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Rivers Crisis: Reactions As Governor Fubara Moves To Probe Wike

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The decision of the Governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, that the state government would set up a judicial panel of inquiry to investigate how the affairs of governance were conducted in the State before he assumed office has stirred reactions from some Nigerians on social media.

The African Examiner writes that Fubara, while swearing in Dagogo Iboroma, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, as the new Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice of the State at Government House in Port Harcourt tasked him not to fail the state as Rivers State has a lot of legal issues that need to resolve.

Fubara said: “So, my brother, Dagogo Iboroma, you are going to be the brand-new Attorney-General of our dear State. SSG, give him his letter, he is the Attorney-General.

“Why are we bringing you at this very critical time? We have a lot of issues around us. We believe that you are not going to be the one that when they send service to you, you go and file “nolle prosequi” or you go and file one thing that would kill us here.

“Let me also say this, you have a big task. We will be setting up a judicial panel of inquiry to investigate the affairs of governance. So, brace up, I am not going back on it.

“Please, defend us. We know that you are going to defend us because your record is clean. You are a gentleman and peaceful. You are not a noise maker. People like you are endowed, and they have the fear of God.”

According to him, he was thinking that the political crisis could be considered a problem within a family and would have been resolved but he regretted that there had been no solution.

He said: “I am happy that this is happening today to mark the beginning of a new era in our administration.

“When I said that I had a reason for being patient, it is because I know that we are all from one family. And if we have a disagreement, no matter how bad it is, it should be resolved amicably.

“But it has become very clear that this disagreement, there is no way to resolve it amicably. And for a lot of reasons, there is visible evidence that there is sabotage, a deliberate attempt to sabotage this administration.

“For that reason, we have to move forward. And, moving forward, if it means taking decisions that are going to hurt anybody, we are not going back on the protection of the interest of Rivers people.”

Fubara further berated the former Attorney-General, Prof. Zaccheaus Adangor, adding that he indulged in sabotaging the same administration he was serving.

He added: “It is good that you were already a SAN before your appointment. This means that you’re a very thorough lawyer and have earned your appointment. Not like the one we had here, who while in office, went to pay money to get SAN. When you become a SAN, the only thing you will do is sabotage the government.

“Instead of you to close your mouth, you go publicly to claim that you are a learned person. But go publicly to tell people that you were the Chief Law Officer.

“Chief Law Officer? You were here and you went to stand before a magistrate court. At that time, you didn’t remember that you were a Chief Law Officer, going against the ethics of your job. Like I said, you will get your reward, not in the next world, but in this world.”

The African Examiner presents some of the views of netizens as seen on X over the development as they debate on this development.
@emmaikumeh writes: “Obama was a simple community service man but became Senator and President of the most powerful nation on earth Did you hear he went around licking the anus of any of his political supporters Wike and his gang of clowns can cry from now till tomorrow, Gov Sim remains the Gov of Rivers state.”

DavidsOffor writes: “Nobody is disputing the fact that Gov Fubara is the Governor of Rivers state, all lots of people are saying is ,why bit the finger that fed you so early? Why in a hurry to throw away the ladder you used in climbing?”

@emmaikumeh writes: “Wike also bit the finger that fed him. Mama peace is there.”

@minafuropeleke writes: “Ask him where Wike would have been if not for Amaechi, Patience Jonathan, Peter Odili & his wife etc? How many Wike Dey loyal to, or how many control government for am?”

@Danee_nk writes: “Fubara owes Wike gratitude, not servitude. Gratitude must never be mistaken for servitude. If you help me to the top and then rise to fight me, I will fight back. Anyone would. Akwa Ibom. Delta. Anambra etc. In these states, the immediate past governors all installed their successors. Why are things like this not happening there too? Till date, the 27 Former Assembly members are yet to tell the world what the offense of Fubara was when they tried to impeach him. You know why? There was no offense.”

@geetee09 writes: “The charlatan who you are loyal with have betrayed all that have elevated in life. GEJ, Amaechi, Odili. Is he in good terms with any of them?”

@DavidsOffor writes: “Gov Fubara would have been a level 14 Civil Servant today, if not for Wike that picked him up, made him a DFA, a permanent secretary, Accountant General and then the Governor of Rivers state George-Kelly Alabo, Wike ally speaks on Not biting the finger that fed someone.”

@AkaEgeonu writes: “This man talks nọnsense with pride. Is wike not biting the hands (odilli) that fed him? If odilli did not handpick him like how he wike picked Sim, would you have known him or you want us to go deep? Don’t come at me with lawyer rubbish, give me one case he wike won or would have won to shoot he to limelight before he was handpicked by Odilli. Alaye we all have a story, Sim had a promising career and was doing well unlike wike before he was picked, so spare me the trash talk. You be wike boy, good, some of us don work with wike far back when em be obiakpor chairman. His tenure is over, leave another do his so he will be judge accordingly by what he did and didn’t do. He wike paid for a project, so? Is that not what the state funds are for? Stop the talk like he paid from his purse. Rivers funds were used for the rivers project and all I hear is, wike paid this and that. Na him money? Abi Andoni people no dey worthy enough to enjoy rivers project? Wike worked for the state and he collected his glory from the state so dead this talk.”


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