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Atiku Abubakar Told To Stay Away From Taraba Guber Politics

Press Statement By Bright Istifanus, Deacon Alfred Yehusha, Others

If anyone was in doubt that former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, is deeply involved in the deadly attempt to rig the Taraba re-run polls slated for the 25th of April for his girlfriend Senator Aisha Jummai, his recent utterances must have cleared such doubts. Suddenly, a man who should be seen only in national light has become the mouth piece of Aisha. And one is left wondering why he is even doing this. First, Atiku is not from Taraba. He is equally not a national official of the APC. So why is he fixated on Taraba and not any other state in our circumstances? Even if we say it is because Taraba and Adamawa used to be one state, one can’t still understand this latest meddlesomeness of the Turakin Adamawa. The only way to understand this is when it is viewed from the prism of the love tango between Aisha and Atiku. We would come to this interesting love story later.


Senator Aisha Jummai

For the records, Atiku issued a shocking statement on Wednesday, 15th April, 2015 which in a nutshell backed the cancellation of the election results mostly from the Southern parts of the state where the PDP candidate, Arc. Darius Ishaku hails from. Atiku’s funny statement also tacitly passed a vote of confidence on his boy, the Returning Officer, Prof. Mohammed Kyari, who savagely cancelled results of election on flimsy grounds. The whole world is now aware that Kyari cancelled most of the results to give Aisha an edge over Darius. The PDP candidate is however still currently leading with 53,000 votes in spite of the wicked cancellations in Donga, Wukari, Takum and Ussa.

According to Atiku, who now makes Aisha’s residence in Jalingo his home, the elections in those places were rigged with the assistance of security agents attached to Senator Emmanuel Bwacha and other stakeholders like Ambassador Anthony Manzo and Joel Ikenya. Atiku also said INEC staff should be withdrawn and replaced. And as part of his desperation, Atiku offered that officers should be drawn from Gombe and Adamawa states to supervise the re-run elections.

To start with, how many police and soldiers are attached to the combined of Senators Bwacha, Ikenya and Manzo that could perform the feat Atiku alleged? How a former number two man in the country could say a thing like that is a sad commentary on the state of mind of those we call leaders. And what even makes Atiku think that if he is entitled to some security details, these serving and ex-senators do not have the right too? What is more, are these senators in charge of the army or police? Do they in any way control their deployment and assignments?

In any case, what gives Atiku the impression that in places where the APC led such as Sardauna and Bali, there were no acts of violence? As a matter of fact, acts of thuggery and violence were prevalent in places were Aisha was said to have won. In Sardauna local government for instance, the residence of the SSG, Mr. Gebon Kataps was razed. Yet Kyari accepted the results. In Bali, someone lost his life. Yet Kyari saw nothing wrong with that. In fact, the election in the Southern part of the state was even more peaceful than what we had elsewhere.

Furthermore, we are wondering why Atiku wants security men from Gombe and Adamawa states deployed to Taraba. Has he prepared an elite force in those states to come and capture votes by force? Is he now in a position to determine the type of security agents to be sent anywhere?

Aisha and Atiku: Romance and Ruination

But let us even examine the bone of contention in the whole issue. First, one is wondering how the former Vice President and an eminent Nigerian has descended and sunk so low as to be championing the cause of Aisha. Is it possible that there is something romantic going on here? Is it possible that Atiku is looking for a lackey that would assist him control Taraba state the way he used to control Adamawa state? is he pinning for days when he made Rev. Jolly Nyame governor? Whatever is the issue, we are appalled by this new found love and how it is playing out in Taraba state’s politics. And what is even more disheartening is that a former number two man has now condescended to this level where he no longer deals with national matters but state’s ones. Yet, if Atiku is now a local champion, shouldn’t he be doing that in his native Adamawa state? Has he finished sorting out his crisis there where Admiral Murtala Nyako ran him out of town?

Beyond that, Atiku appears to be treating our state with the utmost disdain. He thinks he can force his woman on us. Well, the Taraba people are not ready to have a woman of questionable moral background to be governor. What is more, they have already spoken loud and clear that it is Arc. Darius they want. Atiku must thus learn to respect the wishes of the Taraba people.

Yet again, if Atiku is eyeing the presidency in 2019, Taraba should not be his launching base. The truth is that the sort of politicians he even associate himself with right now in the state are lightweights. The real heavyweights are in the PDP. But that is his cup of tea.

Aisha, Buhari and Atiku

We wish to let Atiku know that General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) got some votes in Taraba as a result of his personality and not because of any political clout of Aisha. It is also a well-known fact that Aisha prefers Atiku over Buhari. Truth is that she doesn’t even like Buhari and considers Atiku the better of the two. At the APC primaries, we know that it was Atiku she voted for.

But seriously, these are not our concern. All we are saying is that Atiku should take his woman elsewhere.

The Taraba people cannot afford to make an indecent, serial divorcee and a well-known racketeer the leader of a very decent state.

If Atiku wants Aisha to be governor, he could take her as wife so that she becomes a citizen of Adamawa like Senator Grace Bent. Thereafter, he can work for her to become governor of Adamawa state. We are not in doubt she would agree to marry him. After all, Aisha is no stranger to marrying many husbands over the years.


Bright Istifanus

Deacon Alfred Yehusha

Usman Yero

Esther Hananiya



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