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Mohbad: Reno Omokri, Naira Marley Interview Spark Social Media Reactions

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Since the death of Nigerian singer, Ileroluwa Aloba better known as Mohbad, many Nigerians are eager to see the cause of his death.

The African Examiner recalls that Mohbad died and was buried a few weeks ago. However, due to the public outcry, the police exhumed his corpse for an autopsy that is yet to be made public.

As Nigerians are waiting for the autopsy report, Naira Marley, the owner of Marlian Records, the former record label of Mohbad, has been accused by many to be behind the death of the deceased singer Mohbad before his death made a video of Naira Marley and his gangs assaulting him physically. Also, he was quoted in a video that has since gone viral that if he dies, Naira Marley is responsible for it.

There is a video clip of an associate of Naira Marley, Sam Larry, assaulting Mohbad and all this has heightened the belief in many quarters that Naira Marley has a question to answer in the death of the singer.

This was the rationale behind the reason why former presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri, interviewed Naira Marley who stated that he knows nothing of the death of Mohbad as he was not in the country when everything was happening. According to Naira Marley, he tried getting a psychiatrist for the late singer at a point because his state of mind was disturbed.

However, the interview seems to be short of the expectations of many Nigerians who berated Reno for not asking the right questions. Also, some netizens alluded that the former presidential spokesperson has been bribed.  The African Examiner gathers some of their thoughts below:

@brotherhood027 writes: “You left Atiku matter to jump on murder case…. Hmmm.”
@popo_gb writes: “Are you the police? In a sane country you should be arrested by now, who gave you the right to interrogate anyone knowing fully well the case is on investigation.”
@nikkyville writes: “Who sent you to interview him? Why not let him explain directly to the police? Una wan start to they dey enter the public small small.”
@3tribekonsult writes: “This is not co relating bro, he made a video saying if he dies, you’re responsible, you came to naija the following day, he tried committing suicide, his babe called and you flew in again, that’s about 2 different instances on different days according to you guy.”
@dulceleemar writes: “You went to his room ? Ok agreed. How did you end up on a bed and his parents on the floor kneeling ? Make it make sense. You called him on the phone whilst recording the call to someone you were in the same house together with and then proceeded to his room.”
@ThaGuru_ writes: “How do you straight up ask someone if he has an evidence of an apology & he straight up answered yes and produced the video if this wasn’t scripted. Na God go judge all of us sha “
@OkekeVa37003350 writes: “This interview looks like it was cooked up..,It’s seems like he have been memorizing what to say even before the interview., These are my reasons for stating this…” The voice which was sounding from his phone, which he(naira Marley) allegedly said it was mohbad’s voice doesn’t.”
@vicoyor1 writes: “Also, naira said he returned to the country after the NDLEA saga and went to Mohbad’s house, then to his room but in that video it didn’t look like Naira was the visitor, rather, it looked like moh’s parents were the visitors.”
@Godwinash4 writes: “He kept the video during the time like this …just to justify himself concerning the death of mohbad..why can’t he release the video during those time and why now…and what can he say during the time sammy Larry went to attack mohbad while on set with zlathan.”
@huntereffect01 writes: “Now let’s listen to this very carefully . He said he was getting an information from people and that mohbad was not there. In the same space he said mohbad had already left before he gets back . And that maybe that’s why he his paranoid .”
@terryray900 writes: “One thing I can deduce from this interview is that the NDLEA truthfully arrested IMOLE, because arccoding to Niara he said in quote” when I came back I was told IMOLE has been released and he was not among the people he bailed”. However in the video online ” IMOLE.”
@Ogbovoh90 writes: “Reno Omokri, Now that you have finally taken over the job of the

@PoliceNG and the other security agency, what else do you them to do. Ozour.”
@ranaddie writes: “Reno and PR….. Let me state this to you, Mr Omokri! There are some PR you will do that will hook your neck. Eleda Mohbad le gan ni ooo… This case is not one of your cheap & careless political talk..”
@Israel writes: “Ikorodu Investigative journalist. You won’t allow the right authorities to do their job???”
@Olaoluwakitan_s writes: “Why didn’t he mandate him to make an apology when he said he doesn’t know what made him do that video, this is major gaslighting and manipulation.”
@CarsonpaulVan writes: “when do you become a journalist? Who gave you this contract? Who ask you to interview him ? Over sabi dey worry u oh.”
@Engr_Gaspar writes: “Una no see another person to talk to Naira Marley na Reno .”
@maverickdavinci writes: “You didn’t ask him the question I was expecting. Why was Sam Larry harassing him everywhere he went.”
@Afolabi99385795 writes: “U are a very shameless man. So even if naira market did it, he will come out openly and tell you he did it ? Ask him a question and that should be why is sam larry intimidating/ threaten moubad at everywhere. Who is fooling who?”
@iamskamal_ writes: “ This interview makes it very clear that everything was planned and executed correctly. This interview is an evidence! 2+2 is 22!”
@KingSol87320061 writes: “Where’s his royalties? Why did you blacklist him from producers and promoters? Thousands of questions that isn’t asked on here.”

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