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[OPINION] Shut Up! COVID -19 Will Not Swallow Nigeria, Africa

Written by Obinna Akukwe

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Covid-19 will not swallow Nigeria according to the visions and revelations I saw on the high mountains and Bill Gates, NCDC, WHO and Covid-19 Task force should shut up!

The vision that I saw was in four phases

Phase1-Seen in February 2020- Flood of evil ravaging the world, penetrating into NAfrica and Nigeria and I had to climb higher to avoid the flood.

Phase 2 -Seen in March 2020- Soldiers on the streets of Abuja and Lagos harassing and keeping people indoor forcefully

Phase 3 -Seen in April 2020 – Churches, including Our Lady, Queen of Nigeria Pro- Cathedral, Abuja holding services with face mask, hand sanitizers, hand wash and few social distancing

Phase 4-Seen in April 2020-Churches, including Faith Tabernacle, holding services without face masks and services jam-packed.

Interpreting the four phases simply means how the Covid curve will follow in Nigeria and Africa and I never saw any millions dying anywhere in Africa. These things will happen in the not too distant future, therefore let the doomsday prophets prophesying death of millions on the streets of Africa and hundreds of thousands on the streets of Nigeria shut up!

God had spoken concerning Nigeria, characterizing series of events with these visions. It is not my business how it will happen. I know that I died, saw the phases 3 and 4 and rose again. Anything I see in those realms is beyond all sciences, technology and human permutations.

Refreshing from my piece of May 5th titled ‘Forced Vaccination Bill: Illuminati Hijacks Nigerian Parliament, Covid-19 Team ‘in paragraph twenty, I said

“However, five weeks ago, I saw a vision where people moved about freely in Nigeria with face masks, and last week, I saw another vision where people moved about without face mask. This means that Nigeria will miraculously overcome the Corona virus challenges”.

From my interpretations of the visions, I advise Bill Gates to reserve his RNA and DNA vaccine to when next a new wave of epidemics comes. Bill Gates had earlier predicted that “coronavirus in Africa could overwhelm health services and trigger a pandemic which could cause 10 million deaths”. No such millions will die anywhere in Africa because God had shown mercy to the impoverished people of Africa.

I also advise the WHO regional office in Africa to wait for the next virus because their prediction that up to 190,000 people will die in Africa in the first one year of the pandemic is not in tune with the spiritual reality that I saw. There will be mass death in many places but that number! No!

I also advise African leaders to address issues of poverty, because when the next pandemic comes, it will spell doom for the continent, and there will not be grace of God for imbecile leadership to hide under.

I advise the assemblage of local remedies, herbal remedies and pharmaceutical remedies and antigens for the coronavirus instead of relying on foreign drugs.

I advise states to employ gradual ease of lockdown, and let the necessary hygiene be maintained where applicable before criminals create more problems for the nation.

I advise those embezzling covid-19 funds to be careful because when the pandemic is over, people will demand investigations and some of them will be exposed.

Therefore, I advise our people to be vigilant, put their faith in God first, then follow approved health protocols and  social distancing .  Despise not any local remedy that could obliterate the malaise whether the NCDC approves it or not. The life is your life, not NCDC’S therefore, anything remedy proven to be locally helpful, apply it and put your faith in God. 

Covid-19 will not swallow Nigeria and I want the doomsday prophets in World Health Organization and pharmaceutical conglomerates to shut up!

Obinna Akukwe, columnist, profetobinna2@yahoo.com, @obinnaakukwe

Short URL: https://www.africanexaminer.com/?p=52126

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