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Uproar As Femi Gbajabiamila Reportedly Gets 10b To Renovate Official Residence

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The news that the Chief of Staff to President Tinubu, Femi Gbajabiamila, will get from the budget a whopping sum of 10 billion naira to renovate his official residence has sparked reactions on social media.

The African Examiner writes that on Wednesday, a publication stated that the former speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabimila will get N10 billion to renovate his official residence and N10.1 billion for computer software in the 2024 budget.

Although, it is not certain if this is truly the case as of the time of filing this report, however, some netizens took to their x accounts lampooning the federal government for its “reckless spending” in a time when many citizens cannot afford the basic necessities due to the removal of fuel subsidy.

The African Examiner gathers some thoughts of some Nigerians concerning the development.  

@aai_austin writes: “Govt of settlement Shettima N15bn Gbaja N20.1bn Senate N57bn Judiciary N35bn Which one did I miss?”

@MaziGomez_ writes: “That’s too small na. Should have been $30 billion each. You want our presidents chief of staff to stay in a N10 billion house? Come on.”

@drfynrekins writes: “10 billion for computer software and there are Nigerians living in IDP in this country, there’s an obvious disconnect with reality in this country.”

@the_bigtank writes: “I guess this is why they removed subsidies — divert the funds to enrich themselves.”

@rilwan_ola01 writes: “As much as this statement was extremely threatening when he said it , it is now coming to reality in just 7 months . Omo !”

@limitbreaker_35 writes: “Before Tinubu go compensate these ppl finish for rigging election for him, Nigeria treasury go don finish.”

@Udoka writes: “Something is definitely wrong with some so-called rulers in this country, food stuffs and other life dependence things are on the high side, what they could do with Nigeria resources is to be renovating and traveling here and there…why now?”

@mary_dozie writes: “This people don finish us. They’re heartless. They don’t even think about the people.”

@ajenice_z writes: “Man there might be a coup before this people even finish this their first tenor, because the stealing is now being done in daylight.”

@obajemujnr writes: “I love how they are knifing the hooooooge funds while your family gets 8k, your mind will never touch ground in the next 8years if you are part of those who bring this calamities on Nigerians. Keep lavishing, Obi will lurnnn the hard way .”

@Dan044Daniel writes: “That’s why they risk everything to be at that position.”

@IzuoguIheme writes: “Sadly, 100% of the APC guys will never see anything wrong with it. So long as it’s their own thief, they only complain when it’s a PDP thief. Buhari spent the better half of his administration talking about PDP’s 16 years of mismanagement. But less than 10 years of APC have taken the country backward 20 years.”

@OgaMayorr writes: “The National Assembly will make it 13 billion to renovate and 14 billion for computer software,it is called budget padding and we will do nothing but rant on twitter.”

@maureen_omeni writes: “2024 Budget: Femi Gbajabiamila gets N10 billion to renovate official residence; N10.1 billion for computer software  When they are talking about youths, you think they have you in mind. With all this dilapidated buildings and roads, look at what one Government official is using to renovate his official residence.”

@acefestus writes: “Ghen ghen! It makes sense die make dem dey distribute am dey go. And that software cheap for that amount o.”

@Pauly2570 writes: “BATists are just sharing the common wealth of the people in the name of budget. Where’s the benefits for regular citizens? Unfortunately, the NASS was first given “shutup-money” and SUVs so they can’t do anything but approve and pass the budget.”

@IamEriOluwa writes: “This isn’t just fiscal rascality. I mean,sheer arrogance show of inakuna. These agbalowomeri are still enjoying themselves. Subsidy should never have been removed. I am afraid, Sowore was right! I was wrong. They actually removed subsidy to sponsor their luxurious lifestyle.”

@RealQueenBee__ writes: “N10bn is it just for RENOVATION, or are they BUILDING an entire VILLAGE? This money will be enough to RENOVATE 2 the police barracks each across the 36 States in Nigeria. This’ll provide a 72 liveable quarters to the Police at N120m each, a Total sum of N9bn with N1bn balance.”


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