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Alaba Market Leaders Deny Traders Without PVC Entry: Nigerians React 

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Nigerians on social media are reacting to the trending video of traders from the Alaba International Market, Lagos, being denied entry due to lack of Permanent Voter Card (PVC).

In the two-minute clip, the traders were barred from gaining access to the market on Thursday morning except they presented their PVC as gate pass.

A voice in the video identified those who were preventing people from coming in as the Lagos State chapter of the Electrical Dealers Association of Nigeria (EDAN).

It also stated that the market will leave no stone unturned to make sure every trader in the market was a registered voter ahead of the general elections in February.

“This is the Electrical Dealers Association of Nigeria. What they’re doing is to make sure that anyone who enters the market holds their PVC,” the male voice behind the camera says in the video.‘No PVC, No Entry’ at Alaba International Market.

“The officers of the market are doing everything possible to make sure before you enter the market, you are with your PVC. This time around, the market has taken it upon itself to make sure that things go as it was planned. You can see it by yourself.”

The voice of the yet-to-be-identified speaker also stated that going forward, only registered voters with PVC will be admitted into the market.

“EDAN is doing the work as it was planned. Enter the market with your PVC at Alaba International Market,” says the voice.

“You can see the public relations officer of the market there making sure that everything is going well as it is supposed to be. These ones inside the market are those with their PVCs already.”

So far, netizens have continued to react to the viral video as some believe no one should be coerced to vote or participate in elections, however, some believe Nigerians sometimes need to be forced to do the right thing.

The African Examiner gathers some of their thoughts below: 

@Timiglow writes: “If everyone (most) is disciplined and play by the rules, Nigeria will be great again. Go and collect your PVC. No long story. Kudos to those guys.”

@Olawaleakinkun4 writes: “Does having voter’s card guarantee you of voting? is capital No, u will only be allowed to a voting booth. Biometric accreditation disqualified most ppls from casting their vote.”

@omangsere writes: “Can this Association do this in Onicha main market or Ariara and Ogbete market in their South east on a Monday?”

@ALBATIG writes: “Voters card ( voting) is a right, but it is not an obligation. I would love that every Nigerian exercises their right but using your position to enforce this is an abuse of power and should not be applauded. Abuse of power is endemic and detrimental to our country.”

@ladifada writes: “What they are doing is wrong and illegal if it is true. In a sane country, they could be sued and punished for that.”

@Okorobobo7 writes: “Alaba traders union too dey show themselves. Make we just watch if Agbero boy go let dem vote . I trade in Alaba and I ve my PVC, but this display is arrant nonsense. Will they force me to go and vote? Rubbish.”

@delak2k writes: “Okay let’s assume this is right. Everything na by agidi for some of you. The percentage of those that will vote amongst you that have PVC sef never enter 50%.”

@KassandraUgoch1 writes: “Buhari’s leadership has shown a lot of Businesses/Business Men and Women ‘Shege’, what concerns Nigeria must concern you. Is another eight years of bad leadership a joke to those without PVCs or what?

@achirobert1 writes: “That is audacity taken too far. You have no right to deprive me from the fundamental human right to make a living. Will I be able to vote when am hungry and unable to take care of my family?”

@Oluwamidunsin writes: “This is a Good Initiative…All hands has to be on deck for this better Nigeria. You can’t afford to be irresponsible. They pad results because people don’t go out to Vote. This New Nigeria is Possible and together We can.”

@PankoWord writes: “If na iyaloja did this, dem go shout victimization and marginalization.”

@HenryIkwunemere writes: “As much as much the drive to ensure people participate in the electoral process, it is illegal to coerced and force people who doesn’t want to. It’s a choice.”

@HORLERR writes: “If Na Yoruba people do this .They will be http://shouting.my question is why igbo are so desperate to get govt?”

@TansiNdidi writes: “They did not tell anyone who to vote for, forcefully or otherwise. Just go and get your pvc simple.”

@pitrocc writes: “You know the people I feel for when this gets out of hands, are the Igbos. They shouldn’t behave in a manner that will result in Lagos state government restricting them on Election Day even with their voters card.”

@La_tune_G writes: “Buyers nko?? Do you need PVCs to buy stuffs? Initial gragra.”

@frankobisike writes: “When they lock market just @OfficialAPCNg

campaign did anybody raise dust? Small no pvc no entering una dey complaint. Una never see anything.”

@olokodeganiyu writes: “Arrant nonsense! It’s good to encourage people to vote, but victimizing them is unacceptable.”

@jimohvictormark writes: “Kudos to those behind this idea! Other markets and large institutions should emulate this idea.”

@TeeSugarr writes: “Everybody loving this cos no be Tinubu’s daughter. Hypocrites.”

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