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If you had told 25 year old Nicole that one day she would be earning more from her investments than she could from a salary, she would have never believed you. If you had told her that her investment would be in flowers, she would have fallen over laughing! But, that is exactly what happened when Nicole made a modest investment in the floriculture investment fund, FloralInvestment.com.

FloralInvestment.com offers investors a unique opportunity to invest in the ever expanding market of flowers. Right across the world, millions of people buy flowers as gifts every single day and floriculture is one of the most stable and profitable markets on the planet.

When Nicole was interviewed, she explained that, six months previously, she had been looking for a way to make some extra money online, but she wanted something that was safe and that would provide a middle ground between risk and return.

Investing in a real, tangible commodity

FloralInvestment.com is not like many of the online opportunities that you may have seen before. It is not investing in currency fluctuations or other intangible commodities like binary options, it is investing in something is real and in something that has genuine demand.

The worldwide market for flowers is huge. The estimated worldwide annual sales value of flowers is in the region of €7.45 billion and it’s not a market that is affected by the instability of the financial markets and fluctuations in energy prices.

An investment opportunity for everyone

What also makes FloralInvestment.com different is that, with a minimum investment from as little as $40, the opportunity is open to ordinary people and not just to the big city, high flyer investors.

According to the company’s own statistics, many of their investors are ordinary people who are looking for an extra income. The company suggests that investors start out with a specific goal in mind, say a target of earning $1,000 per month, and then they work from there. The company provides plenty of tips and advice to help the beginner get up and running fast and see results quickly. If an investor continues to re-invest their profits, they can watch their earnings grow exponentially.

In many ways FloralInvestment.com works on the same principles that the world’s biggest hedge funds and investment houses do, but FloralInvestment.com focus their dealings on the floriculture market, and anyone can take advantage of the opportunity. What’s more, private investors do not need any specialist knowledge or training to be able to earn a good return.

Nicole explained to us how easy the Floral Investment system is to use. She said that within just one month of making her initial investment she found herself visiting the investment platform more and more frequently. Even when she was out shopping or in café’s, she could watch her deposit growing by the day. She also explained how convenient the system was. When she had earned a return on her investment, she found that she could simply click on a button and her cash would be available for her to spend on anything she wanted within about five minutes.

An Investment platform founded on stability

Mike Hoffman, the Vice President of FloralInvestment.com, explained more about what is behind the success of the company.

He says that the company has been founded on a strong base and it has capitalization of in excess of 300 million Euros. The assets of the company, he explained, are not only the investment portfolios that are managed on behalf of clients; the company has also invested in physical assets. FloralInvestment.com owns 2 million square meters of flower plantations, spread over several continents, which adds the company’s financial security.

The ongoing success that FloralInvestment.com has enjoyed since 2013 has attracted outside interest as well. Some of the world’s major banks support the company, as well as more than 1,000,000 partner investors worldwide.

Real earnings potential

Nicole explained how much of a difference FloralInvestment.com has made to her life. She says that her real earnings now amount to tens of thousands of dollars, which is many times what she was earning previously.

In fact, Nicole was so impressed by her success with FloralInvestment.com that she convinced her family to take advantage of the opportunity as well.

She explained that her family was very skeptical at first, but when she brought her first car home to show them, her father couldn’t believe that Nicole could afford a more expensive car than he could. That convinced the whole family to invest and now Nicole says that her brother has a new motorcycle and her parents have booked a holiday in the Caribbean.

What is really important, Nicole says, is that FloralInvestment.com has provided her with independence and financial stability.

The future looks rosy for FloralInvestment.com

The market for flowers is expanding and it’s a market that is not as susceptible to fluctuations in the same way as many other markets are. People buy flowers for gifts, regardless of whether there is a financial crisis or an energy price fluctuation.

Nicole says that the success of FloralInvestment.com lies in its simplicity. They don’t deal in things like virtual currencies; they deal in something that is real and something that people want. While some people may find it strange to think of flowers as an investment, Nicole says that the ingenuity lies in its simplicity: FloralInvestment.com resells flowers and they share some of the profit they make from those sales with their investors.

Vice President Mike Hoffman said that FloralInvestment.com currently support stabilization fund companies at the level of €1 billion and all investments made on behalf of clients are insured by the company with risk coverage of up to 100 percent.

By the end of 2017, FloralInvestment.com is planning an initial public offering, which financial experts estimate will involve up to $8.5 billion of investments over the next five years. As Mike Hoffman put it; FloralInvestment.com has worked before, it is working now, and it will work in the future.

So, it would appear that there is a lot more to the flowers that you see for sale in a local store than you thought. Behind those flowers there is a major worldwide trading market with real investment opportunities. FloralInvestment.com, it would seem, provide an investment platform that gives everyone the opportunity to invest in this exciting and profitable market in an easy and affordable way.



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