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Osun People Must Put On Their Thinking Cap

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Time like this in Osun-State can not be devoid of hot debates,arguments and counter arguments at every meeting points and opportunity for people, most of these arguments is usually based on prejudices, conjectures,sentiments,baseless rumors and unguided tongues of political fanatics and extremists.

I was recently caught in the midst of one of such hot arguments on a fateful and so interesting a day but not without my jotter as a journalists and one of the figures in this captivating free showpiece expressed his frustration with his APC friends and loyalists on their self-inflicted blindness to realities and non-admission of glaring and clear truths when he raised vital questions that are pertinent to development and progressivism which their party loudly proclaim.

He was bothered by the lack of meaningful answer to relevant questions that bother on people’s well-being.

Questions like“1. Are you saying all is well with a government that has failed to find solution to the on-going strike of the State’s higher institution lecturers?

2. Are you saying all is well with transparency and accountability of a government that spend so much on bill boards and Lagos media houses broadcast of programmes with the  focus on the governor himself with little or no his programmes for the people?

3. Can we justify the brouhaha that greeted the State’s education policy under this government with any visible result in the sector? Are our pupils now doing better in their external exams?

4. Apart from building seven new schools out of a hundred and eighty promised with most of the school buildings in ruins and dilapidated state,new unified school uniform,continuity of the school feeding scheme what other development has taken place in the sector and how does these three points solve the problem of our education system before Aregbe’s tenure?

5. Away from education, for development of housing in Osun sector of the State what is Aregbesola’s government doing because information in public suggest that nothing  is happening in that sector. May be Osun governor did not know the importance of housing as one of the basic need of the people.

6. Also in health sector nothing new, no new development just business as usual and many more barrage of relevant questions were hauled at our APC friends but they did not only fail to answer but also raise an utmost surprise and disgust to my common sense by their approach to these questions from an antagonist or a seeming critics of their government.

Instead of ordinarily admitting the flaws of their party’s tenure in these critical area of governance, they denigrate intentionally to reigning abuses at these persons for daring  to raise such issue for discuss even to their face.

They brand these questioners an enemy of APC and PDP bait. I left the scene disappointingly at the manner of these APC friends of ours but my surprise at this attitude last not  too long as I discover that these attitude is flowing from their leader and so run in their veins when I stumble on to on Aregbesola’s open-Air campaign reigning abusive, uncharitable, uncultured and uncivilised and unprintable name callings of the opponent at any given opportunity to address the state or stage a rally.

My common sense still question again that how does all of these abuses answer the critics critical though but relevant questions. Bore out my funny sojourn on this fateful day, I can safely deduce that most of people rooting for Ogbeni Aregbesola 2nd term bid are obviously not for progressivism and development reasons  but for other interest beyond Osun interest.

They find it  hard and too hard to believe the truth, too hard indeed. Too learned to admit even their weak argument of Ogbeni is doing well, too cemented in their decision to follow their master like dummy, too eyes closed and eyes covered to reason with facts and figures.

They are also too proud to succumb to a superior argument and too bought over into Aregbe slavery era to be rescued by the rescue mission.

Too negative minded to ever see anything positive in Omisore (their headache and no 1 enemy in Osun politics), too unfair to be able to suggest a fair and facts based investigation and prosecution of real killers of Bola Ige.

If they do fact finding, the political gain of their Omisore is a killer anthem will be gone. They are all misguided to reason holistically and clearly too poor and helpless to not think that Aregbesola is doing them a favour with over-propagandised to grasp the real concept of development.

They were all deceived to tend to think that Rauf Aregbesola is a saint.

Aregbe’s intelligentsia abrakadabra too ask meaningfully critical questions of his policies and programmes. All there praise singers are too insensitive to see the plights of groaning core Osun State people under their hard time and pain inflicting era.

Time and space have  just failed me to continue to highlight the deprived and abrasive minds of our Osun nominal progressives.

In all, I conclude that may God deliver Osun from this marauding and pretending rulers of the State.

David Odekanle is a Lagos based Journalist and social commentor.

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