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Nigerians Slam Rotimi Amaechi Over Speech Of Nigerians Tolerating Bad Leaders

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Some Nigerians on social media on Saturday took to their X formerly known as Twitter to slam former Rivers State governor and former minister, Rotimi Amaechi, who stated that Nigerians are docile and tolerant of the terrible politicians in the country.

The African Examiner recalls that Amaechi said this while speaking as a guest at the 2023 TheNiche Annual Lecture held at Lagos State on Friday.

In his speech, the former governor of Rivers State berated his countrymen for tolerating corrupt politicians and according to him, this attitude has affected the growth of the country.

Amaechi said: “What is new to say? Nigerians don’t react to anything. Has any politician told you he is not a thief? Tell me one politician who says he is not a thief. Tell me one. Which politician told you he went to the university? Which politician told you he served in NYSC? Which politician told you he has a certificate? Nigerians know and still vote for them. So what’s your problem? So, I say why should I speak when there is nothing new?
“Instead of Nigerians facing their problems, they are committing suicide. I’m praying for you so that you will continue to commit suicide so that one day I’ll wake up and all of you have died. I can now enjoy the benefits of your death by speaking those things.
“Nigerians choose who to believe and not to believe. They chose who to vote and who not to vote. Even if you go to a Nigerian man’s house and kill his mother, the father will continue his life. Nothing borders you. Nothing. So why do I waste my time?

“What other people resist in Ghana and Kenya, Nigerians say no worry no be four years, him go go. The man wins the second term by crook or magic, they’ll say no be eight years. No be Goodluck and Buhari don go so? Him go soon go.

“Another person will come and repeat the same thing. You will be saying that until the day God will come for those of us who are Christians. So I’ve chosen to be like you; say nothing, hear nothing and do nothing.”

The statement of Amaechi who was a minister under former President Buhari for eight years has continue to generate debate on social media as many Nigerians took to their X  reacting to this development.  For some, Amaechi is part and parcel of the old order of corrupt politicians and he has no right to gaslights Nigerians. The African Examiner gathers a few thoughts of netizens as seen on the app.

@AishaYesufu writes: “Nigerians put their lives on the line for over 11 months. They were threatened attacked and some paid the ultimate price. They fought for what they believed in and Rotimi Amaechi that didn’t have the courage to stand for his conviction who went into hiding emerges to gaslight them. Imagine the audacity! He expect to sit at home while others fight for him to come and Lord over them. I don’t blame him sha! Na people wey dey allow themselves to be gaslighted that I blame.”
 @Enwagboso writes: “Chibuike Amaechi tolerated 8 years of Buhari leadership. He enjoyed leading his campaigns and serving as Minister under him. He didn’t complain. I am sure he said, “it’s just 8 years, don’t worry.” Today, he’s practically insulting the entire country with what he tolerated. He had no reason to even tolerate Buhari’s abysmal leadership because he has been a his state’s HoA speaker for 8 years and a governor for the same number of years. He had a strong reason to totally reject PMB. A president who hired 20 SANs to defend his O’level. Buhari’s administration is the cause of the bad economy today. Chibuike Amaechi should stop insulting the sensibilities of Nigerians.”

@ajaGunSEgun_ writes: “Hallelujah, somebody! Despite the fact that he’s one of the corrupt Nigerian leaders, I can’t believe the Holy Spirit has taken over Amechi to begin to speak the undiluted truth to Nigerians. Probably one day we will stop this foolishness and take back our destiny from Nigeria, its lies, and the corrupt leaders parading themselves as our saviours.”

@ReneRodrig1142 writes: “Are you not all the same? Were you not in power for years? Set of criminals everywhere because things don’t go as you want, and you want to be acting like one saint, bunch of thieves.”

@fmbabs1 writes: “This Amaechi should shut up, he is part of bad leaders we have in the society because things are not going your ways anymore you thought you are now different. ( Bird of the same feather ).”

@OgechukwuChime writes: “Wike has displaced this one in APC hence his outrage.”


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