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‘Obidients’ Slam Soludo For Criticising Peter Obi’s Investment In Anambra State

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Supporters of Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi in the 2023 election are attacking the present governor of Anambra State and former Central Bank Governor, Governor Chukuwuma Soludo.

African Examiner recalls that Governor Soludo when he featured on Channels Television interview on Thursday stated that Peter Obi’s investments in the state now worth practically nothing.

Soludo had said: “There was something I read about somebody speculating about the value of whatever investment. What I have seen today, the value of those investments is worth next to nothing.

“We are investing in our schools, hospital. We are creating Anambra as Africa’s leisure entertainment hub; modernising our cities; embarking on urban regeneration; giving our people light so that they can have quality air to breathe; controlling pollution, and dealing with flooding and erosion. I’m not going to leave those and say I’m saving money to go and invest in a private company.”

This development has sparked social media reactions as opponents of Peter Obi’s presidential ambition hailed the former CBN governor for saying the truth but supporters of Peter Obi berated Governor Soludo accusing him of jealousy. The African Examiner gathers some of their thoughts below:

@Ike_Grandeur writes: “All the bank shares I bought when Soludo was CBN Governor are worth next to nothing today. He encouraged us to invest in shares and that turned out to be the worst mistake of my life I lost millions of naira in 2009 and was rendered useless.”

@Halimchase writes: “This was how Soludo used Obi’s achievement to shine during d governorship debate. He has entered & suddenly 4goten how bad d stock market is and how naira has lost value thereby affected obi’s investment. Coming from a former CBN Governor, it’s a shame. APGA will call him to order.”

@Icebabaooh writes: “Since @CCSoludo says an investment made in good faith is almost worthless, from that school of thought I can then say he is 80% responsible for the present state of the Naira as a former CBN governor. “

@multimeverse writes: “Guys when peter obi Governed anambra, whatever you see him saying today is what he will do! What he promised anambra people is what he did! & That is why the politicians are against him! They know what he can do, trust me. Edo state #TinubuTheDrugDealer Obiano CBN governor dollar.”

@Dr_chazduke writes: “Charles Soludo’s Purported redesigned naira notes ( 5, 10, 20, 50 naira notes) Are Worth Next To Nothing Today, Says CBN Governor. That’s how dumb Soludo’s comment on Peter Obi’s investment sounds.”

@multimeverse writes: “This was how Soludo got in as a governor, using peter obi’s achievements! Politics is a dirty game mehn! Guys! See whatever valuable thing you see anambra enjoying today was as result of peter obi’s antecedent. Tinubu APGA cuppy Dollar CBN governor.”

@akintollgate writes: “Dear Agbado infested brains. Gov @CCSoludo ‘s failures as CBN Governor is why our Naira is in the gutter. Emefiele is a wonder kid doing a great job and shouldn’t be blamed for the terrible policies of Soludo. Receive Sense & Vote #ObiDatti !”

@Gozicon writes: “Obidiots are now saying Soludo is jealous of Peter Obi Jealous for what? You mean Soludo, A Professor?, 1st Class Graduate and Professor of Economics at 38 years old, a Lecturer at UNN, Oxford and Cambridge? Former CBN Governor and former Chief Economic Adviser? Una dey mad.”

@Oyinkitana writes: “When Soludo was CBN Governor, he encouraged Nigerians to invest in shares, anyone who invested in shares can testify that those investment are worth next to nothing in today’s market.”

@mr_okokobioko writes: “If a former CBN Governor says that your investment is worthless, just accept and move on.”

@Atis_TM writes: “Obidients really thought a successful former CBN Governor and incumbent Governor of Anambra State will cower to say the truth about the Obi investment issue for fear of being dragged on Twitter by Kweku The Hustler lol.”

@FinPlanKaluAja1 writes: “A quoted company can’t be worthless . A multinational investment cant be worthless. A company that remits millions in PAYE can’t be worthless If it’s worthless, sell it for N1.’

@Ellacious_berry writes: “All the bank shares people bought when

@elonchorch writes: “Charles Soludo failed as a CBN governor which is evident in the current status of Naira. Now he’s failing as a state Governor.”

@LeonardIBMarc1 writes: “The gross mismanagement of the Naira and Central Bank under Godwin Emefiele should be blamed solely on Soludo because he was once the CBN Governor.”

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