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2023: Nigerians React Over Paul Adefarasin’s Message About David Coming After Saul

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The viral video of the General Overseer of House On The Rock, Pastor Paul Adefarasin sharing a cryptic message on the outcome of the forthcoming election has sparked social media reactions.

The African Examiner writes that Pastor Paul, while addressing his members in a Sunday sermon stated that the results of the election may not go the way some people expects it to go. The cleric spoke on the outcome of the election using the story of king David and Saul in the Bible saying that Saul would have to come first and rule before David as he tasked the people to pray.

He said: “The elections may not go the way you want them to, if there are elections. They may not go the way you want them to go but I want to speak to you in a parable.

“Saul came before David, David did not come before Saul. Saul would come and David would come after. Saul was not all that bad, he didn’t start that bad. He actually started out as a prophet and he did a lot of good because he have half a heart. Saul have half a heart while David have a whole heart and it was necessary that he come after. So bear that in mind that Saul would come and David would come after.”

This development has sparked social media reactions as Nigerians took to their Twitter handles to react and share their views. The African Examiner gathers some of their thoughts below: 

@Morris_Monye writes: “In retrospect, never seen a Church more reluctant to clap. The more I see this video, the more angered I am in my spirit.”

@webdreamcast writes: “Listen to your fav Plan B pastor, after all we suffered past 8 years. But we go disappoint am. So after all Saul did, it reach Nigerian Election, pastor said Saul wasn’t that bad. BTW, is BUHARI not Saul Enough? Did you see the Owo massacre? “

@VictorIsrael_ writes: “ASUU strike = Saul Owo & LTG massacre = Saul Fuel and Naira scarcity = Saul Corruption = Saul Poverty = Saul Unemployment = Saul Lack of infrastructure = Saul Buhari = Saul Pastor Paul Adefarasin Which other Saul are you talking about? American accent doesn’t equate anointing.”

@PrisciliaAmadi writes: “I don’t have a problem with Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s ‘wise’ parable – I have a problem with his cowardice & his confirmation of the practice of end time pastors who intentionally misinterprete the Bible for their own selfish reasons Again, I rate Qudus more, he is not a coward.”

@SamdGreat01 writes: “Pastor Paul Adefarasin said Saul will come before David So what is Buhari? Pharaoh? Herod? Ahab? Even if God is choosing for us, why should Nigerians deserve bad leaders? When Saul messed up and disobeyed, his kingdom was taken from him and David came in. Buhari has messed up.”

@dreyinker writes: “Imagine Pastor Paul Adefarasin preaching the parable of Saul to these people. May God’s Judgement befall anyone supporting the OPPRESSOR.”

@SamdGreat01 writes: “After Pastor Paul Adefarasin delivered that parable, the church could not clap; so much reluctance, heaviness, and discouragement seen in the atmosphere Don’t let anyone dampen your morale, come out and vote God wants the best for you, he does not delight in your suffering.”

@PEC_Concepts writes: “Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s pockets are filled with corn, but his congregation is OBIdient. And in order not to annoy the congregation, he passes his CORNfused message to them in parables with an aim to tactically convert a good number of them to corn eaters. Smart by half.”

@Naija_Activist writes: “Now you know who Pastor Paul Adefarasin is pushing to us. Hiding behind “Saul” sermon. This is the time for David, the one chosen by God himself.”

@UncleCCA writes: “Pastor Paul Adefarasin wants Saul to rule over Nigeria so you can go to his church looking for baseless miracles that your PVC can solve. His sons are schooling and living in the UK. Use your head and protect your future by voting Peter Obi of Labour Party.”

@dreyinker writes: “Pastor Paul Adefarasin is a DISGRACE!!! How do you preach to your followers on how DISCERN between BAD and GOOD? You were supposed to be a REPRESENTATIVE of CHRIST but, have become neither WARM or COLD. Would CHRIST tell his followers what you told your CONGREGATION?”

@Twiiterbanta_ng writes: “Tinubu is so bad as a candidate that this charlatan yahoo pastor doesn’t even have the balls to publicly endorse him, he has to talk in some biblical Parable nonsense. Pastor Paul adefarasin we heard you loud and clear. We know you’re supporting agbado man.”

@Isidore0001 writes: “Same man who told Nigerians to have a plan B becos of SAULS is now CORNfidently telling us that there should be Saul before David. Pastor Paul Adefarasin, we rebuke you & ur Saul in the Mighty name of Jesus..never again to Sauls. We have had enough of them since 1960. Never!!!”

@Oluwatosin_Afe writes: “My church youth WhatsApp group(House On The Rock) don scatter since yesterday afternoon because of what Pastor Paul Adefarasin said.. That’s why I just prefer not to be a religious fanatic cause normally, religious and political leaders in this country Dey same WhatsApp group.”

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