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Assault Video: Nigerians Urge CCT Chairman To Resign For Calling His Attackers ‘Biafran Boys’

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The Chairman, Code of Conduct Tribunal, Umar Danladi, has come under severe criticism on social media after he referred to those whom he claimed assault him as “Biafran Boys”.

The  CCT  Chairman was seen in a viral video on Tuesday assaulting a security guard and in a poorly written statement signed by Head, Press & Public Relations of the CCT in Abuja, Ibraheem Al-Hassan, the Chairman stated that  the altercation occurred because  of a parking space.

According to him, the guard was rude to him and threatened him and this triggered the situation. He further stated that a mob consisting of ‘Biafran boys’ attacked him, destroyed his windscreen and injured him.

Reacting to this development, some Nigerians took to their twitter account to berate the CCT chairman for describing his attackers as “Biafran Boys” and some also called for his sack.

African Examiner gathers some of their thoughts below:

Uwa Mgbede Kam Mma@kaskomalima writes: “Whether they remove him in office or not, it doesn’t matter. He is just like a drop of water in an ocean. Majority of his brothers and sisters think alike. So sacking him from office won’t solve the problem.”

Okuma Collins@Ocollins1759 writes: “The Northerners are still fighting the civil war. Never they fool you with one Nigeria slogans.”

deunle ogden #YorubaNation #EndNigeriaNow #OduaNow@DeunleOgden writes: “Who is going to remove him? The people who owe their own positions to the obnoxious system made possible by the illegal 1999 Constitution? What’s the point of getting rid of him if the system that allows such impunity stays?”

Tolulope Akinniranye@Tolulope79 writes: “Please who will remove him? Does anyone want to tell the whole world his Boss is not aware of this? Believe they’re. They’re only proving the level of their mediocrity.”

Highway, Highdreams@Trouble44471375 writes: “That man is Code of Misconduct Chairman, he is so hot-tempered, I begin to wonder how someone like Justice Danladi Umar got to that prestigious post.”

The Vervain drinking Vampire.@Baaboosa1 writes:  “Is he trying to set an open season on  “Biafrans” ? These little sparks make firestorms.”

Osisioma@OsisiomaNdigbo writes: “Biafran Boys” for me is not a mistake neither is it an insult perhaps, a prophetic declaration of what will soon be.”

The Host@ojalfred writes: “I’m surprise that people are surprised by that statement. He only speaks the mind of the majority of northerners.”

CC®@chummie_cc writes:  “The nitwit that called someone BIAFRAN BOY works in CCT?”

Kunle Afolayan@kunleconda writes: “Biafran Boys. Nothing new, just like Buhari said 97%-5%.”

FS Yusuf@FS_Yusuf_ writes: “I love the protuberant prejudicial profiling and ethnic-baiting in this grammatical challenged trash. “BIAFRAN Boys.” We are gradually splitting this country by our very own hands.”

Ifesinachi @Ifesinachiii writes: “Detribalized Igbo or One-Nigerian Igbo Advocate; Sorry darling, we are all Biafran Boys.”

Eze Udene Umunri writes: “A senior government official uses “Biafran Boys” in an official statement and the TL is quiet…. Igbos are endangered… Let us go, no way.. Let us stay no way… Now it’s Biafran boys… Ya Diba.”

Frank@frank_okeoma writes:  “ He has said it. Some people have not come out of the civil war hence the ‘Biafran Boys’ press release.”

NEFERTITI@firstladyship writes: “Forget Ibraheem Al-Hassan’s video cliff, it’s BIAFRANS capitalized for me Like Abaribe wud say; “Biafran boys slur; shows in the minds, the war is not over yet It was exactly how Rwandan Genocide started. Some people were profiled as cockroaches. Igbos shouldn’t let this slide.”


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