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Uproar As Asari Dokubo Calls Himself An Igbo Man

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The video that has now gone viral of former freedom fighter, Asari Dokubo, identifying himself as an Igbo Man has sparked reactions on social media since the former agitator have always bashed Ndi Igbo on social media. So, many netizens were surprised for the change of mind.

The African Examiner recalls that Dokubo is from Kalabari in Rivers State and although, there are some ethnic groups in Rivers like the Ikwerres and others who can be said to be Igbos, since they speak a variation of the language, the Kalabari people are usually referred to as an Ijaw people.

Also, Doubo had been antagonistic to the prominent Igbo personalities like Nnamdi Kanu, Peter Obi, and others who enjoy massive Igbo followership.

His recent claim that he is an Igbo man has generated lots of dusts. The African Examiner presents some of the thoughts of netizens concerning the matter below:

@Uchez2 writes: “Hehehehe na his way. Make una no take Asari serious o!”

@JamesAgwu_E writes: “If the Ogogoro don finish make dem give you another one, biko.”

@macchidula writes: “Asari is Kalabari and they are Igbos with a tiny mix of Ijaw. Asari didn’t lie.”

@Eagleseyelid writes: “ASARI is Fulani, he can’t be an Igbo man no matter how he tries to claim Igbo.”

@IDOWUTopeOlani1 writes: “Asari can never say this, igbophobic person.”

@AkukariaSA writes: “Trust Asari Dokubo at your own peril. He has reduced the great Igbo people(his kith and kin) to a bargaining chip. He knows there’s nothing Nigeria fears more than the unification of the Igbo. So if they refuse to play ball with him, he’ll come out and say he’s Igbo.”

@eduhandsome_ writes: “Today Asari Dokubo is Ijaw, tomorrow He is Igbo & of Igbo heritage. Then drags anambra of Soludo into his ancestry. When does it finally end with this nuisances? In 2024 your youths are still living in the delusions y’all put them through in Nigeria. Biko it’s getting boring.”

@chuxenyi writes: “Today Ijaw, tomorrow Igbo. He should stay in one place and stop confusing the thunder.”

@NkyEzenwa writes: “I don’t care what scorecard he is reading from but respectfully we Igbos don’t care.”


@Uchez2 writes: “He should go and sit down and stop speaking from both sides of his mouth not.”

@TheBull113 writes: “So which Igbo did he proudly claim his father’s enslaved? Leave this opportunistic propagandist. We know the truth that they are Igbos but coming from him it is obviously political. This man is just been a fox. Tinubu did not give him what he wanted and he has changed his game.”


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2 Comments for “Uproar As Asari Dokubo Calls Himself An Igbo Man”

  1. Asari should be allowed to enjoy himself. It’s only a cheap talk to drill the fickle minds. He knows very well what to do if he feels strongly about his Igbo lineage

  2. Chibueze Obasi

    Asari Dokubo is a true Igbo man, period. He is a real Igbo than most Igbos.

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