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US Presidential Primaries: Clinton, Trump Lose Wisconsin

The US Presidential primaries are getting more unpredictable by day, as both the leading Republican and Democratic aspirants – Mr. Donald Trump and Mrs. Hillary Clinton lost in Wisconsin and Midwestern States respectively.

While Trump’s Republican co-aspirant, Ted Cruz decisively won the Wisconsin exercise, his Democratic counterpart, Mrs. Clinton lost to fellow Democratic rival, Bernies Sanders who recorded a strong victory in Midwestern’s primary.

Trump’s Tuesday loss is a contest against his overall victory – for final nomination in his party. With Wisconsin’s loss, the controversial aspirant could fall short of the number of delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination.

Again, Mr. Trump is in for more troubles as his co-aspirants hope for a brokered convention where voting among candidates would start from scratch.

Despite the move and loss, the billionaire-politician has vowed he would secure his party’s nomination.

In his characteristics outburst, Mr. Trump in a campaign statement declared: “Ted Cruz is worse than a puppet – he is a Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination”.

It would be recalled the Republican leaders have expressed worry that Trump would be a weak candidate in the general election and could harm other Republicans lawmakers on the ballot.

Already, result of public opinion polls show that the real estate tycoon is extremely unpopular among key voting blocs including women, Latinos and young people.

Among others, Mr. Trump has been embroiled in abortion controversy. At one point, he called for women to be punished for having abortions, but he later changed his mind.

The Republican Presidential hopeful campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski has been arrested, after being accused of manhandling of a female journalist.

Similarly, Wisconsin’s latest victory has added to a recent spate of wins by the Sanders campaign, giving the Vermont Senator a boost before key races in New York and Pennsylvania.

Despite the loss, Mrs. Clinton still holds a sizeable lead and most analysts say she will eventually become the Democratic nominee.

While Tuesday’s loss was a setback for Mr. Trump, his campaign team has moved to large north-eastern states, where polls show Mr. Trump holds significant leads.

His loss in Wisconsin comes after a busy week for the campaign, particularly with female voters.


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