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Enugu Civil Society Groups Dissociate Self From ‘Mbah Mandate Movement’

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Civil Society groups, the International Solidarity for Peace and Human Rights Initiative (IS4PAHRI), and Enugu state Network of Civil Society Organizations ENSNET have disassociated themselves from a body recently formed in the state, under the platform of Mbah mandate movement (M3).

The movement, which has some Civil Society groups as members, is a pro Organization being championed by one Comrade Kennedy Iyere from Edo state to drum up support for the Enugu state governor elect, Dr. Peter Mbah.

But reacting to the development via a statement made available to African Examiner in Enugu weekend, the group said “the attention of International Solidarity for Peace and Human Rights Initiative- IS4PAHRI has been drawn to an attempt by some individuals masquerading in the guise and image of Civil Society to destroy the sanctity and historical integrity, values and unique essence  of Civil Society Organisations in Enugu state and beyond at alter of partisan politics in the state.

“This ugly development manifested in the recent sponsored public show of some of people  using  cloak and banner of civil society organisations in Enugu state in the name of MBAH MANDATE MOVEMENT (M3), for the pursuit and promotion  of political interest of the declared winner of governorship position of Enugu state during the concluded Gubernatorial election in Enugu, Mr Peter Mbah.

The statement was signed by president of IS4PAHRI, Comrade Osmond Ugwu and Secretary, Dr. Jerry Chukwuokolo.

“We wish to state without any equivocation that everybody has rights to pursue his or her interest or support of anybody politically, socially and other wise, but in doing so, no person has a moral or legal duty to destroy or desecrate what hold, sustain, protect and advance public morality, public good,  human civilization, societal ethics, values and fundamental freedoms of man.

“Moreso when such Initiative bears the name of binds interest of so many interest group together, that is exactly  what the Enugu state Network of  civil society Organisations stands for when used or applied in a generic sense as it is applicable in this context.

“It also trite to state clearly that any NON Governmental Organisation that deems it fit to delve into muddy waters of partisan politics not minding the focus of its fundamental mandate or object of its formation and without minding the colossal damage it can cause to them in the future has the right to do so interference from anybody, especially if the leaders of such organisation have mandate of members of such organisation. 

The group added “it is against the background of the foregoing that we in IS4PAHRI deems It very imperative and expedient too too issue this statement informing our members, associates, partners within and outside Nigeria, international community and world at large that International Solidarity for Peace and Human Rights Initiative and Enugu State Network of Civil Society Organisations- ENSNET which it is a member were never part of and not privy to such politically orchestrated  movement and group.

“We also speak for ENSNET and also dissociate it from such body and movement and that they stand for because as full member of the Network in Enugu state whose membership is on organisational basis, International Solidarity for Peace and Human Rights Initiative is aware that there was never such a time such matter was discussed in any forum of the network and mandate of members secured by anybody to represent the network in such a movement or group. 

“Consequently, we wishes to advise both actors in the civic space and civic organizations in Enugu state and beyond to stay clear from  and resist the temptation of getting CSOs in Enugu state and beyond in  any venture that will denigrate its integrity and wash away its relevance. 

“We also wish to advise politicians to desist from plunging  Civil Society Organisation into the muddy waters of partisan politics. 

“The best any altruistic politicians can do is to support genuine programmes and projects of CSOs that geared towards the promotion of public good as well as seek for advise from experienced practitioners in civic enterprise. 

“We the practitioners in the field should always be conscious of the fact that our mission is like a calling and should be guided and led by the international best practices of civic and system engagement. 

“As for our roles in the current and next dispensations in Enugu and beyond,  our basic duty is to go beyond the lofty promises of political parties and their candidates of which most of them did not touch on the concrete issues bothering on the core issues of  human development, democracy, rule of law and accountability- the only  Sure ways of enthroning an authentic egalitarian, happy, productive, just, well secure, Peaceful and friendly human society – the aspirations of all  humanity of all ages 

“As for  our own part in the International Solidarity for Peace and Human Rights Initiative and Coalition of Civil Society, Workers and Human Rights Defenders, we have engaged and continue to engage the present regime on issues that touch on the above vision and mission of Civil Society as it concerns, fundamental human rights neglect and abuses, progressive decaying and neglect of social institutions, peoples’ welfare.

Others are, “plights of workers and retired personnel, water, sanitation and hygiene; poverty issues, unemployment and rising rate of morality,  security and food production, health:  education and research development,  social justice, peace and social integration  and other issues that bother on authentic human and infrastructural development as contained in the sustainable development goals  measurable with the matrix of Human Development Index as well as imperative duties of the government to address the horrendous factors of corruption,  impunity and nepotism- the major obstacles, limitations and setbacks to our holistic/integral development. 

“These and related other imperative issues and factors  were not captured properly in the Manifestos of the political parties and candidates during campaign.They firm  our basic concern and preoccupation and we have strategically prepared to engage the incoming administration with. 

“We proffered ideas and suggestions to the present regime during our various interface with the government,  but very  unfortunately they were neglected and we will continue to engage governments and administrations of all arms and tiers of time and place with the issues.

“Any government and leaders that are guided by some of these concerns and have the will to respond to them objectively will be friends of man and history after tenure, but those who neglect them and are interested in massaging the interest and ego of the few elites and negates the fundamentals realties and truth of the poor and justice will have themselves to blame at last .

“There is time for all to make amends both for the CS actors, political class, state and non state actors.


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