguiyi-ironsi Gave Us One Nigeria: Igbos Should Stop Blaming Others For Their Woes

By Obinna Akukwe (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Nnamdi Azikiwe, Odumegwu Ojukwuand Aguiyi Ironsi gave us the ‘One Nigeria’, which Igbos claim is suffocating them today, therefore, the misplaced aggression towards Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Ibrahim Babangida and Muhammadu Buhari for their perceived woes should first be directed at their kinsmen. It is therefore foolishness […]

Imo Police Arrest Couple, Medical Doctor Over Alleged Child Trafficking

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Imo State police Command have nabbed a man, identified as Kingsley Ehiedu, and his wife for allegedly stealing two siblings from Enugu State. It equally apprehended a medical Doctor, Innocent Onwudike, of Unity Hospital Awomama in Oru East Local Government Area of the State.  Special Adviser on Media to the state Commissioner […]



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