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Nigerians Slam Tinubu Over Insecurity In Country

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The recent wave of insecurity in the country has sparked agitations from Nigerians in social media.
The African Examiner writes that a few days ago, two monarchs in Ekiti were kidnapped. Also, in the same Ekiti State, school children and teachers were also abducted. This is aside from the other abductions that have happened in other places in the country. 

Aside from the issue of kidnapping, there is the economic issue of the naira falling on a free fall and this has led to an increase in the price of goods and services. 

It appears that the pandemic of kidnapping has intensified recently and the Tinubu led government is yet to find a solution to the issue. Some netizens are taking to their X accounts slamming the president who is on a private visit to France. The African Examiner gathers some of their thoughts below:
@atiku writes: “Tinubu is playing fiddle while Nigeria is drowning in the ocean of insecurity. To imagine that the Commander-in-Chief is on a so-called private visit while kidnappers kill a nursing mother and grandmother in Abuja for failing to pay N90m ransom and two monarchs in Ekiti, among other regular tragedies besetting Nigerians. If the shoes are too big for Emilokan, he should step aside. Nigeria does not need another Tourist-in-Chief. The country needs 24/7 leadership to confront the pervasive insecurity and collapsing economy. –AA.”
@DemolaRewaju writes: “The “let Tinubu have it if my candidate can’t” political sentiment of 2023 is part of why we’re here: some people knew what they were doing, and some of them are still doing it.  Holding Tinubu to account is the clear line of action for now. But they only need to whistle “anti-Fulani” and some people on this app will remove focus from Tinubu and start looking for something else.”
@ulxma writes: “Tinubu was announced as president and the entire country felt like it was thrown into mourning. The streets were quiet and the air felt empty. No celebration, no hope, only dread. Too weak and broken for even a public outcry. Our mortician had arrived. The people knew.”
@DemolaRewaju writes: “We’ll be here jointly fighting for our lives under Tinubu and someone will say “PDP should have dashed Obi the ticket” and focus is immediately lost: suffer no dey tire una??”
@Abdul-Aziz writes: “President Tinubu has ran out of ideas, he should honorably resign because, you can’t give what you don’t have!”
@Wizarab10 writes: “By the time Tinubu finishes with us, we will be envying Zimbabwe.”

 @Israel writes: “The myth that “Tinubu built Lagos” was always a lie that is now obvious. Lagos was a colony by itself while the entire North and entire South were protectorates- Lagos always had an advantage. Even now, Lagos runs by the energies of multiple enterprises, not its politics.”

@DemolaRewaju writes: “In the hearts of some people, this renewed shege of a Tinubu presidency is a small price to pay, so long as the Fulani man did not emerge after Buhari. Those ones only have themselves also to blame at this point, not only Tinubu’s 36%.”

@Solomon_Buchi writes: “Some of you voted Tinubu because you didn’t want an Igbo man to rule Nigeria, and I’m sure that Tinubu exchanges £1 to 200 Naira for y’all. So cute.”

@Waspapping writes: “The state of electricity in Nigeria has degraded significantly under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, but due to the prevalent economic challenges, people are too preoccupied to notice the lack of power supply in their homes.”


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