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Obidients Slam Chidoka After He Reveals Peter Obis’s Iteneray

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Some supporters of Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, in the just concluded election are attacking former Aviation minister, Osita Chidoka after he posted the work schedule of the former Anambra governor on his social media accounts.

The African Examiner writes that Chidoka, who is a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, visited Peter Obi in his campaign office as part of plans by the PDP to form an alliance with the Labour Party concerning the election results which will be challenged in court by both parties.

Chidoka, who visited Obi uploaded pictures of the visit with the caption:  “At 8 am today I met with AA, @Atiku and he asked that we deepen our engagement with LP. At 6 pm I met with my brother @PeterObi at his campaign office where he has been since 8 am and still plans to be till 10 pm Interesting how the erstwhile candidates are out and about.”

This development sparked social media reactions as some netizens who are obviously Obidients, supporters of Peter Obi, took to the micro-blogging platform to slam the former Federal Road Safety boss (FRSC) for revealing too much information about their man.  The African Examiner gathers some of their thoughts below:

 @Odogwu_Nomso writes: “You said Peter Obi is not a heavy weight in NG Politics only FOr LP to retire your Brudda, take your disgusting Atiku Riding Self out of Peter Obi’s Office. Atiku & PDP should focus on the North Remembering & how the North shouldn’t vote for Igbo Man, leave LP alone.”
@EuginhoCortez writes: “Osita Chidoka doesn’t seem to appreciate the level of institutional division and hatred in play. He also doesn’t seem to grasp that for some people, an inability to actually hurt the APC leaves the PDP as the safe available punching bag.. You have to know when to let things be.”
@Spotlight_Abby writes: “While I appreciate you doing what you politicians do, please, do not reveal H.E. Peter Obi’s exact location, time or itinerary the way you just did, again. His security is uppermost for us. That aside, PDP under Atiku is 95% extint. I’d advise you to support LP to win this.”
@urchilla01 writes: “Osita Chidoka intentionally made that tweet & put out such sensitive information as when PO usually leaves his office. As far as I’m concerned, that was an intentional signal. There was absolutely no need for that.”
@firstladyship writes: “Osita Chidoka looked the other way, while Reno (the bigoted fugitive) & PDP miscreants tagged ALL Peter Obi’s supporters the IPOB. Osita shouldn’t reveal Obi’s location, it poses a security risk to our man. I hope the South East will retire Chidoka & Emeka Ihedioha, permanently?”
@AfamDeluxo writes: “Is Osita Chidoka putting a target on Peter Obi’s back by telling us when he starts and leaves work? Do you think it is right to tell us a summary of Peter Obi’s itinerary?”
@VictorIsrael_ writes: “Osita Chidoka visited Peter Obi in his office. I’m concerned about why he had to come online to tweet about PO’s itinerary. Told the whole world the time PO leaves the office daily. Why put out such sensitive information? Im not saying anything o but nothing should happen to PO.”

 @Sports_Doctor2 writes: “Osita Chidoka made a tweet yesterday and dropped very sensitive details about Peter Obi that nobody asked him off and wasn’t necessary. He dropped his location, the time he went to work, and the time he will be leaving and I’m asking, WTF ASKED YOU!!!!”
@torty_mercy writes: “Osita Chidoka, if we wanted to know PO’s itinerary, we will ask him and he will tell us. You met Atiku in d moon,no address,no working itinerary,no picture,no nothing!Then you met Obi, and you became his personal auditor,nanny & information minister. Be very careful nwokem.”
@AfamDeluxo writes: “Osita Chidoka would have been Peter Obi’s political next of kin, but he is shortsighted. You had a glorious opportunity to join him in Labour when he left, but choose to throw him under the bus for nwoke bumshort. Nwokem, go & collect your bumshort, you are next in line for it.”
@festiveplug writes: “Osita Chidoka made a tweet yesterday and dropped very sensitive details about Peter Obi work routine. To me, that was an intentional security leak. He’s an informant to a camp. (Believe me or not).”
@PO_GrassRootM writes: “Why will Osita Chidoka visit Peter Obi in his office and come online to make a tweet about when Peter Obi normally leaves the office daily? Such sensitive security information shouldn’t have been made public. Security in and around PO must be increased certainly very important.”
@_weyimi writes: “Osita chidoka thought to famz Peter Obi. You didn’t famz him when he was called a “social media & regional president” now they’ve seen the opportunity they missed and want to form alliances. Obi doesn’t need the crumbs PDP is trying to offer, we make our delicious bread.”
@itzz_blitz1 writes: “I like what GO said, osita chidoka shouldn’t have been allowed to meet with Peter obi directly. To me,he should have been directed to jack or chude. Whenever Atiku is serious and ready, he knows where Peter obi office is.”
@adaigbo_2022 writes: “If anything happens to Peter Obi, you guys should hold Osita Chidoka. Who visited Peter Obi, discloses his location and time he will even be closing, in a country we have serious security issue. Okelekwu Ndi Obosi.”


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