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Nigerians Shouldn’t Ignore Their Own Prophet T B Joshua

By Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria 

Certain individuals have ignored God, though in their minds they must know that God has always been there, somewhere. But where and why can God not be caught on camera? Because of the unseen nature many peopke prefer living a reckless and selfish life denouncing him; but God keeps putting miracles in front of them and showing his abounding and unfailing love in different ways. Through his grace we are surviving our sin stained and idolatry living whilst God keeps putting open doors in front of us. The Church that ought to have given the direction and courage to go back to God is failing in uncountable ways. Hence the world is celebrating vices, immorality, compromises and all forms of ungodliness rather than values and virtues. If Jesus Christ should appear in many worship houses today, anywhere in the world, he would be gunned down by Church leaders faster than the Pharise who tolerated three whole years of Jesus radical preaching

Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua of Nigeria, and the General Overseer and Founder of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, SCOAN, has been ranked amongst the most famous prophets in the history of mankind. The ranking was contained in a publication by an America-based research organisation (www.ranker.com). According to the organisation, the ranking was based on votes from over 250 million people worldwide. The publication, which lists a total of 71 prophets, and named T.B. Joshua as number 13 in the world and number one in Africa, followed by the late Joseph Ayo Babalola of Christ Apostolic Church; Joseph Ayo Babalola occupies number 32 in the world, and the second in Africa. Only these two prophets were named from Africa. The list includes great biblical figures in this order:- Paul the Apostle, Moses, Noah, Abraham, John the Baptist, Zechariah, Jacob, Mirza Guam Ahmad, Gordon Hinckley, Miriam, David, Thomas Monsoon, T. B. Joshua (13) and so on to Joseph Ayo Babalola (32 ), amongst others. Of all these only T. B. Joshua is currently alive others are past prophets in history. So what’s wrong with Nigerians with two prominent world prophets but they are not as celebrated? Or rather what are these prophets doing wrongly that they earned no domestic recognision?

Our focus is not about T B Joshua but about the time we live in, the type of people we are, and the disconnection between what ought to be our paramount focus and what otherwise is our focus. The focus is not that we should celebrate our T B Joshua but that we should recognise him, not that we should worship him but simply appreciate him. Certain things are common about prominent and famous world prophets; their prophecies, miracles, knowledge, wisdom, detachment from common society, in addition to the fact that most of them suffer persecution and rejection. Their societies prefer to ignore instructions from their prophets until they suffer the consequences of their ignorance. Their teaching always implying that denying ourselves of worldly pleasures for a season for future joy and breakthrough. Prophets are voices in the wilderness pointing the way back.

What is unique about Prophet T B Joshua of Nigeria? I have followed him keenly, visited him a number

of times, have opportunities to have received his hand impartation a few times, share Arigidi Akoko in Ondo State of Nigeria with him in a way, received some of his faith building items like anointed water, faith bracelet, believer’s card, stickers, T shirt. I have also witnessed sitting front row at his healing and Deliverance programmes, family reconciliation programme, giving and charity, prophecies to individuals, nations and to the world. Many who criticise him, especially from the Church, seem to be comparing themselves with T B Joshua. They should not do that because each person has a unique mission. If God calls you he will supply the material and strength you need to do his job. I am really delighted inviting people to visit SCOAN for spiritual uplifting. T B Joshua happens to be a teacher of teachers, bishop of bishops, prophet of prophets. He has trained many wise men, evangelists, pastors from all over the world. Many have returned to their countries. Nigerians, irrespective of their religious backgrounds and affiliations should visit him and invite him to their states with open mind. Remember that our focus is not enslavement and adherence to religion, it is not miracles and giving but salvation of our souls.

I feel very much at home with Prophet T B Joshua‘s prophecies as they relate to Nigeria in year 2016. For example he said that there would be large scale scarcity and shortage of food and cash, excessive rainfall in some places whereas drought in other places. It may look trivial but big enough for individual farmers, investors and planners who need to have some breakthrough and not work blindly. If you visit T B Joshua ‘ s praying ground you will know that he is a big time fish farmer. He can be successful living only on that. He practices what he preaches. It is unfortunate that Nigerians and their governments at different levels have misunderstandings with this world class prophet. Nigeria governments may continue to be obsessed either by his teaching or the style of it but prophets don’t take order from the streets. Read through history and you find them good citizens but would rather obey their God than obeying some men. T B Joshua can’t be expected to be different. It is not his making but his calling, it is not impunity but the right way they live. Nigerians should try, not only to understand their own T B Joshua but to listen to him and tolerate him. Those who take the warnings he passes out occasionally will end up to be great champions in their fields.

Prof R. A. Ipinyomi


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