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Nigerians Mourn Igbo Doctor Killed In Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The news of the death of an Igbo doctor, Dr. Chinelo, who was shot in the Abuja-Kaduna attack, has sparked social media reactions.

African Examiner recalls that scores of passengers have been declared missing while others are receiving treatment at the hospital since the train attack.

Dr Chinelo had earlier twitted that she had been shot calling for prayers from Nigerians, However, some social media followers who are supporters of the President

Buhari-led administration, felt that the tweet from Dr Chinelo was clout chasing and meant to bring the government to disrepute.

However, the news of the death of Dr. Chinelo has proven the news to be true and some of those who had earlier attacked the deceased doctor have now deleted their previous tweets.

These developments have sparked social media reactions. African Examiner captures some of their thoughts below:

@badniggafela writes: “That chinelo babe really died, just like that, gone? The concept of life doesn’t always make sense to me, how does one live to a certain age and boom, just like that, you stop to exist and nothing can be done ? God grant her family strength too.”

@Stephadamu writes: “Dr Chinelo was making an honest living, she was working at St Gerald’s hospital in Kaduna, she wanted more for herself and processed her papers to leave this hell-hole. She resigned last month to leave the country this Friday then this happened. Nigeria why???”

@Wizarab10 writes: “I’m sure many people have gone to delete their tweet under Dr. Chinelo’s post because the comments yesterday were not funny. Peaceful rest to her.”

@mrmacaronii writes: “Those same set of people that attacked the late Chinelo are the same set that attacked and trolled me when the police brutalized me. These are sycophants who are loyal only to their political gods. They care not for this country and have no conscience whatsoever left in them.”

@OgbeniDipo writes: “May the soul of Dr Chinelo rest in peace. May God console her family and friends. May everyone who mocked her, played politics with her death or falsely accuse other people of vileness over this issue be eternally disgraced.”

@BlaqBonez writes: “My country keeps showing us new levels of how much it has failed us, “you think we failed you enough yesterday? we’d fail you a lot more today”. Nobody’s safe except the govt people in their bulletproof trucks bought with money they stole from us. Whew RIP Chinelo.”

@aproko_doctor writes: “It’s the same people who defend this administration that came out to mock a fellow Nigerian who was shot on the train, People who have no conscience, no empathy, Dr Chinelo is dead now, are you happy? Are your paymasters pleased with you? Vile, depraved beings! Scum of the earth.”

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