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Jacob Zuma Wins South Africa Presidential election

ANC Promises Economic Reforms

Oyewale Oyelola

South Africa President, Jacob Zuma of African National Congress (ANC) has been declared the winner of Wednesday Presidential election in South Africa by  South Africa Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Chairperson Pansy Tlakula.

IEC Chairperson Pansy Tlakula declared Zuma winner on Friday night after completion of votes counting from all the  22262 voting districts.


South Africa President, Jacob Zuma

The official result released by Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa shows that ANC is leading with 11, 436, 654 votes representing 62.16percent of 18,399,269 valid votes casted on Wednesday.

The Democratic Alliance came second with 4,089,043 votes representing 22.22percent, the performance of Democratic Alliance Presidential Candidate, Helen Zille for further prove earlier predictions that the party would improve on the 16.7 percent it won five years ago.

The former Youth leader of ANC, Malema who was expelled in 2012 was in distance third position with 1,169,208votes representing 6.35percent. The South African Fire brand, Malema launched  Economic Figther Front in 2013 with the aim of challenging Zuma’s impunity.

This year election result shows significant drop in ANC popularity as the party polled 65.9percent of total vote casted in 2009 presidential election.

African Examiner investigation revealed the majority of South Africans voted ANC to honour late Nelson Mandela who fought apartheid regime and was imprisoned for 27years.

Political Analysts opine that ANC ANC’s enduring popularity has confounded those who had expected its support to wane as the glory of its past receded into history and voters focused instead on the sluggish growth and slew of scandals that have typified Zuma’s first term.

Africa’s most sophisticated economy has struggled to recover from a 2009 recession as unemployment rate is 25 percent.

South Africa’s top anti-graft agency accused Zuma this year of using $23 million state fund for security upgrade to his private home at Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal that included a swimming pool and chicken run.

Meanwhile, One influential minister in interview with Reuters said the ANC would focus on policies adopted at a 2012 leadership conference, when it rejected “wholesale nationalisation” of industries and sought to quell investor concerns with business-friendly pronouncements.

“The policies of the new coming government, the principles that will provide the framework for the new administration, have already been set out,” Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba said. “That is what we are going to implement.”

The official result will be announce Friday evening amidst jubilation by supporters of ANC and leading opposition parties for success recorded in the election.

Twenty nine political parties participated in the election which allow South Africa free born to elect their president in first post Nelson Mandela election.

Nelson Mandela, the first democratic elected President of South Africa died last December and his party ANC has been ruling the country since 1994.



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