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Corruption In Nigeria: Who Is Fooling Who?


Recently it has become very fashionable for the leadership of the APC to blame the current administration for not doing enough to purge the scourge of corruption in government and in the private sector.  The irony is that some of the most corrupt politicians are in the leadership of APC.  This begs the question then as to how Major General Mohammadu Buhari can point fingers at the others and accuse them of corruption when he is surrounded, supported and funded by politicians who have embezzled public funds


Our thorough forensic examination and investigation revealed the corrupt nature of the activities of Dr. Bukola Saraki. Complaints about his illicit activities have been forwarded to the Metropolitan Police (UK) and the FBI (USA) for further prosecution.

  1. Between January, 2000 and December 15, 2013, Dr. Saraki maintained a Domiciliary Account with GT Bank.  The inflow into this account was $7,262,913.15.  On the 12th of June, 2009, Dr. Bukola Saraki personally and through his aides made regular cash deposits into this account sometime as much as  $250,000 by one Garba Dare and Abdul.
  1. Dr. Saraki used companies such as Carlisle Properties and Investment Limited (paid $2.5 millions) and Sun and Sand Industries Limited ($1.2 million) and Munigan Trading and Services Ltd ($1 million) as fronts to transact shady and fraudulent businesses.
  1. Dr. Saraki used Bureau De Change (Money Changers) to surreptitiously make suspicious deposits into his accounts for example:
  1. Dahuuh BDC                                     $272,911.05
  2. Limkers Nig. Ltd                              $150,00.00
  3. Ulip Cocoa Processing Ltd                        $42.000.00
  4. West Gate Ltd                                  $202,955.00
  5. Cardington Resources Ltd                        $60,975.00
  6. Churchill General Trading                       $115,930.98
  7. West Gate Global Trust                 $45,000.00
  8. Yaro Ventures and Trust Ltd       $130,959.00
  1. Dr. Saraki wired $3 million abroad via American Express Services (FBI have been provided this information and are investigating) into his American Express Card Number 374588216836009
  1. On February 12, 2010 Dr. Saraki used the sum of $2.4 million to purchase 1,516,194.53 British Pound Sterling that was then transferred into his Fortis Bank SA/NV United Kingdom Account ending in XXXXXXXXXXX3310.
  1. Dr. Bukola Saraki maintained a Naira Account with GTBank ending in XXXXXXX7455 that on July 22, 2013 had over N4 billions lodgment that was both questionable and potentially fraudulent. Dr. Saraki frequently used his aides one Ubi and Abdul to lodge large cash deposits.
  1. Dr. Saraki through his said aides in one day November 29, 2007 made deposits of N900,000 tranches totaling N83,240,000!!!!  That means that this two co-conspirators made a total of 63 deposits in one day! Haba.  What manner of business was Dr. Saraki involved in that he would take all cash for the sale of his goods or services, and not checks or wire transfers.
  2. Dr. Saraki what type of business did you conduct with Alhaji Rabiu (deposited into your account N19 million) and a certain Mike O. Attah (Deposited N65 million into your account).
  1. This pattern of fraudulent deposits permeates the entire account of Dr. Saraki for example; One individual on March 14, 2008 made 32 deposits into his account totaling N30 million, another individual on April 04, 2008 made 56 deposits totaling N50 million, then on August 23, 2008 another individual made 39 deposits totaling N35 million and now for the mother of all deposits, on October 26, 2009 and individual made 88 deposits totaling N80 million, then on November 5, 2009, an individual made 39 deposits in one day totaling N35 million.
  1. Three companies Carlisle Properties Ltd, Sky view Properties Ltd and Limkers Nig. Ltd transferred the sum of N524, 878,000 into Dr. Saraki’s account!
  1. Our forensic examination of Dr. Saraki’s financial shenanigans show that Carlisle Properties Investment Ltd wired into Dr. Saraki’s overseas account and another sum of $583,300 was also transferred to yet another offshore account belonging to Dr. Saraki.
  1. Another account controlled by Dr. Saraki in GT bank ending in XXXXXXX3251 showed a total inflow of N8 billion and approximately 70% of the deposits as evidenced by the deposit slips was made one individual.
  1. On December 11, 2012 Dr. Saraki moved the sum of N1.2 billion from this account for the purchase of a property in Ikoyi


Where did these large funds come from?  What business investments or trade did Dr. Saraki do?






CHARGE NO: FHC/CR/167/2013


FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA                           |

COMPLAINANT                                                         |


AND                                                                            |


  1. TIMIPRE MARLIN SYLVA                                     |  AMENDED CRIMINAL CHARGES
  2. FRANCIS OKOKURO                                              |
  3. GBENGA S. BALOGUN                                           |
  4. SAMUEL OGBUKU                                                 |
  5. MARLIN MARITIME LTD                                     |
  6. EAT CATERING SERVICES LTD                           |
  7. HALOWEEN – BLUE CONSTRUCTION                |

AND LOGISTICS LTD                                            |


ACCUSED PERSONS                                                  |

________________________________________________________ |


Our investigation revealed that Mr. Sylva during the time he was the Governor of Bayelsa was a chronic pilferer of public funds.  Mr. Sylva in cohort with shady companies and individuals; Francis Okokuro, Gbenga Balogun, Samuel Ogbuku, Marlin Maritime Ltd., Eat Catering Services Ltd., Halloween Blue Construction and Logistics Ltd, stole, laundered, misappropriated BILLIONS of Naira of public funds.



  1. Mr. Sylva using the power his office took out loan of N75 billion in the name of all Bayelsans and between December 2007 and January 2008 frittered the N75 Billion away in phony contracts and projects.
  1. Between May 2007 and December 2007, Mr. Sylva received N250 billion in statutory allocations but cannot point to one concrete thing he did with the money.
  1. Hon. Dudafa Waripamowei the then Commissioner for Local Government conspired with Mr. Sylva to divert Local Government funds running into billions of Naira into their personal accounts.
  1. Under his watch as Governor and with his blessing and connivance, Ambassador Otiotio, his Special Adviser on political matters obtained N400 million from the State government to organize Local Government elections, which did not hold, and the money was never returned to the coffers of the State Government.
  1. Mr. Sylva diverted state funds totaling $40 million into his account in a dormant and docile company named Bayelsa Oil Company.

Between May 2007 and March 2008, N1.8 billion was paid for feasibility studies to an unknown Company for the establishment of Bayelsa State Micro Finance Bank.

  1. Towards the end of 2008 Governor Sylva spent N1.2 billion on Printing of MTN recharge cards bearing his photograph and name without authorization from the State House of Assembly.
  1. Governor Sylva routinely awarded over inflated contracts to his cronies and firms and then collected kickbacks that were paid to his cousin Dr. Charles Opuala Sylva the then Commissioner for finance.
  1. Governor Sylva purchased an armored customized recreational vehicle for $1 million.
  1. Apart from the N75 billion loan, within two years of his administration he took another loan of N100 billion but never executed any meaningful project with it.
  1. Governor Sylva spent between N1.2 to N1.5 billion every month as government house maintenance and security vote.  This huge sum was under the custody of his Chief of Staff, Mr. Samuel Ogbuku.
  1. Between June 2007 and December 2008 Governor Sylva squandered N25.8 billion renovating, redesigning, and training of staff for a hospital that was already built.
  1. Governor Sylva, Dr. Charles Opuala Sylva and Mr. Samuel Ogbuku conspired together to defraud Bayelsa State by converting N500 million monthly from Bayelsa State from 29th May 2007 to January 2009 (N9.5 billion) as money purportedly paid to Bayelsa State Volunteers Vigilante group.
  1. Another N9.5 billion was diverted from State account on the pretext that it was paid to Niger Delta Peace and Conflict resolution activities under the leadership of one Mr. James Jepthah.


  1. Bayelsa State Government had a recurrent domiciled in First Bank Plc. Yenegoa Branch, with the Accountant General Mr. Francis Okokuro, Director of Treasury Mr. Abbott Clinton and sub-treasure Mr. Godspower Okpoi as signatories.  These criminals used Jerry Yeri and Sylvanus Allen who are cashiers with the Bayelsa sub-treasuries to cash funds and disburse it at the instructions of Francis Okokuro.
  1. Governor Sylva worked through several Bureau De Change who took in Naira belonging to the people of Bayelsa and gave dollars to Governor Sylva and his criminal gang.
  1. Murtala Bashir a Bureau De Change operator was their favorite, he owned several BDC and operated several accounts in several banks in the name of 313 BDC Ltd, Namuduka Ventures Ltd.  Sometimes Murtala Bashir will use BDC belonging to his partner Babangida Ahmed to the Accountant General Francis Okokuro to send Naira into in return for Dollars.
  1. Murtala Bashir and Babangida Ahmed frequently received Naira into their accounts and then hand delivered dollars to Francis Okokuro or Commissioner of Finance Charles Opuala.  Our investigation showed that Mr. Jerry Yeri and Sylvanus Allen acting on the express instructions of Francis Okokuro had a various times between July 2010 and February 2012 deposited N6.781 billion into the accounts of Murtala Bashir and his various companies in exchange for dollars.
  1. On one instance, the sum of N230 million was withdrawn from Bayelsa current account with First Bank Plc. of Yenegoa Branch, Bayelsa and paid into the GTBank account of Namuduka Ventures by Jerry Yeri.
  1.  Governor Sylva  withdrew the sum of N499 million from the Bayelsa State Government current account in First Bank Yenegoa Branch and deposited it into the First Bank account of Assunnah BDC Limited and received cash, as in dollars!

iii.      On another occasion Governor Sylva used his aide Jerry Yeri to deposit the sum of N1.467 billion belonging to Bayelsans into the FCMB account of Assunnah BDC in Abuja and received dollars in return.

Amount Stolen Stolen From Where Stolen For what
NN6.781 Billion Bayelsa State Account and transferred to the account of Murtala Bashir a money changer Mr. Sylva received the equivalent of N6.781 billion in Dollars.
N230 Million This amount was withdrawn from Bayelsa current account with First Bank Plc. in Yenogoa and transferred into the GTBank account of Namuduka Ventures a money changer Converted in dollars and delivered to Mr. Sylva
N499 Million Illegally withdrawn the current account of Bayelsa Government in First Bank and paid to Assunna Ltd a money changer Converted into dollars and given to Mr. Sylva
N1.682 Billion The large amount was illegally withdrawn from Bayelsa State government account in First Bank and deposited into the account of Alhaji Murtala Bashir’s account in Keystone bank. Converted into dollars and given to Mr. Sylva
N300 Million Withdrawn from Bayelsa State government account and deposited in the account of 313 BDC Ltd (money changer) in Ecobank Converted into dollars and given to Mr. Sylva
N1.4 billion Withdrawn from Bayelsa State government account in First Bank and deposited in the account of 313 BDC Ltd (moneychanger) in First Bank Converted into dollars and given to Mr. Sylva
N1.194 Billion Withdrawn from Bayelsa State government account in First Bank and deposited in the account of 313 BDC Ltd in First Bank by Sam Owei Delivered dollar equivalent to Mr. Sylva
N350 Million Funds belonging to Bayelsa Government was paid into the account of a shelf company Halloween Blue Limited These funds were then held and transferred (LAUNDERED) to accounts controlled by Mr. Sylva
N520 Million Funds belonging the people of Bayelsa was illegally transferred to Eat Catering Services Sterling Bank Account These funds were then held and transferred (LAUNDERED) to accounts controlled by Mr. Sylva.
N115 Million On the instructions of Mr. Sylva this amount was deposited into the Zenith Bank account of Halloween Blue Construction and Logistics Ltd by Mr. Jerry Yeri using the alias Charles Osaro These funds and others were then held and transferred (LAUNDERED) to accounts controlled by Mr. Sylva and used to by Villa 1 Cachez Estate along Mpape Road, Abuja in the name of Le Oriel Nig. Ltd.


Issued by: The Nigeria Against Corrupt Politicians Movement/ 09034673300


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