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Medical Negligence Resulted In Death Of Pregnant Woman In Lagos

A US-based pressure group, Sociopolitical Awareness Forum (SPAF), has asked the Nigerian government to sanction a Lagos-based hospital, Georges Memorial Medical Center, over their negligence during a surgical operation, which resulted in the death of one Mrs Oluwayemisi Moradeke Olorundare (Nee Ajibade).

A statement issued by the group and signed by its secretary, Dr. Kamaldeen Ayodele Muili, detailed the acts of negligence by the hospital located at 6, Rasheed Alaba Williams, Lekki, Phase 1, Lagos, as narrated by the deceased’s husband.

Mrs Oluwayemisi Moradeke Olorundare (Nee Ajibade)

Mrs Oluwayemisi Moradeke Olorundare (Nee Ajibade)

The 42-year-old former staff of the Association of International School Educator of Nigeria (AISEN) was said to have given up the ghost following alleged series of avoidable mistakes on the part of the hospital’s doctors and  its management staff.

“This should not have happened, and we are calling on all stakeholders in policy making and medical practices in Nigeria to rise up and correct the anomalies that led to the demise of Oluwayemisi Olorundare.

“Oluwayemisi and her husband believed and trusted Georges Memorial Medical Center located at No 6, Rasheed Alaba Williams, Lekki, Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria, to manage her pregnancy to a safe delivery.

“Alas! Management at Georges Memorial Medical Center failed to uphold their promise to Late Oluwayemisi Olorundare and her family.

“The hospital also failed to save a life, a cardinal oath sworn to by doctors and nurses at Georges Memorial Medical Center,” the petition read in part.

While narrating the incident which actually led to the death of the deceased, the group explained how the doctors’ negligence contributed in no small measure to the mishap.

The statement read further, “It all happened on Sunday 26th July at around 8:00 AM, about 24 hr prior to a scheduled caesarian section (CS). The following are proofs of medical negligence by the Managements, Doctors, and Nurses that attended to Oluwayemisi Olorundare at Georges Memorial Medical Center.

“Negligence No 1; Oluwayemisi registered for prenatal care at Georges Memorial Medical Center, where she had received treatment up until Sunday 26th of July, 2015.

The doctors managing the deceased should have known probable complications that may arise, but nothing was brought to the notice of Oluwayemisi’s family, thus all was well!

“Negligence No 2; For a scheduled CS, there should have been plan for emergency, and expectation of baby can come at any time until otherwise the CS commences, but events at the hospital indicated there was no plan.

“Negligence No 3; all necessary labs and screenings should have been done and confirmed, again events that led to the death of Oluwayemisi confirmed that all labs and screenings were not done.

“Twenty four hours before a scheduled CS to be performed by Dr. Iketubosin, around 8:00 AM, on Sunday 26th July, 2015, water broke (first sign of delivery for a normal pregnancy), and Oluwayemisi Olorundare sent a text message to Dr. Iketubosin informing him of her situation”.

Continuing, the statement noted that, “The doctor told Oluwayemisi to proceed to Georges Memorial Medical Center. Accordingly, the deceased was rushed to Georges Memorial Medical Center. Oluwayemisi arrived at the hospital at 10:40 AM.

“However, it took about 2 hours before the deceased was taken into the theater, and surgery was performed by Dr. Ugweke & Dr. Duru supported by two nurses, while Dr. Iketubosin (the Chief Medical Director) showed up in the hospital nine hours after surgery was over.

“The CMD came to the hospital only after he was told that Oluwayemisi had died (Negligence No 4). According to the deceased husband’s narratives, the doctors that performed surgery appeared young and inexperienced to have carried out the CS without adequate supervision.

“The deceased husband witnessed the entire CS process. It was surprising that Oluwayemisi was left alone in recovery room, but with intermittent checks.

“It was later discovered by a man who probably is a doctor, that Oluwayemisi needed blood transfusion. They started blood transfusion at around 6:30 PM, and Oluwayemisi was very alert and talking with the husband, but 30 minutes later the husband was prevented from entering the recovery room by a nurse.

“Something was definitely not going well; she probably had started reacting to something. The husband made repeated effort to see his wife, but was prevented from seeing her. The husband had to force his way into the recovery room only to find his wife dead, with doctors and nurses around the body.

“There was a lot of blood stain on her bed. So sad! Oluwayemisi Moradeke Olorundare was gone! This is a clear evidence of patient mismanagement.

“Georges Memorial Medical Center wrote in the Death Certificate that Oluwayemisi death was caused by Amniotic Fluid Embolism.

“How did they know this? What investigation did they carry out within 24 hours of  ‘Yemisi’s death (Death Certificate issued on 07/27/2015) that showed or suggests amniotic fluid embolism?”

While calling on the government to wade in this issue, SPAF revealed the real cause of  death, stating that, “the cause of death on Georges Memorial Medical Center death certificate is a “cover up” (Medical Malpractice No 1).

Evidence in support of this claim is found in an independent autopsy report issued by the Lagos State Government.

“The report stated that Oluwayemisi died of “hemorrhagic shock” and “massive hematoperitoneum.

“This is more believable cause of death! as witnessed by the deceased husband who saw evidence of massive bleeding on the stained bed linen when he forced his way into the recovery room”.

“For this reason, we call on the Federal Government, Minister of Health, Lagos State Government, and the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), to take actions that establishes adequate regulation, monitoring, and enforcement of good medical practice in all government and private hospitals in Nigeria.

“Most especially, we are calling on the Lagos State Government and NMA to take decisive actions that will prevent Georges Memorial Medical Center from killing more innocent souls”.


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