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Reactions As Toke Makinwa Joins Cop28 Delegates In Dubai

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The inclusion of Toke Makinwa, IBD Dende and Seyi Tinubu as just “item 7” on President Bola Tinubu’s list of 1,411 participants for the COP28 Climate Summit in Dubai has sparked reactions among Nigerians.

The African Examiner writes that COP28 also known as 28th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC is being hosted by the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) targeted at solving the issue of climate change which is a global challenge.
Toke Makinwa, taking to her Instagram page uploaded a video of her as she attends the COP28 as she promises to update her fans and followers as events unfold.
Her video has generated reactions on social media as many netizens questioned her presence in the event since she is not a climate change agent. The African Examiner gathers some thoughts of netizens as seen on Twitter.
@Esteembehemoth writes: “LoL… Wetin Toke Makinwa dey go do for #COP28 for Dubai? Wetin concern Toke concern climate?? This government?”
@M_EmSpeaks writes: “Seeing that Toke Makinwa at COP28 is giving me.  Does the babe even know what an SDG is? Nigerians bandwagon ANYTHING sha. 1411 delegates. When your air quality as a country is piss poor. Cool cool.”
@K_Basharr writes: “Toke Makinwa go COP28?? Una dey play?”
@PsalmseenK writes: “See Nigerians saying why can’t she be there. Serious countries take technocrats to these sorts of forums. What does Toke know about climate change.”

@TheSerahIbrahim  writes: “Toke Makinwa did not even do all the Ronu rubbish, she didn’t do any bigoted trash, she was not defending APC’s stupidity, she was not here insulting the Igbos like some of you, she sat down pretty without stress and APC did list of 1,411 and included her name. But you and Seyi Law, empty headed buffoons, list of 1,411 a whole 1,411 that even drivers name is there, your name was not included because they don’t know who you are but you’d come online and be constituting bigoted insult. Better stop being brainless and start asking for a better Nigeria and hold them accountable. Unknown ronu.”

@firstladyship writes: “This over 1,400 APC delegates list to Dubai will favor my family. If you’re a Ronu supporter in Lagos, but you didn’t make the list, let’s meet at Oshodi under Bridge. Toke Makinwa must go back to Anambra. Where are Qudus & all the senior Akanbinos?”

@DanielRegha writes: “Tinubu’s govt took over “1,400” people to the Dubai COP-28 conference; As if that’s not bad enough, Toke Makinwa that’s n¤t a climate activist or even making any meaningful impact on society is among the attendees. Tomorrow same govt will be looking for where to borrow, but look at how tax payers money are being misused. Shamefu!”

@firstladyship writes: “Toke Makinwa will get rewarded for just doing nothing. Qudus finally labored in vain. This life no balance at all. But I will patronize his Coke & Fanta business this Season. Let that be my little social responsibility for the less privileged Akanbinos. Merry Christmas.”

@anonymousmoood writes: “Kenyan delegation to COP28 consists of only 51 essential staff from across the government, including the president. This is a 73% cut from the initial list of 189 people that was submitted to the president for approval. That is how a government should be operated.”

@ilynem writes: “This is why Nigerian celebrities will never speak up against Nigerian government. The status quo favours them and who wants to take food out of their mouth? Imagine Peter Obi carrying Toke Makinwa to Dubai to flex.”

@MO_Shaibu_ writes: “TOKE MAKINWA, minister of enjoyment and soft life with politicians.”

@iAmNdukwe writes: “FIRS go dey deduct 7.5% VAT, you no go know say na Toke Makinwa nyash the thing dey go.”

@babygyalxxxx writes: “Some of you have Celeb Defense Disease. Even if you know their actions is at your own detriment you must stick your neck out like turkey. There is no reason why you should be defending Toke Makinwa travelling to Dubai to flex with our Tax money.”

@TheSerahIbrahim writes: “Lol The people of Alberta Canada are complaining and dragging their government for taking 100 people to the Climate event in Dubai. They took 100 and the whole country is angry and talking about resignation. Meanwhile mandate bandit took 1,411 including Toke Makinwa as item 7.”

@Morris_Monye writes: “This Toke Makinwa own burst my head. On top public funds…. It’s the bottom rung APC people that don’t even have sense. Infact Nigerians generally. At least they should have taken Qudus along.”

@Mindset_Post writes: “So Toke Makinwa is on the list of delegates to Dubai for the climate change summit, with taxpayers’ money? I will not be surprised if Tinubu appoints her as the SSA on fake Nyansh.”

@General_Oluchi writes: “Toke Makinwa was included on Tinubu’s 1,411 delegates to the Climate Summit in Dubai under an unpaid advisory capacity. Is there anyone closely related, working for, working with or even accidentally connected to the Nigerian government that is working for free? “


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