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Ahmed Lawan: Time Up For The Worst Senate President Ever

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – To some people, he is a rubber stamp senate president, to some he is regarded as a poor manager of people, while to some he is a Judas Iscariot.

Mr Lawan campaigned strenuously to become senate president of the 9th assembly even as he vowed to ensure the independence of the senate as well as the National Assembly. 

However, immediately, he won and was elected as the senate president, those promises flew out of windows into the winds. Ahmed Lawan let the former President Mohamadu Buhari always have his ways and rubber stamped everything the president brought for approval. 

According to a senator who pleaded not to be mentioned, lamented that the senate has never had it worst, even when they disagreed and wanted their objection to be put on record, Ahmed Lawan will rule them out of order.

When many described Buhari’s administration as a total failure, part of the blame should be channeled to the weak national assembly under the leadership of Ahmed Lawan. 

Even the oversight function of the senate was not spared due to the weak performance of Mr Lawan. The government agencies and parastatals are not investigated as they should be. A senator claims this is due to monumental corruption in the senate, a situation that led many senators to pursue contracts and favors from these agencies in whom they have oversight over.

This writer further gathered that the staff of the senate are groaning under one of the worst leadership of the senate. Many miscellaneous stuff that staff should handle in the office are being implemented by the senate president himself. 

The senate president also scored zero on loyalty. Recall that the senate president at last minute bought the nomination form for the presidential primaries of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and contested against his godfather, now President Bola Tinubu. 

He is so ambitious and jettisoned the unity of the country as many then clamoured that power should shift to the south after Buhari, a northernern might have finished 8 years in the office. 

Lawan refused to step down for Mr Tinibu even after the latter spent huge amounts of money to install him as the Senate President, what a betrayal he is. Many believe that Mr Lawan should have returned the favour to Mr Tinubu and declined to run against him in the APC primaries. 

Lawan went all the way to APC primaries and eventually lost to the current President. What a Judas Iscariot, he is.

Hopefully, the new senate leadership and the 10th assembly can clean up Mr Lawan’s mess and give Nigerians a senate, and indeed the national assembly that has a bite, and also can check the executive in accordance with their powers as enshrined in the provision of Nigeria’s constitution.



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