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Ali Baba Slams Actresses Over Their Source Of Income

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – An old video in which popular Nigerian comedian and actor, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome aka Alibaba, slammed Nollywood actresses who negatively influence young girls through extravagant lifestyles sponsored by rich older men aka ‘sugar daddies’ has emerged online.

Alibaba, in the video presently trending on social media, berated actresses who flaunt questionable wealth on social media.

He said, “You are an actor/actress. How many movies have you done that gave you millions to buy a house? You that just joined the industry! The people who have been in the industry since have not bought.

“Let me go here, I’ll try not to mention names, I was in Dubai and while I was waiting, I saw this actress come in. I saw the protocol officers of a particular person, I greeted them and they greeted me too.

“One of them approached her and gave her a hotel key, she went upstairs. Two days later, I see her posting on Instagram with captions like “Lounging in Dubai”. Can you buy your ticket?

“The ones that do business and make money, we know them. Come here and be putting girls on the high jump. Girls would be thinking it’s all good. So when you see some of them run to Oba to get their own share, you’d complain.

Even if you act in every movie in the industry and they pay you N5 million each, how many movies will you do in a year?

“We know the ones that use their mileage, their publicity, and do business. But that is different. Those ones do other businesses. They sell clothes, sell different things. They travel to and buy what they want to sell. They have businesses they run on the side. They sell hair, if you know how much these hairs cost, you will know they can afford it.

“But the ones that you know cannot even act in an English movie, it has to kilosope (yoruba) movie. You will now tell me that you raised N125 million to build/buy a house in Lekki Phase 1.”

Speaking concerning the negative reactions trailing the video on Thursday, Alibaba noted that the video was recorded in 2021.

He said: “I was on a set recording and started wondering why I was getting so many calls… then it was revealed that a video of 1 YEAR AGO, was trending.

“A video that was posted to speak to the hypocrisy that followed the girls that went to Oba for Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial.

“Secondly, some people can’t read. So they wait for comments. So they can join the bandwagon. Sensationalism is a daily staple now. So people look for what can drive traffic, post and sit back and let the people looking for a fix to jump on it.

“Again, it is now more evidenced that some people will miss the point, Because they cannot or too lazy to finish watching a video before jumping to conclusions.

This video is one year old.”

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