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Stop Giving Our Appointment To Non-Indigenes, Group Warns Ambode

Ayo Balogun, Lagos

LAGOS, NIGERIA (AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Prominent Lagos State indigenes have accused Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of giving appointments made for indigenes of the state to non-indigenes, especially in the appointment of Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka as the Co-Chairman to head the Lagos at 50 Celebration Committee.

The indigenes, under the umbrella of Eko Foundation held a press briefing in Lagos on Saturday, saying that Ambode has been too heady as he did not want to listen to anyone in the appointment of people to fill sensitive positions meant for indigenes of the state.

President, Eko Foundation, Owolabi Smith said the recent appointment of Soyinka as the Co-Chairman, Lagos at 50 Celebration was an insult on the sensibility of the people of Lagos State.

Smith also said the recent appointment of the former Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Mrs Ifueko Omo-Okauro, an Edo indigene as the Chairman of a committee to manage the N25 billion Employment Trust Fund, ETF by Ambode.

According to him, successive governments in the state had retained the penchant of marginalizing those he called,’ true indigenes’ for the past 18 years.

“We would henceforth resist government decisions to give sensitive appointments to non-indigenes of the state. There are very many elders, octogenarians, septuagenarians , former governor , ministers, academicians, public and civil servants and other indigenes both at home and in the Diaspora, that are more than eminently qualified to celebrate their state. Professor Wole Soyinka’s choice is an insult to the indigenes and he should decline to serve, to accord with his reputation as a protester, who has tirelessly protested wrongs and injustice in the better part of his adult life,” he stated.

He added that the choice of Alhaji Rasheed Gbadamosi ,  to co-chair the committee with Soyinka was a deception and mischievous make believe, lamenting that “We have decided to cry out, to enable us partake as of right and in accordance with extant laws, in the government of the state . We can no longer afford to keep silent and pretend that all is well when in fact there appears to be no future for the indigenes of this state and the generations yet unborn in the state.

“At the moment, we have six Ibos occupying the seat of Lagos in the Federal House of Representatives, non-indigene as a senator, several non-indigenes in Lagos State House of Assembly and in the executive council of the state. In the past, indigenes of other states have taken over our ministerial slot and occupy positions in various parastatals both in the state and at federal level. These are not replicated in any other state in Nigeria,” he added.

According to Smith, the inference of the abnormality is that Lagos indigenes would have to passionately appeal to the non-indigenes to secure employment for themselves and their children in their own land.

He added that indigenes would henceforth closely monitor and periscope the activities of the present administration in the state, warning that appointments in the state must conform with Federal Character Commission Act, the constitution of the country and other subsidiary legislation.

Smith lamented that non-indigenes had been appointed by Ambode in his cabinet, among whom he said was the current Chief of Staff, Samuel Ojo; Chairman, Lagos Civil Service Commission, Mrs Oyemade and several others.

Smith lamented that instead Ambode to address the matter, he is sponsoring some editorials in the newspapers.

“It is important to note that during the electioneering campaign, the Eko Foundation hosted Ambode to an interactive session and he assured us that if he is elected as governor, he would listen and interface with us to ensure that indigenes play prominent roles in his government.

“However, since his assumption of office, all efforts to see or meet with him so far proved futile. In spite of this, we shall not be deterred and we will use all machineries at our disposal to ensure that we no longer play second fiddle in our state.

“Our cosmopolitanity and friendly disposition to all and sundry do not make us fools. What is sauce for the goose should also be sauce for the gander. Indigenes of Lagos State are totally marginalized by other states and back home, our own governor finds us unsuitable to hold public office. The ‘sleeping giant’ is now fully awake,” he said.


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3 Comments for “Stop Giving Our Appointment To Non-Indigenes, Group Warns Ambode”

  1. Mr Owolabi Smith is like you’re jobless right now and needs a job…Lagos is for us all. Give the appointment to whoever will best do the job. Don’t be petty, bro.

  2. Funny, who are indigenes?…is ambode, fashola, tinubu, aregbesola indigenes. Pls save your energy for something better.

  3. stop making issues out of nothing!!!!

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