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2023: Nigerians Muse As Tinubu Calls For Support From Buhari, Others

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The statement accredited to former governor State, Bola Tinubu that he is entitled to be the next president of the country has sparked social media reactions.

African Examiner recalls that Tinubu, while addressing party delegates at the Presidential Lodge in Abeokuta, Ogun State stated that without him, President Buhari couldn’t have become president. “If not for me that stood behind Buhari, he wouldn’t have become the President. He tried the first time, he failed. The second time, he failed. The third, he failed, “Tinubu had said.

“He even wept on national television and vowed never to contest again but I went to meet him in Kaduna and told him he will run again, I will stand by you and you will win, but you must not joke with Yorubas and he agreed.”

Tinubu also disclosed that he was responsible for the nomination of Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo and since the emergence of President Buhari he hasn’t benefitted anything.

Tinubu said: “Since he became the President, I have never gotten ministerial slots. I didn’t collect any contract, I have never begged for anything from him.

It is the turn of Yoruba, it is my turn.

“He knew all the calculations then favoured us. That is why he wanted me as his vice but I told him to let us build the party first. And when we finished building the party. After we brought in people from the PDP, Saraki now saw those from the PDP will not get anything if Buhari, a Muslim, becomes the President and if me, also a Muslim becomes his vice, he won’t get the Senate President and the Senate President cannot also be a Muslim. That was how they started the campaign of calumny against me.

“I told them that I have a candidate that is a Christian that I can nominate so that the party will not break. That was how I nominated Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. I surrendered my right to him.

“I was asked to submit three names, Yemi Cardozo, Wale Edun, and Yemi Osinbajo.”

Tinubu also talked about his role in the election of Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State, adding that with his political experience in the last 25 years, he deserves to be given the chance to lead Nigeria.

He said: “Dapo that’s sitting down here, could he have become Governor without me? We were at the stadium, they tore all his posters. Even the party flag, they didn’t want to hand over it to him. I was the one who brought it.

“If he wants to meet God at the right place, he must know that without God and me, he would not have become Governor.”

The statement of the presidential aspirant has sparked social media reactions as some Nigerians took to the micro-blogging platform to comment on this development. African Examiner captures some of their thoughts below:

@gimbakakanda writes: “Without the Tinubu-led ACN bloc in the coalition that became APC, Buhari would’ve remained a political pariah in the South and GEJ would’ve had his way back to Aso Rock. You don’t have to be this man’s fan, but he wasn’t lying about the huge role he played in the 2015 elections.”

@Chude__ writes: “Tinibu Coming on National Television to proudly Tell Nigerians that he made Buhari the President and he single handedly installed some Southwest Governors is an insult to democracy and the people, such Character shouldn’t near Aso rock.UgwunnaEjikem writes: “ Crazy how Bola Tinubu genuinely believes he should be rewarded with the Presidency for helping usher in the worst President in the history of Nigeria… Aso Rock is not a “thank you” gift or a souvenir. He should keep crying. His tears will make my weekend.

@Wizarab10 writes: “ Tinubu should have remained a king maker and push Osinbajo for Aso Rock. Buhari is not a push aside and he has power of incumbency. Tinubu should have maintained the relationship then liase with him to push his Vice for President. You don’t have to be in power to enjoy the perks.”

@akunnachux writes: “PYO narrated how he became VP. Yesterday, BAT gave a different version. If these old men can’t tell the truth about a nomination that happened less than 8 yrs ago, imagine the kind of lies they’ll be churning out when they move into Aso Rock Villa!”

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