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Pastor Eneche’s Public Rebuke of Church Member Trends On Social Media

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr Paul Eneche, is the news after he stirred the hornet’s nests after he rebuked a lady, identified as Veronica Anyim Nnenna, who was giving her testimony in his church about how despite the obstacles she faced, she still came out successful as a law graduate in the National Open University of Nigeria.

According to the video that has since gone viral, the lady was seen narrating to the congregation that no one in her family has ever graduated from the university. According to her, she is the first person in her family to be a graduate.

Pastor Eneche waded in and rebuked her in the presence of the congregation that her testimony was false and she never graduated from the university.

 However, on Monday proof that the lady graduated from the National Open University as a statement of the comprehensive graduation list emerged online showing that Veronica graduated from the National Open University.

This recent development has sparked reactions from netizens who feel that there is a need for an apology from the pulpit to restore the self-esteem of the lady and to prevent suicidal thoughts.

 Here are some reactions of netizens as seen on X formerly known as Twitter.

@comfortfajugba1 writes: “The lady who shared testimony and was embarrassed was not lying after all. NOUN actually gives BSC in law… I hope Pastor Paul Enenche apologies same way he rebuked her.”

@SabinaNkiru writes: “Lady who was rebuked by Dunamis Pastor, Paul Enenche for giving false testimony of graduating as a lawyer is actually a law graduate. It’s just a case of poor quality of graduates in Nigeria today. Her case was so bad that she couldn’t properly state the degree she obtained. She is no 2262 on the list.”

         @Wilson writes: “The pastor really cut the poor woman to ribbons. Painful to watch. But not to excuse the great disservice NUC is doing to the accreditation of our institutions. 

@lollypeezle writes: “ I understand Pastor Paul Enenche. His church was recently in the midst of a controversy regarding the Miraculous healing of a boy with kidney issue, involving National Hospital Abuja. I am certain he’s not ready for another back and forth, hence the paranoia and distrust for the woman who studied law. He should apologize to her and you should cut him some slacks. Lobatan

@raphael_negro1 writes: “He should be sued for, CRIMINAL DEFAMATION UNDER THE NIGERIAN LAW A defamation matter is defined in section 373 of the criminal code as a matter likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing the person to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or likely to damage any person.

@arueho writes: “He said he knew it was fake right from when she started the testimony. Ah ah man of God abi God of Man. Did the Bible not say, Be slow to speak and Quick to listen? Wisdom is profitable, but when you rely on your intuition, you’ll miss it. You think she’ll ever be the same again.”

@Wilson writes: “Pastor Paul Enenche cut short this lady’s testimony and called it a lie when she said she got a BSc in Law. He said he suspected she was lying from the way she spoke English. Apparently, it turned out that the lady wasn’t lying afterwards. She has an LLB in Law, but stage fright made her say BSc in Law. There’s a reason why the Bible says Judgement will start in the church.”

@Osita writes: “When life throws you a lemon, make a party! Aunty use him to start your career by suing him.”

@cicontop writes: “In Nigeria, we pay more attention to English language than mathematics thinking that the former improves our thinking faculty. The last time I checked, Japan, Germany, China etc don’t speak English but they are well developed.”

@Walshakgentle writes: “The church should be a place to motivate and revive people despite their mistakes. The church is not a place to humiliate people. Most people hardly forget words. The woman can end up having low self-esteem because of those harsh words from Paul Eneche.”

@Ozifine writes: “What the lady will go through after that embarrassment is my concern. Dr Abati, first I condemn Eneche for embarrassing the lady.. As a pastor he should have restrained himself doing that, there’s a better way he would have spoken to the lady after the testimony.”


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