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Owo Massacre: Nigerians Question DSS Competence

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The killing of over 50 parishioners of St Francis Catholic Church Owo, Ondo State, on Sunday has made many Nigerians question the competence of the Directorate of State Services.

African Examiner had earlier reported that unknown gunmen had attacked the church while the mass was still on and detonated explosives and thereafter shooting some of the parishioners.

As at the time of filing this report, the security agencies are yet to ascertain those behind the killings and this have sparked reactions among Nigerians on social media who are questioning the role of the DSS in fighting insecurity in the country.

According to the netizens, the DSS should have received prior information before the attack happened and find a way to prevent it. African Examiner captures the thoughts of some Nigerians concerning the issue below:

@RaymondNnamdiO2 writes: “The irony of insecurity in this country is that, the DSS, army & other security agencies will rather arrest those speaking up against insecurity than those actually committing the crimes…”

@LGowong writes: “I believe the DSS knows what they are supposed to know but choose to act when they want to. I just hope one day these saboteurs will be brought to book. I just Hope.”

@Morris_Monye writes: “If DSS want to catch you, give them 24hrs, they will. During ENDSARS, I know what some of us faced. FEMCO members were on 24hr surveillance outside their home, kept changing locations late at night yet DSS knew So how come these criminals that massacred people can’t be found.”

@Advsola writes: “The DSS is really nonfunctional under this administration.”

@segalink writes: “The IG of @PoliceNG owe it to Nigerians to fish out these murderers. The DSS leadership need to give us reasons why they should remain in service & @HQNigerianArmy have so much to answer for. We’ve never in our history been this listless & moribund security wise! #SecureNigeria.”

@imoleayomichael writes: “When the DSS invaded my house, you would have thought the No 1 most notorious criminal is about to be arrested. All for what? #EndSARS But those criminals who carried out the Owo Massacre will not be tracked and arrested. Who is fooling who?”

@funshographix writes: “I could remember when the dss broke into Sunday Igboho’s home. Killed 2 persons. Arrested 12 persons. Before they now tracked him down in Benin Republic. They even went far to Kenya to kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu. It’s safe to say. The govt & Nigerian army are working with terrorists.”

@FestusGreen writes: “If Owo people decides to carry out any form of reprisals against these Fulani herdsmen, the DSS, Police and Army will miraculously have Intel, and block any attempt at reprisals whatsoever. How they seem to have Intel on reprisals, but never on actual attacks is very suspicious.”

@ChucksChinwendu writes: “The only duty of the DSS is to go and arrest anyone that says a truth the govt doesn’t want to hear and the EFCC duty is to catch yahoo boys, it is there in the nigerian constitution. How can nigerians ask them to go after terrorists? Do you want them to die?”

@Kingsleymaximo writes: “If you commit a serious crime against a high net worth individual in Nigeria, and the DSS gets involved, doesn’t matter where you run to in the country, they will track and apprehend you in less than 3 months. These murderers go scot free cos they collude with your government.”

@zenmagafrica writes: “Thank you. If the DSS are after you, there is no stone they will leave unturned. So why is it difficult to catch these killers? Where is the intelligence from the intelligence chiefs?? What are they doing? If it was a yahoo boy they will use heaven and earth to go after him.”

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