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Nigerians Furious As Buhari’s Nephew, Mamman Daura Flown to UK For Medical Treatment

By Nwa Diokpa

As social media is flooded with the news that Mamman Daura, a nephew of President Muhammadu Buhari, has been flown abroad for emergency medical treatment, many Nigerians have taken to their social media account to express their opinion.

Many Nigerians have still not gotten over the death of former Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, who died of Covid-19 complications and who many believed was a member of cabal in the presidency and the death of Isa Funtua also shocked many.

With the latest news that all powerful Mamman Duara has been flown abroad for medical treatment, many Nigerians took to the micro blogging platform to express their opinion concerning the “endless deaths” of people close to the president.


Virgin-Man@VirginMan13 writes: “The only dividend he deserve is the Prize his colleagues, like of Abba Kyari and Funtia got he will also get No more Arikuyeri for Aso rock Cabal. Its just unfortunate Death always miss its main target Maybe its taking them from bottom to head But then we keep fingers crossed.”

Alhaji Sherrif writes: “Abba kyari so much like his friends… surely missing them and wants them around.”

AyeMojubar @ayemojubar writes: “God of Abba Kyari, help your servant Mamman Daura. God of Abba Kyari … Where are thou!”

Emeka@Odigwefranklin writes: “Abacha died people rejoiced Yar’Adua died people mourned Abba kyari died people rejoiced There’s a reason for every feeling and you can’t dictate how people should feel!”

Dunu Anselem@dunua writes: “Mamman Daura is an ugly influence on rotten Buhari in matters of governance, so also Abba Kyari and the rest of Fulani cabal. If you expect me to be sympathetic to him in his health challenges, you are not being fair to me. Tomorrow you tell me to be sympathetic to Buhari too..”

Oluchi Theophilus@officialoluchi1 writes: “Abba Kyari is gone, Funtua is gone, Aisha Buhari was flown to Dubai for ‘urgent’ medical attention, news has it that Mamman Daura was yesterday flown to the UK for ‘urgent’ medical attention. Oluwa wetin de occur? “

Abu Mariam@AdesinaOyedele writes: “That was what they said when Abba Kyari was dying. They even said he was doing exercise, playing badminton and attending to investors. I believe he is truly Hale and hearty.”

Paschal@CallMePaschal writes: “The God that did it for Abba Kyari and Isa funtua will surely do it for Mamman Daura. #Amen

CEO@OkenwaChukwuma writes: “Do you consider the Mishap associated with Abba Kyari, Isa Funtua & now Mamman Daura a Divine Judgement?”

F A A R E E S @MFaarees_ writes: “Nigeria would never be united as long as there are some people who rejoice over the death and sufferings of others, they rejoiced when Abba kyari died, and now they’re happy because of Mamman Daura’s health condition, why don’t we just let go of the hatred and bigotry. PEACE.”

PROF@ProfSIRK writes: “You see that the lockdown was useful for appreciation of local contents in medical services. If not, Abba Kyari and others during the time could have been flown out too. Covid-19 pandemic, no doubt, has costs and rewards. Now that lockdown is over, local contents are shunned.

@Iam_KingBuchi writes: “As long as they refuse to do the needful, none of them deserves our sympathy! You quickly forgot that these same Nigerians mourn over the death of the likes of Yar’Adua & Dr Adadevoh. Maybe you should check the integrity and patriotism of the persons involved.Why fly Mamman Daura.”

@ncheks2005 writes: “Mamman Daura has embarked on an emergency medical trip to the UK. There is no good hospital in Nigeria so politicians get flown to the UK whenever they fall sick. Aisha Buhari was also flown to Dubai last week to treat ordinary neck pain. Nigeria is irredeemable.”

@Morris_Monye writes: “The last of the three member cabal Mamman Daura is outside the country for urgent medical attention. I wonder what is going on in the mind of President Buhari.”

@holudaray writes: “The truth about Buhari’s cabal, Mamman Daura and co going for medical attention every now and then is, they are aged people, they’re very old. That is the honest to God truth. So let me ask you, what is more important to your 75 year old grandpa now other than sleep or medical checkup?”

@KanteCesc writes: “People from a particular region are jubilating about Mamman Daura’s health, wishing death upon him and the president. Hope this hatred that has consumed you people translates to presidency in 2023 else it’ll be a pity.”

@Nasiruagahu writes: “With private jet,” So freaking what? You serial sociopath, do you know whom Daura is? Mamman Daura managed the New Nigerian from 1969 to 1975; and a prominent member of the infamous Kaduna Mafia, a group of Nigerian businessmen, civil servants, military officers and intellectuals.”

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