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Let GoodLuck Address The Substance Of Obasanjo’s Letter

Dr. Tunde Ali The time will come when any person aspiring to any political office in the nation will be required to have at least a credit grade in English language. This will at least balance the 1979 mathematical equation which Chief Richard Akinjide posited in the court during his submission on twelve-two third  (12 […]

Who is Afraid of the National Conference – PART II

By Dr. Tunde Ali National conference is supposed to be a forum where the general public can participate in the polity of their nation by discussing issues that matters to them . It avails the citizens the opportunity to deliberate on different issues of importance, especially those issues that the elected officials have clandestinely neglected […]

Who is Afraid of the National Conference?

By Dr. Tunde Ali Regardless of the political insinuations from all quarters about the need or call for National Conference, the reality of the season dictates that Nigerians must come together  to discuss and re-determine the status of Nigerian nation amidst its shaky unity and polarized diversity. The meeting does not necessarily have to be […]

Boko Harram: Beyond the State of Emergency

By Dr. Tunde Ali, Nigeria internal security is in disarray. Boko Harram have exposed the incompetence of President Jonathan’s administration to provide reasonable security of live and property to the Nigerian people as promised when he was sworn into office. The job of the government is not only to promote and protect the welfare of its […]

2015 Presidential Election Outcome: A Threat to Nigeria’s Unity in Diversity

By Dr Tunde Ali Our democracy is being tested. It consistently undergoes constructions, deconstructions and reconstructions. In the process, ideas battles with ideals, constructions feuds with confusion and opinions confronts ideology. Though the process is intriguing, its outcomes are short of the peoples’ expectations. Never-the-less, its progress could be surmise to be the necessary recipe […]

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