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Knocks For Remi Tinubu Over Japa Statement

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Nigerians on social media on Thursday are calling out First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, for her statement berating Nigerians abroad who have taken on jobs they couldn’t do in Nigeria.

The African Examiner recalls that the First Lady, while speaking in an interview with Arise News on Thursday March 21tasked Nigerians to help each other amid the economic crisis as she lamented that those who “japa” to take on work they couldn’t do in Nigeria.

She said: “Nigerians we can help each other.

“It’s not that the government will begin to give food to everybody.

“It is for people God has blessed to help the poor.

“Even those people saying they are going to Japa, they go there. What work are they going to do?

“Work that you refused to do at home where you have loved ones, you end up going to do that.

“Even with all their education, they are driving cabs but won’t drive cabs here.”

Her statement has sparked social media reactions as some netizens responded to her statement as they were of the view that the dollars and pounds Nigerians earn over there from doing menial jobs is more profitable than their counterparts doing same menial jobs in Nigeria. The African Examiner gathers some of their thoughts below:

@RealMrKay writes: “A cleaner in the UK earns over 4 Million Naira a month. A Cleaner in Nigeria earns 15-20k a month. And Remi Tinubu wants the youths to choose 20k a month over N4Million per month. This people want the youths to continue licking their ass and answering them “Yes Sir, okay His Excellency” with little or nothing to show off.”

@ApexHodde writes: “To live a good and dignifying life. Why do it here for 20 pounds a month? And top it up with no light, no road, no water, no security, no food, etc. Is it clear now?”

@ifeanyiakorjuru writes: “Madam, just shut up, please. Is that not better than engaging with grab it, snatch it, and run away with?”

@MichaelOmodara3 writes: “If I clean toilets for about $30 per hour in the USA which is about 45k in Naira please show me a place where I can clean toilets for 25k for 12 hours in Nigeria before I know what to call the Mumu woman.”

@uchebakaadi writes: “Yes with social services like school, health, electricity & pipe borne water. They live & still send annually U$D20B back to. While those back home doing same job won’t get paid or on time, no water, electricity & health. Govt officials steal money & send it overseas. Who u epp.”

@UgochukwuE6293 writes: “The good thing there is that government of that nation provided the needed environment for the people to work.”

@dimneze writes: “Make the payment equal and see if they will refuse it. The essence of work is to provide for your needs and take care of your responsibilities. Works that can’t take care of those are works to be refused.”

@realJust_ice writes: “Nigerians abroad get paid the wage they can’t be paid in Nigeria.”

@Paul671196481 writes: “Driving cabs in abroad with good road and safety both day and night with security and driving cabs in Nigeria with bad roads and security without light and unstable cost of living which one is the best to compare what Remi Tinubu is saying?”

@agwu_la writes: “The pay abroad is bigger and better.”

@WealthyE40441 writes: “The pay is the fact behind it . How much are you paying in Nigeria?”

@End_Bad_Govt writes: “Why do cab here? Police go disturb you on the road for nothing. Road safety nko? VIO? What about Agbero wey say you must settle him. Are you talking about bad road.”

@EzeBarth1 writes: “But then de send money come home, build house and buy cars for mama and papa. In Nigeria a level 15 officer cannot build three bedrooms unless he steals.”

@chibueze2 writes: “Because U didn’t give them d right job, and U didn’t pay them well.”

@Nelchizzy1 writes: “Bcos your husband is seriously struggling to even pay 30 thousand naira minimum wage.”

@kene_gazette writes: “This is the worst first lady ever had in the history of Nigeria.”


@Onajite81805995 writes: “Because it pays them well, Nigerian are not paying their employees well in Nigeria you wrk very hard for little pay, we don’t reward hardwork.”


@Monye1981Emeka writes: “You want to compare your naira and the dollar.”

@adoghe_aletor writes: “If the pay was good at home, Nigerians would have prefered to stay home and do that same job.”


@MIthunokha writes: “Can you pay them here what they are being paid over there?”


@ikenweasou writes: “We know. However, what the earn an Msc holder in nigeria can’t see it in a complete month.”


@NoahalaoNuh writes: “I believe she knows better than she is saying, but it might be that she does not know the salaries of most Nigerian workers. She has been is government too long to have noticed the fraud being committed by these companies.”


@KhalilTimur writes: “In Nigeria that job pays less than £20 a month but abroad that £20 is earned in few hours of working.”


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